Dr. Sheila Lynn Patterson

December 11, 1957March 18, 2021

Sheila Lynn Patterson, 63, of Raleigh, NC, passed away on Thursday, March 18, 2021 after a year and half battle against cancer.

Sheila was born in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan to Patricia Smith Patterson and the late Howard Fenno Patterson. Beloved granddaughter to the late D. Wayne and Hazel P. Smith, cherished niece of the late Dorothy Smith White, she is survived by her mother, Patricia Smith Richardson and step father Edward “Ted” Richardson, her sister and brother-in-law Sheryl and Michael French, her step sister and brother-in-law Anne and Carter Van Waes, her step brother and sister-in-law Scott Richardson and Beth Howe, and her nieces and nephews Matthew, Greg, and Dominik French; Erik, Harrison, Bethany, and Sarah Van Waes; and Andrew, Kate, and Emily Richardson. Sheila’s extended family included many cousins, especially Sue White Rudnicke and Steve White, with whom she shared much of her childhood, second cousins, and close friends with whom she shared her love, especially Caroline Edmunds Glover and Mac Edmonds, who Sheila embraced as their “adoptive” mother and grandmother to their children. Sheila’s friends and family will always remember her love, kindness, support, and generosity, as well as her ability to be “in the moment” whenever they were with her.

Sheila was gifted in many ways. An accomplished musician, Sheila mastered both clarinet and piano, performing in the University of Michigan Wind Ensemble and the Howard Patterson Band in high school and college. She continued to play piano throughout her life for personal enjoyment. Graduating as Valedictorian from Dearborn High School in 1976, Sheila went on to graduate as a Medical Doctor in 1982 from the University of Michigan Medical School Inteflex, or Integrated Premedical-Medical Program. Following graduation she obtained her board certification in Emergency Medicine, working in emergency rooms in Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, and ultimately heading the Emergency Department at Camp Lejeune, USMC, in Jacksonville, NC.

Sheila transitioned from ER to private practice after undertaking and completing the arduous studies required to obtain the additional board certification in Bariatric Medicine, opening a single physician medical practice providing non-surgical bariatric care in Raleigh, NC. Through Sheila’s medical practice she touched thousands of lives, doing what was most important to her, helping people.

Sheila enjoyed many things in life. Near the top of the list was the ocean, whether it was the beach in North Carolina where she lived many years, sailing on her sailboat, the Emerald Tide, on the Atlantic coast and eastern Caribbean, or diving as a PADI certified diver, the water brought Sheila peace. She was an accomplished amateur tennis player, active in tennis groups in both Stella and Raleigh, NC over the years. Sheila found relaxation not only through water and music, but also the practice of yoga, gardening, and hiking outdoors. But her greatest love were her pets, or “fur babies”, Carly, her first dog-love and Simon, who both predeceased her, her black lab Sassafras and her cats Chloe and Lexi, as well as those that have already crossed the rainbow bridge, most recently Mozart.

A memorial service will be held on April 10, 2021 at 1:00pm at the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, 2101 South Jefferson St. Roanoke, VA 24014, officiated by Sheila’s long-time Christian counselor and spiritual advisor, Reverend Robert “Pastor Bob” Smith. Friends and family are invited to come celebrate Sheila’s life. Sheila’s ashes will be interred in a family plot at the Fairview Cemetery in Roanoke, VA.

Services provided by Brown-Wynne, Saint Mary's Street, Raleigh


  • Memorial Service

    Saturday, April 10, 2021


Dr. Sheila Lynn Patterson

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Sheila Skinner

July 20, 2021

Omg my heart is broken. Was calling her office and could not get connected. Then found out. My heart goes out to the family. She was a good caring always helpful person

Ken Butler

April 1, 2021

So, sorry to hear of Sheila Patterson's recent passing. I knew Sheila from my earliest years growing up in Dearborn, MI. I moved to Wisconsin in 1974 so lost track of many Dearborn friends and classmates. Facebook helped keep us in touch to a point. I will always remember Sheila's bright cheerful smile and the fun times we had in school band. It is so sad to hear about classmates and friends passing. Especially contemporary friends. Got to enjoy life to the fullest while we can. God Bless you in heaven. Thoughts and prayers for Sheila's family and friends in this difficult time.

The photo is from our 1st grade class Miss Sheehan. Shared a few years back on Facebook.

Godfrey Burke

March 31, 2021

I knew Sheila for more than 10 years, just couple years after I got to the US, and I have been helping her around the house and taking care of the kids when she is out of town or just don’t feel well. Sheila has been always a humble and generous person to everyone. We will miss you very much Sheila!

