Celia Sanchez

March 29, 1938June 1, 2018
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Celia Sanchez was born on March 29, 1938 in Sinaloa , Mexico and passed away on June 1, 2018 in Walnut Creek, California


  • Laura Sanchez, Daughter
  • Sandra Luz España, Daughter
  • Pedro Sanchez, Son
  • Patricia Sanchez, Daughter
  • Laura Guadalupe Carlos, Daughter
  • Celia Rosa Wong, Daughter
  • Pedro Antonio Figueroa, Brother
  • Esthela Valles, Sister
  • Maria Theresa Figueroa, Sister
  • Juan Figueroa, Brother
  • Jesus Figueroa, Brother
  • Teresa Herrera, Sister
  • Virginia Mora, Sister
  • Erick España, Grandson
  • Daisy España, Granddaughter
  • Viviana España, Granddaughter
  • Raymond Sanchez, Grandson
  • Pedro Sanchez, Grandson
  • Alonzo Berumen, Grandson
  • Alexa Sanchez, Granddaughter
  • Isela Sanchez, Granddaughter
  • Daniel Alberto Carlos, Grandson
  • Emmanuel Carlos, Grandson
  • Emily Mei-Lan Wong, Granddaughter
  • Derick Chew Wong, Grandson
  • Ruby Mei-Ginn Wong, Granddaughter
  • Amaya Danielle Carlos, Great Grandchild
  • Gabriel Christian Buhlman, Great Grandchild

  • Pedro Sanchez, Pallbearer
  • Juan Figueroa , Pallbearer
  • Jesus Figueroa , Pallbearer
  • Erick España, Pallbearer
  • Pedro Sanchez, Jr. , Pallbearer
  • Emmanuel Carlos , Pallbearer
  • Ubaldo Carlos , Pallbearer
  • Ron Wong , Pallbearer
  • Derick Wong , Pallbearer


  • Visitation Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Rosary Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Funeral Mass Friday, June 15, 2018
  • Graveside Service Friday, June 15, 2018

Celia Sanchez

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Pedro Sanchez

June 14, 2018

What can you say about losing the matriarch of your family? How can a person find the right words to describe such an amazing woman? I don't know!

I do know my world has become a lesser place without her. She knew how to make each of her grandchildren feel special in her own way. She always had advice for any situation, or a home remedy for any sickness. She always took care of me and made sure I was always the first to eat because she knew how much I loved food. She would spoil me with whatever amazing meal my heart desired irregardless of what she was cooking for dinner that night for the rest of her family. I can't count how many times I ate myself into a food Coma at her house.

 One of my most cherished gifts is a blanket she knitted me for Christmas. She was wise enough to know that a gift like that would be a gift I would always have that she made with her own hands, her effort, and her love. She was a special woman.

I truly enjoyed spending time with my grandma. I could never understand why other people didn't enjoy spending time with their grandmothers the way I did with mine. I am extremely blessed to have had such an amazing grandmother. My grandmother and all her sisters (my great aunts) are exceptional women. I hope we can all learn from all of my aunts so that we may always have a piece of them in our hearts and everyday lives forever. 

Abuelita, I will not say goodbye because I know I will see you again.  I know you are not gone, but instead are watching over us as our guardian angel. I love you grandma!

Your loving grandson,
Pedro Sanchez

daisy Espana

June 14, 2018

Abuelita, toda vía no lo puedo creer. Nada me pudiera preparo por la noticia que dios estaba lista para tener la a la par. La vamos ha estrañar mucho pero siempre vamos a celebrar su vida. Gracias por todas las memorias desde que heramos chicos tú sabías cómo hacernos reír. Cuando yo tenga niños les hablaré de ti, Rest In Peace abuelita.

Erick Espana

June 13, 2018

There are too many memories to narrow it down to one moment, but I feel fortunate to have lived my life with the love my grandmother shared with me. She loved bigger than the world and most importantly she was always their for me with a hug and a smile. I love you abuelita. I thank the lord that you were to one he sent to show me the way and I know one day I will be along your side again.

Gabby Sanchez

June 13, 2018

Querida Tía Celia, mucha tristeza el día que se fue. Tengo muchas memorias con usted, siempre estará en mi corazón. Te quiero mucho ❤ Descanse en paz Tía.

Linda Zuniga and family

June 12, 2018

What beautiful youthful Celia meant to my family and me... Always funny in her own kind of way! Always had the best comebacks, she could out master anyone with her witty vernacular. She had a sharp sense of fashion and design that was timeless. She was always so accepting of me and my family, no matter who I brought her way! Always willing to open her heart and home to us all. The best cook on earth could never pass up one of her meals! Anytime, I asked her to watch any one of my kids it was always Si, with pleasure! She never said no, even if she was busy. She always made it work! Her family was her heart and life. Celia will be in my heart forever and never forgotten. Our world was a much better place with her in it. She is the epitome of a woman, a role model to all. Love you, Celia!



