Vincent Aaron Arukwe

August 2, 1952November 24, 2011

In loving memory of a great and accomplished life, the Arukwe family announces the passing on of their husband, father, brother, uncle and brother-in-law. Vincent is survived by:

Wife - Adamazi Queen Arukwe Children - Robert Arukwe (son), David Arukwe (son), Kristine Arukwe (daughter), Jeremy Arukwe (son) Brothers - Ben Arukwe and Matthew Arukwe Sisters - Catherine Okoronkwo and Margaret Okoro Brother-In-Laws - Bassey Onwuchekwa, Wilson Onwnchekwa, Onwuchekwa Onwuchekwa, Nwabueze Onwuchekwa Sister-in-Laws - Amaka Arukwe and Etih Arukwe And many Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces.

Join Our Family on December 10, 2011 for the Service and Tribute Church Service 1-3pm at CrossRoads Fellowship 2721 East Millbrook Road - Raleigh NC 27604

His life tribute continues immediately with a reception to follow at church.

Contact Information Matthew Arukwe 919.760.5347 Amaka Arukwe 919.376.6216 Ezuma Igwe 919.618.1208 at Emeka Igwe 919.855.9506 Dennis Igboko 919.630.1581 at Please send your condolences to Queen Arukwe at address above and flowers to funeral home.


RALEIGH, NC:Vincent Aaron Arukwe was born to the late Mazi James Arukwe and Adamazi Jane Arukwe on August 2, 1952 in Nzerem, Abia State, Nigeria. He grew to adulthood in his ancestral home of Amuvi, Arochukwu, Abia State, Nigeria. Vincent died suddenly and unexpectedly after enjoying a loving and happy Thanksgiving Day with his family on November 24, 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Vincent was baptized at a young age in Nigeria and continued to put God at the forefront of his life as he grew into manhood. He attended elementary school in Nigeria and completed High School at College of Immaculate Conception in Enugu Nigeria in 1973. In June 1975 he completed a Diploma in Accounting from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, Nigeria.

Vincent came to the United States in 1978 in pursuit of education and opportunity. He found both at Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland where he received his BSC in Accounting in 1980, and MBA with concentrations in Economics and Marketing in1981.

In 1981 Vincent moved to Raleigh and began his professional career with IBM. He rose to the rank of senior financial analyst at IBM while simultaneously pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors: initially a dry cleaning business – Aaron Cleaners. Vincent’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to also establish the foundation of his businesses, Aaron and Associates Realty. As his businesses became increasingly successful, Vincent made the decision to leave IBM in 1995 to make a full time commitment to his enterprises. Since his departure from IBM, over the years he grew and consolidated his companies into 4 core businesses: American Mortgage Home, Inc., Aaron Realty Inc., Ameri-Estates LLC., and Aaron Motors LLC.

As a licensed real estate broker and licensed mortgage broker, Vincent provided numerous members of Raleigh’s African community and community at large with guidance that enabled them to move into their first home. His reputation for integrity as a mortgage lender and realtor was unparalleled. Vincent was known to sometimes counsel prospective clients against purchasing a new home until they were financially solvent – an uncommon practice that sometimes cost him business. But because he was a man of God as well as a business man, Vincent followed his conscience and counseled prospective clients on how to attain financial health prior to investing in a home. These clients gained his unwavering respect and appreciation when, after following his financial guidance, they returned prepared to take on the challenge of home ownership. He was renowned in Raleigh for his wisdom, honesty and integrity in business practices, earning him the reputation of “Realtor of Distinction”.

He maintained certifications and trainings with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and licenses from the State of North Carolina Office of Commissioner of Banks as a loan officer, mortgage lender, and table funding mortgage banker/broker. In keeping with his commitment to honesty in business practices, Vincent chose to enroll in and complete Lending Integrity Training in November 2011.

Vincent’s dedication to his spiritual life has been consistent. Even as a young man in Nigeria he was a founding member/pioneer of the Scripture Union in Nzerem, a youth group that was active in spreading God’s word in his community. He carried his devotion to serving the Lord through membership by joining Creedmoor Road Baptist Church during his early years in Raleigh, where he was an active member and volunteer. For the past 15 years, he has been a faithful member of Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh.