Vicky and Steve Matlock

March 28, 2021

As many of you know Sheila lived in Idaho for awhile. Sheila was instrumental in keeping me grounded after my first husband died in a car accident on a hunting trip. Sheila walked me through the stages of grieving and allowed me to be myself. Later I remarried and Sheila loved to joke with Steve. When Sheila went through some major life changes and made the decision to move back home closer to her family - Steve and I helped her prepare her house to be sold. Dang we had so much fun getting things ready - creating many forever memories. Sheila even became the new loving owner of my daughter's cat "Bird". In 2014, I had purchased a little Sheltie puppy who we named Buddy near Raleigh and truth be known it was a perfect opportunity to catch up with my friend. When I saw Sheila it was like a huge weight had fallen from my chest. I hadn't realized how much I missed my one to one talks with Sheila. When it was time to return to Eagle Idaho I wasn't sure Sheila was going to let me take my puppy home. Sheila and Buddy fell desperately in love with each other. (Sheila loved those furbabies with all her heart and Bud was no exception - now I have 4 sheltie's Buddy, Bailey, Dozer, and Becky). My daughter Tricia has spent many years in clinical studies for a rare cancer - she's had many experimental treatments, plus T cells and Stem Cell transplants. Sheila was always supportive and encouraging. Sheila was a remarkable friend to both Steve and I. Sheila will forever be in our hearts. Sheila only clear skies from now on. Love you

Steve White

March 26, 2021

Sheila and I were first cousins six years apart in age. My first memories of her are from childhood. When she was two years old and I was eight I rode the train from Danville, IL to Detroit to stay with her family for a couple of weeks and for the next five years. In addition she and her family would travel down to stay with us in Danville during the Christmas holidays.
We would spend time together playing in the family stage band in our basement, and sitting at the dining room table together for Christmas eve dinner then exchanging presents in the living room with everyone. As we grew into adulthood it would be many years later that Sheila and I would be reunited again at her mom’s house in Roanoke. From that point on we kept in touch and would be with each other at family gatherings catching up on our life journeys. The last time to be together was at the family reunion where all of our families shared a beach house at Emerald Isle, NC for four days. These last several years my wife, Julie, was encouraged by Sheila because they shared similar experiences with fighting cancer. Through all of the health struggles Sheila kept a positive attitude with a resolve to never give up. We both will miss her dearly and look forward to spending eternity together in Heaven. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Aunt Pat, Uncle Ted and all of their family.

Queen Torres Pass

March 26, 2021

Dr. Patterson, you touched my life and my family's life for more than a decade. I remember first going to see you more than 10 years ago when I first started my career as an anchor. My sisters, niece and me all hopped into a car and drove an hour and a half from Northampton County, NC every month to be your patients because we knew that your work would change our lives. And it did! We were all so proud of ourselves and hung on to your every word. I have been a restart more times than I'd like to admit over the years ...from moving around and dealing with a very stressful news career...but I always had full confidence that when I returned to your care I would be right back on track. I even brought my husband in to be a patient years later! You never judged when we felt at our lowest because of our weight. You were straight forward, kind, welcoming, fun, wise, flexible to new medical information and so very caring not just about weight loss, but life and good health. You also made sure you had staff members who upheld your same character and standards. I will never forget you and admire you so much. Thank you for changing my life for the better. My prayers of comfort for all of your family, staff and patients.

Kathy Dickens

March 22, 2021

My heart is breaking. We met at the Rex Cancer Center. She told me recently she was doing so much better. 🥲

Charlie Johnson

March 22, 2021

I'm going to miss Sheila terribly.
I did a lot of things for her over the decade plus that I knew her.
She helped give me some purpose when I was low and taught me how to better take care of myself.
The world is just a crazy web of connections and her's will be missed by many.
One day I'll get to that sailing trip she said I should do and hopefully I'll feel that connection again.

Denise Jones-Pistana

March 22, 2021

I’m so sorry to hear about Sheila’s passing. Sheryl and I were friends for many years growing up in Dearborn and Sheila was the big sister “giving us advice” as we went through school. Reading the other memories shared, it sounds like she lived an amazing life and helped so many people and animals. May she Rest In Peace. My prayers are with her family and loved ones.

Sue Turlington

March 22, 2021

I met Shelia many years ago on the tennis court. She was at Camp Lejeune at the time. We became good friends which lasted till the end. Shared so many great times, especially our trip to Las Vegas!! My sadness is beyond words.
She was a most giving person. All my best to her family.