If anyone ever cared, really cared for someone else it would have to be Celia Sanchez. She was a warm hearted and well liked individual, and these wonderful traits came easily to her because she was such a sociable and amiable person, someone who was always making certain that those around her had whatever they needed. Celia was a talkative person who was tactful at all times but typically said what she meant.

She was the daughter of Pedro and Rosa Figueroa. Celia was raised in San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico. Celia found it easy to show sympathy and to perform kind acts for others. These admirable qualities would become a part of Celia's personality throughout her life.

Celia was frequently the one to initiate games and activities with her family, she was also quite often the family member who took the role of referee, she was a peace-maker. In fact, Celia was raised with seven siblings. Two older sisters, Maria Theresa Figueroa (deceased) and Esthela Valles, three younger brothers, Pedro Figueroa (deceased), Juan Figueroa, Jesus Figueroa and two younger sisters, Theresa Herrera and Virginia Mora.

There was one thing that all of Celia's friends knew and will still remember, is that she loved to talk. She could pretty much talk to anybody about anything. This quality is one of the primary reasons that Celia was such a popular person throughout her life. But Celia was also dependable, loyal and trustworthy. Celia was the kind of person who simply radiated good fellowship. While she maintained personal standards and her own personal values, Celia was very accepting of others. Celia was fairly comfortable playing the role of “host” for just about any occasion. When Celia made friends, she made true and lasting friendships. Later in life, she became friends with Nico Sigala (best friend of over 50 years). Maco, Marisela, Doris, Marta, Lauries, Norma, Maria, Maritza, Gloria, Marita and the many friends she encountered through life.

Celia was a faithful and loving person. Her kindness and consideration radiated an aura of warmth to those around her. She was compassionate and devoted.

Harmony was important to Celia and she made every effort to maintain it with her family. Celia was blessed with five children, Laura, Sandra, Pedro, Patricia, Laura Guadalupe, and Celia. She was also blessed with thirteen grandchildren, Raymond Sanchez, Pedro Sanchez, Alex Sanchez, Isela Sanchez, Alonzo Sanchez, Eric España, Viviana España, Daisy España, Daniel Carlos (deceased), Emmanuel Carlos, Emily Mei-Lan Wong, Derick Chew Wong, and Ruby Mei-Ginn Wong. Celia was always conscious of the feelings others had. She was reasonable and understanding. Her secret of success in this area was simple: Celia would listen before she would act.

Taking her work seriously came naturally to Celia, and she expected the same from those around her. Celia was what some would call a “people person” and it was demonstrated in her good communication skills. Celia was a steady worker, one who was realistic about schedules. Her primary occupation was Housekeeping. She was employed for 30 years.

Celia enjoyed spending time working on her various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were knitting, baking, cooking delicious meals for family and friends, attending church functions, playing bingo, and visiting casinos. As well as gardening-she loved roses in any color. She was a very loving warm hearted person always willing to help anyone who crossed her path.

Her high moral standards and traditional values served Celia well with her faith. Religion and faith were important to her. She was a member of St. Anthony's Church in Menlo Park and St. Francis of Assisi in Concord. During that time, she was involved with the church choir, and volunteered in many church functions. She was a faithful catholic servant. She was well respected because she was such an outgoing individual who sought to help in any manner she could.

Since it was easy for Celia to meet and get to know new people, she quickly made friends, even in retirement. Once she met those new friends, she loved sharing stories and talking about the good old days. Celia was ready when the day to retire finally came in 2004. Her new life involved relocating to Concord, California to care for her grandchildren. Emily, Derick, and soon after Ruby. In retirement, she found new pleasure in many church functions and family. Even in retirement, Celia stayed in touch with her old friends and made plenty of new acquaintances. She was active in the community and felt fulfilled with the opportunities that retirement offered her.

Celia passed away on June 1, 2018 at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, California. From unexpected complications of pulmonary fibrosis. She is survived by her five children, two brothers, three sisters, 13 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Services held at Redwood Chapel and St. Pius Church in Redwood City, California. Celia was laid to rest at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Menlo Park, California.

Celia was a fantastic conversationalist who could engage just about anyone in a discussion. Celia was a down to earth person, outgoing and gregarious. She was without question the type of person who enjoyed experiencing things first hand. She was practical and sensible, but friends and family will remember her for most is the fact that she was kind and understanding. Everyone whose life she touched will miss her immensely.