Vincent has been a solid member of the Nigerian community in Raleigh and the US Nigerian community at large, serving as former President of RTP All ARO USA (a local Nigerian Association) and member of the Amuzi Community Meeting in the US, the national group of Nigerians from Amuvi Arochukwu Township.

Vincent’s greatest happiness was derived from being a dedicated family man and father. He took joy in encouraging his children and watching them excel. Vincent was the father of 4: Robert, 21, a student at East Carolina University, and David, 11, Kristine, 9, and Jeremy, 7 years who are all students at Lynn Road Elementary School in Raleigh.

Vincent was Number One coach, Number One cheerleader, and Number One fan to each of his children and took great pleasure and derived pure joy in supporting each of them in their endeavors. He accompanied the children rain or shine to travel soccer matches and as well as swim classes. Vincent took the younger children to school where he was renowned for his warm smile and kind and thoughtful demeanor, and a favorite of the teachers and principal.

Vincent was a dedicated family man, who loved his wife deeply and endlessly and loved and cherished his children. He was a humble man, who quietly lived an honorable life with his characteristic warm and dignified demeanor. He put family first and was committed to his brothers, sisters and their families.

Left to morn him along with his wife and children are his loving brothers and their families, Matthew Arukwe (Amaka), Ben Arukwe (Etih), sisters Catherine Okoronkwo, Margaret Okoro, (Lawrence), brother-in-laws Bassey, Wilson, Onwuchekwa and Nwabueze Onwuchekwa and their families, and a host of Uncles, Aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces. He will also be deeply missed by his dear friends Michael Okoli, Bishop Ephraim Udofia and Tony Eshun.


  • Funeral Service Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vincent Aaron Arukwe

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Queen Arukwe

November 25, 2017

My beloved Vin, yesterday was exactly 6 years you were called to be with your Lord and Savior. Our Thanksgiving Day 2011 turned to immeasurable loss, confusion, pain sorrow and darkness

This used to be a season of celebration for our family! David's birthday on Nov 23 and my birthday on Nov 27, we used to share thanks for our blessings, gifts and beautiful family!! So fun!

Today we remember and celebrate your life and give thanks to God for blessing us to be part of your great life and legacy.

We are thankful for your unconditional love and loyalty.
We are thankful for your wisdom and wit.

We are thankful for your kindred spirit and kindness to all.

We are thankful for your generosity and gentleness to so many.

We are thankful for your laughter/ smile that lights up a room when you walk in.

We are thankful for the examples set and exemplary life lived.

We are thankful for your life of privacy yet of public service.

Thankful for your selflessness in providing for your family and sharing with friends.

We are thankful for having you as a great father and friend.

I am thankful for having you as a loving husband, loyal partner and cheerleader.

Thankful to you for believing in me when I had doubts and encouraging me to go for my dreams and aspirations.

Thankful for staying up late to keep me company while I study for exams. Always cheering me on
Thankful for washing out pollen from my car so I will not feel allergic on my way out

Thankful for your coaching and celebrating the kids in everything.

Thankful for teaching the kids how to be a good father, husband, brother and friend

Thankful for leaving a great legacy that we are proud to keep

We choose to celebrate you today because we were chosen to be your family and be loved deeply and unconditionally by you.

When I think of my loss of you, I remember the joy of your love and great memories we made and beautiful and talented children created as a result of our union. Though you left so quickly, we have peace that we knew your love and you knew ours ❤❤❤❤
I thank God for giving me and the kids such a rare gift of love.
Continue to Rest In Peace my sweet heart ❤ till we meet to part no more

Queen Arukwe

November 24, 2017

Your legacy lives on....

Jeremy Arukwe

November 24, 2017

Hello hope you are enjoying your time can't believe it's been 6 years we really miss you. Your family has been successedding, David with his football, kristine with her grades, myself with soccer, wnd also mom with taking care of us and making sure we get all we need and sometimes what we want and also for taking us places. I'm am very thankful for you, you have made me that talented young man I am today and have given me the willingness to drive more and want to be better and better at what I do, thank you .

kristine arukwe

November 24, 2017

can't believe it's been 6 years without you... only God knows how much this has broken my heart, please keep watching over me and continue sending me blessings. i love you dad and miss you everyday. i promise your legacy will forever live as long as i'm alive. i promise to continue making you proud. mommy is taking very good care of all of us and i'm taking care of her for you like you told me to in my dream. even though you are not here physically we are still connected spiritually. love kristine your one and only.

