Donald Carlson

November 18, 1936December 17, 2018
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Donald Carlson was born on November 18, 1936 in Yakima, Washington and passed away on December 17, 2018 in Federal Way , Washington



  • Celebration of Life Sunday, December 30, 2018


  • Interment

Donald Carlson

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Kyndahl Carlson

January 11, 2019

Thank you Dad C for being a part of our lives. Thank you for the difference you made not only for us, your family, but for every life you touched personally and for those lives yet to come who will one day feel the ripple of what you left behind. We will tell them the stories of you and show them the pictures and you will live on through them. Thank you for teaching my husband, Shawn, as he was growing up on how to be the best man he can be by your example. You taught him strength, determination, hard work, respect, and honor. You also taught him how to love so deeply, put other first, to always lend a hand when needed and the importance of commitment to your word. You taught him all the skills he has today that help him to fix things, create things and make his dreams come true, both at home and at work. Thank you for all the times you came to our house to help Shawn with a project he was working on – whether it be a remodel, a repair, a tree cutting or working on Shawn’s old ’62 Chevy truck with him. There won’t be a day that goes by that you aren’t a part of our lives. We’ll think of you when we walk into our bedroom and bathroom and remember how you helped us with our remodel replacing walls and floors. Every time we drive in the driveway we’ll remember that old rotten cottonwood tree you scaled and singlehandedly took down chunk by chunk. It will be this way for everything you had a hand in and every time we look into the eyes of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Most of all we’ll feel you when the old Chevy truck is restored and every day Shawn drives it we know you’ll be in the passenger seat loving every minute. Thank you for being a hero to my husband and to us all. We love you and miss you.

Shawn Carlson

January 11, 2019

To my DAD - These words and feelings are from deep within my heart. I can look back on your life and can say you were the BEST DAD a boy could have growing up. You were a dad that let me be a kid but made sure it was safe to do so. You showed me how to be respectful and polite to elders, women, and anyone you met because that was how it was. You took me under your arm and said you can do whatever you want to do in life but don't be an oiler because it's better to be an operator and stay cleaner, he said. So after a few years of being an oiler, deck engineer, heavy equipment mechanic, I took his advice and asked him if he could train me to be a Tower Crane Operator just like he is. He said "It's about time and I would be proud to train you".

He liked to work with his hands and build things and he liked to clear brush, trees and mow to make the yards and properties he owned look nicely cleared. My dad loved to come to my house to work with whatever I was working on at the time just to be with me and that is what I will most most of my dad.

I love you Dad, always.

Tammy Hansern

January 2, 2019

Uncle Don ~ You will be missed! Thanks for being you. Love you lots!

Tracy Sparks-Lancaster

December 31, 2018

Don, I met you in high school when your family became my second family. I loved watching you with your kids, my dad wasn't in my life then but you always were. I remember all the BBQ's and birthday party fun. You even opened our home to me when I was a senior. I think you were the most amazing man and I am sure you and my mom are swapping stories in heaven about all of us. To Rocky, Tracy, Steph and Shawn I know this is not easy, may your memories ease the pain a little and the love heal your heart a little. Heaven gained a wonderful angel who is looking down at all of you and smiling.

Love and hugs to you all,


Cami Przybylski

December 30, 2018

Don climbed up my first tower crane with me and spent 3 days training me on how to operate a tower crane. In that short time he shared with me so many tricks of the trade I literally felt like a 5 year veteran of the crane industry after our time together. Don was so impactful to my career and I find myself telling and teaching to younger operators the exact way he taught me. My time with Don still resonates with me to this day every time I’m in a crane.
Don would offer part of his lunch, pass out candy and basically give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
There is a small list of people who were skilled and cared enough to pass on what it takes to be a crane operator. Don was at the top of that list for me.

Greg Przybylski

Dawn Marie Carlson

December 30, 2018

I spent some of my younger years living with Uncle Don and Aunt Rocky. I felt at home, a part of the family. And when I was older and visited it was always the same. Uncle Don had this infectious smile that if you werent having a good day, that smile changed everything. I will miss you Uncle Don. My only regret is that I didnt visit more often. Love you❤

Kathleen Soileau

December 29, 2018

We would almost always stay with Uncle Don and Aunt Rocky when we visited Washington. He always made us feel welcome. He would make up the outdoor fire pit and sit out there telling stories and jokes until late into the night. He would take me for rides in his beloved Corvette. He was always smiling or laughing. His love of life and family was evident and contagious. I will remember him always and fondly.

Julie Grant

December 29, 2018

We first met Don and Roxy when we bought our house next door to their old and new homesteads. They were out in their outdoor patio and welcomed us over. Beer and conversation flowed easily and from that moment on, we not only became neighbors but lasting friends. As the months passed, of course we came often to see the progress but mostly came to see them. Both of our houses were being built but when we hit a deadline they postponed work on their house so ours could be finished to meet the deadline. Don and Lloyd spent the last 19 years the best of friends, working together, laughing together, talking about life and living and sharing everything under the sun. It’s been a magical life experience living next door to Don and Roxy. We will always remember how generous and giving Don has been to us and to all he encountered. We have been blessed to call him our friend and neighbor.

Mike Thomason

December 29, 2018

I would not be the man I am without uncle Bud and Don. They were the two toughest men I have ever worked with but also the two kindest and caring. I learned to catch candy from 200 feet! If we worked through lunch Don would holler look up and his sandwich would be floating down to me. The first cup of coffee he poured out of his thermos after a cold wet day was always for me. He always had my back and made sure everyone around the crane was safe. Thank you Don for everything you have done for me and making sure I made it home to my family every night. Mikey

Åsa Parker

December 29, 2018

We are so grateful we had an opportunity to meet Don and his family. We had a wonderful day sharing family stories.
We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Cousin Elisabeth and Timo