George Louis Bisso Jr.

October 7, 1946March 20, 2013

George Louis Bisso was born on October 7, 1946 and passed away on March 20, 2013 in Seattle, WA.


George Louis Bisso Jr.

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Suzanne Gregory

April 21, 2014

Im confident George is now in charge of all engineering endeavors in Heaven and communications and reception will improve vastly in the near future! One of my favorite memories of George was every Valentine's Day there would be a red rose on the desk of every female coworker at Sandusky (usually around 50 ladies). When asked about it he once said "Just in case they didnt have someone else in their life to send them flowers on a special day..." Thanks for the memories Mr. B!

Kim Brooks

April 21, 2014

The Brooks family still remembers and misses George daily. Radio towers, a piece of donated ham radio gear and an empty chair at Brooks family parties all bring a smile at the memory of "Big Grizz".

Ken Wehl

August 21, 2013

What a great man!!!! Ken "Bugs" Wehl (Everett, WA)

Linda Nelson

April 20, 2013

I am shocked and devistated to hear about this. George was so special to me. Judy please contact me if you can.

Ben Hill

March 27, 2013

Judy, so sorry to hear about George, he was a great friend to me and all the guys at EZ Communications. I remember the time staying at your house and how kind and wonderful you guys were.
He is the gadget guru and was as fine of a man and engineer as I have ever known. I will miss him at Nab. I am going to post some pictures of us from the old days.


Tim Hunter

March 26, 2013

Judy, if you would, please email me. I can't find your address. Thanks, Tim

Dan Murphy

March 26, 2013

George was one of a kind. A true professional when it came to engineering. Doing everything he could to make the station and its on-air talents sound their best. George had the unique ability to put up a bit of a gruff exterior, but crack a sly joke in the same sentence. And it didn't take much to realize that on the inside George was all heart. We'll always remember pizza days. I think George was at his happiest when he could help solve a problem or make other people happy. Thanks for everything George. Rest easy.

D.K. Erickson

March 26, 2013

Knowing that George is no longer with us still is shocking. It's like it was yesterday when he brought me into his office giving me a pair of Sony headphones replacing mine that went missing. I was never sure if he liked me but he showed his inner softness that day. He said he had an extra pair but I always wondered if he actually purchased them secretly and made up that story so I could have them.

I wasn't unlike George to give of himself. He would buy bagels for everyone in the office from time to time among other things. I'll admit, there were days he had a rough exterior but knowing him was to understand who he really was deep down inside.

Tim Hunter

March 26, 2013

There are those people who pass through your life, that did only that--pass through. Bisso was a part of some amazing years in my life and with me on some of my biggest radio adventures. His job was to make sure I could do my job and there were none better. That gruff voice, that smirky smile will be with me whenever I hearken back to those days at KLSY.
Thanks for everything, George.