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Inderjeet Kaur

February 1, 1950September 6, 2020

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial contributions be made to UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Checks may be made payable to UNC Lineberger with “Inderjeet Kaur” in the memo line so that we can give others the gift of time. Checks may be mailed to the address below or via the link provided below.

UNC Health Foundation Attn: UNC Lineberger PO Box 1050 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

The Inderjeet Kaur and Dr. Young Whang Urologic Oncology Research Fund: http://giving.unc.edu/gift/custom/?f=376796&p=lcgo

Arrangements by Brown-Wynne, 300 Saint Mary's Street, Raleigh.


  • Funeral Service

    Saturday, September 12, 2020



Inderjeet Kaur

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Amrit Kambo

September 12, 2020

The news of our dadiji/bhuaji’s passing saddened us beyond belief. We were all so excited whenever she would come to stay with us, and equally as excited to go and visit everyone in NC. Dadiji’s beautiful smile and presence lit up every room and her warm energy made our times in NC so full of fun and love. Bhuaji would always make jokes and encourage us to cook, dance and live life to the fullest. Her pure soul and genuine joy and happiness inspired us to be the best we could be and we were so blessed to be in her presence.

Inderjit Kaur

September 12, 2020

I was truly saddened when I heard our beloved bhuaji have left us. You were charming with a beautiful smile and asoft voice.
I remember when we came to fufarji 65th birthday. You were unaware that we were coming. We told Mandeep not to say anything to you. You welcomed us with open arms. I also remember you loved cooking especially jalebis you made were sweet as you. You taught me a Pammi how to make them but they never came out like yours. I had privilege to stay with you and will always cherish the time spent with you .. may weheguru bless your soul


amandeep Kaur

September 12, 2020

We love you bhua ji, I m really sad , even don't want to write that she was a great lady, but she is .... and will remain the same for us in future.
When my dad got expired, she always taught us that "mandeep baba ji are our pita" ( father) ji now. She always encouraged us to do best.
She was really very cheerful. Bhua ji you are alive in our memories ... miss you....

Ricky Kareer

September 11, 2020

Everyone knew Nanni ji as Massi ji, because it was what us children were used to referring to her as we grew.

Unfortunately, we never had the chance to meet our first Nanni Ji and Massi ji were so alike and that Massi ji was just like another mum to her, so much so that she would always confide in her and share moments of happiness and sadness.

As i got to know Massi Ji over the years, i understood why she was so loved. Massi ji was so thoughtful, kind and always happy to see you. Whenever we spoke to or saw Massi ji, no matter how you were feeling. Massi ji would always lighten the mood and instill joy to us all.

Pam's first memory of Massi ji was in 2001 when we spent the summer in NC. She made her feel so welcome and straightaway she felt at home. Massi meaning like a mum, she was more than a mom. We remember her getting so excited about making jelabis and rasguleh. Whatever she cooked was delicious because she made it with love.

The first time Massi ji held Maliaka and Aryan we could see the joy in her face and she was so proud. Her soul was pure and kind and she will always remain in our hearts.

Although the last couple of years have been painful for Massi ji, she would never show it. So full of life and always checking in on us to see that we were today and well Such acs of her selflessness and kindness will never be forgotten.

A truly amazing lady, and we're so grateful that Massi was a part of our lives. We will miss her from the bottom of our hearts. Love you always and thank you for being you.

Love- Ricky, Pam, Maliaka and Aryan.

Babita Madahar

September 11, 2020

My heart is filled with sorrow at the sudden departure of Massi Ji. She was a beautiful flower gone too soon. She lit up every room she entered and had the sweetest voice. Massi Ji was incredibly kind and cute. Growing up, we used to look forward to Massi Ji's visits to the UK even though they were brief. I remembered the whole family getting together at my Baba's house to make the most of the time she was there.

I had the priviledge of visiting Massi ji in 1997 with my Baba. This was one of the greatest times of my life. We had so much fun, Massi Ji spoilt us with her most mouth-watering dishes. Some months back I called Massi Ji and told her that I love her and apologized for not being able to visit her. Massi ji's response to this was "Babita I am very proud of you. You have a family and commitments. You are a good daughter in-law to your in-laws". I will treasure these words forever and will never let her down. Rest in peace beautiful Massi Ji.

Connie Musgrove

September 11, 2020

My heart goes out to my friend Prabh and her family during this time of loss and sadness. I have watched her tireless devotion and efforts supporting her Mother during the difficult treatments and supporting her Father navigate the challenges. May the memories of her Mother’s joy and love sustain Prabh, her father and family during the times ahead.
Peace be with you
Connie Musgrove

Simran Madahar

September 11, 2020

I am devastated that I will never get to see my Dadi's warm smile or laughter again. I'm sad that her presence will no longer be there when visiting North Carolina. And that i will no longer be able to speak to her on FaceTime. But I know that I will always cherish the memories I have of her. Especially getting to go stay with Baba and Dadi during the summer holidays. I'll miss watching Dadi cook up delicious feast which she would do everyday we were there! Making anything you wanted. I will truly miss you Dadi and wish that I could have seen you one more time.

Madahar Grandchildren

September 11, 2020

Our Dadi was kind and strong person. Even though her body had been suffering for a long time, she didn't show it. Whenever we spoke to her on FaceTime, she would have a smile, and ask about how everyone else was doing. She always had time for her family whether they were in the same state, country or even across an ocean....she always made us feel like she was close by. We are all so blessed to have had Dadi in our lives.

Madahar Family

September 11, 2020

Our masar Ji, waht can we say, she was a mum thus in so many ways. Excited when she knew we were visiting, taking our side in laugable squabbles with masser ji!! Oh what fun we had. Massi Ji always showed is the love of a mum.She gave truth to the saying "your Massi is like your mum".

Massi Ji always prepared for our visit by cooking special treats for us. Even now she has her special kulfi's in the freezer waiting for us. When we were there she would show us how to make these treats, and now when we make them we will feel close to her.

Yas and Tajinder made a surprise visit at Thanksgiving one year, Massi ji and Masser ji were truly shocked. With the help of Mandeep, Prabh and Marcells who were in on the secret we gave Massi Ji and Massar Ji a lovely surprise. The weekls we spent that year in North Carolia gave some lasting memories which will be cherished. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner, the BBQ take out. What celebrations and fun we had. That year Massi Ji taught Tajinder how to make kulfi, which she hasn't made yet. It's a good job you make sme more.

Nona and Surinder went last year, again a surprise, or almost a surprise. They loved such surprises.

The relationship between our Dad and Massi Ji was that of a brother and sister, teasing each other jokingly, making us all laugh along. We know wherever they are- Dad will be looking after Mum and Massi Ji until we meet again.

Massi Ji you have left a huge hole in our hearts which we will fill with our own special memories. We are grateful for all the hapy memories we created together. May you rest in peace, with all our love.

Your children from the UK

Carla Ardell

September 11, 2020

Our thoughts and prayers are with Prabh and the Kaur family. Prabh means so much to us at MassMutual, so her family is in our hearts too. We are sad with you.

South Central Institutional Relationship Team


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