David Arukwe

November 24, 2017

Love and miss you, hope your enjoying Heaven

Queen Arukwe

November 23, 2017

Beloved Vin, another thanksgiving without you is painful and your seat is empty! We miss you so much!!!
David tuned 17 years today. Today, I went down memory lane thinking about how we were preparing thanksgiving turkey and getting ready to host family and friends next day and suddenly my labor started and we had to go to the hospital. We were blessed with a beautiful and healthy son! Oh how happy and joyous we felt! Today and always, David is a blessing and reason for Thanksgiving to God Almighty He is a great big brother to his siblings and wonderful son who keeps making us proud to the glory of God. He is an A student and plays football for his high school.

Our beautiful daughter Kristine, is also doing great! She is a straight A student, smart, talented and wise young lady . She is making my hair right nowShe still looks just like you!

Our baby boy, Jeremy is so handsome!! So smart and witty! He is living your dreams of playing soccer in higher leagues just as you always wished but God answered our prayers more than we expected
Bobby is now a realtor just like you! He is doing well.

God has been faithful and has shown us unprecedented favors. I have received multiple promotions, awards and recognitions in my career. I have a new job now! Everything about the job indicates that it is God sent to provide for our family and give us better lives. I miss you not being here to celebrate and cheer me on but I know that you will be so proud!!
Hope you are having a great time in heaven. Continue to Rest In Peace sweetie.
We all love and miss you so much!

Love Queen

Queen Arukwe

June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day Sweetheart.❤. Miss you so much always!
Thanks for being a great father and investing your time to love, care and imprint great, forever memories in our children . You are loved and appreciated always

You left an incredible legaCy that lives on in Bobby,David, Kristine and Jeremy
Love Queen

Queen Arukwe

August 5, 2014

My dear sweetheart,
Wishing you a happy birthday ( Aug 2)!
Miss you much!!! I am ever grateful to have been married to a wonderful and great husband as you and our children are blessed to have you as a father. Our children are doing very well and making us proud in all they do and achieve daily. David is now a great swimmer!! He won so many swimming events this summer. On your birthday, David was the AE Finley Swim team MVP award recipient. Jeremy made the top classic soccer team and is doing great! He got to go to Charlotte on your birthday to watch Liverpool versus AC Milan soccer game!Kristine(your Miss, one and only!)is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is trying out for track and field at school and has turned out to be great cook:) Wish you were here to see all these and experience it all.
I imagine the big smile on your face and your big hugs and and wonder "why" Only God knows why. God is taking care of us very well!Your legacy lives on.
Love you much!

Theophilus Nwachukwu

December 27, 2012

Vin Vin,
This is your pal Theo-Theo writing in your remembrance. You know God has always impacted his words of knowledge, visions, prophecies ,signs and wonders of what is to take place in the spirit but in your situation he kept your departure, your return home to him secret from us. We were together October 15th, 2011 at the Events Cultural Centers- the last night out before your demise. There is something in spirit that remains remarkable and unexplaineable about that night, how you embraced and hugged me ,and asked of my family with deep regards. I now realized, that on that day , you meant to bid your best friend farewell from this world; I wish I knew that will be the last time we will meet in flesh. Our friendship was crafted and put together by God himself in 1981 when you moved to Raleigh from Baltimore and we met in a party at Parkwood Apartment off Avent Ferry Road, and we have been friends ever since ,until your death. Vincent you are the best and your life is a blessing, you may have died, but your person ,your character was made to last forever. I thank God for the privilege of knowing you well, and sharing your life. I am confused and missing you greatly, but thankful to God for the gift of you as my friend, who turned out to be more like a brother. As we mourn your passing, I am consoled by the legacy you left behind and ideals you lived for and the gap or vacuum you left will be difficult to fill. Vincent you are a role model, honest, sympathetic, successful, intelligent, quiet and accomplished but feel not in competition with anyone. I'm filled with questions but who am I to question Gods will. I am consoled as I see some qualities of you in your family. As devastating the news of your death has been to me-stunned, overwhelmed with grief- I know I loved you but God love you more, I know you are in a better place. I can write forever about Vincent. Kind, wonderful person , good bye my friend- God be with you- til we meet again
Theo Nwachukwu & family

Adrian Airey

November 29, 2012

You will always be part of the Storm soccer team. We all miss you.