Margaret Louise Brown

May 17, 1964June 4, 2018
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Margaret Louise Brown of Garland, Texas, formerly of Houston, passed away on June 4, 2018, after a ten-month battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Margaret was born in Houston on May 17, 1964. She was a member of Chapelwood United Methodist Church and a 1982 graduate of Memorial High School. After attending Tulane University, she began a career in journalism with Miller Freeman, Inc. in San Francisco, becoming Managing Editor of Pulp & Paper magazine at age 24. In 1993 she joined the staff of Southwest Art magazine in Houston and became Editor in Chief in 1997. Margaret moved to Dallas in 2002 to become Editor of Cowboys & Indians magazine. An early proponent of digital publishing, she founded Shelf Media Group in 2010 and became owner and publisher of several digital magazines, including flagship Shelf Unbound and later Middle Shelf, Foreground, and Podster.

Margaret met the love of her life, Debra Pandak, in 2008, and they were married on April 26, 2014. Margaret is survived by Debra; her parents Bob and Pat Brown of Malvern, Pennsylvania; and her brother and sister-in-law Mark and Anne Brown and their children Ellie, Russ, and Andy, all of Berwyn, Pennsylvania. She is also survived by a loving multitude of cousins and in-laws and a host of friends who all take comfort from having had her touch their lives. Special thanks to the loving and caring nurses at Baylor University Medical Center and to cousin Barbara Pflaumer, who teamed with Debra to care for Margaret over these last months.

A funeral service will be held on June 8, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. at Sparkman Funeral Home, 1029 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, Texas. Memorial donations may be made to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas.


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Margaret Louise Brown

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Diane Funkhouser

June 9, 2018

My best childhood memories included Margaret and Susan. The three of us became best friends in 1977. We grew up together, our lives intertwined like a braid. After Junior High, Susan and I went to Memorial High School and Margaret temporarily went to Westchester. As much as we didn’t like being split up, Margaret and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to share clothes. We could double our wardrobes, and no one at school would know. Neither of our moms thought it was a good idea, but we thought it was great. Eventually, Margaret transferred to Memorial, and we all graduated together.

Margaret was always caring and sharing. She had a generous spirit, and she never stopped being a loyal friend. I miss her already.

Andi Reis

June 8, 2018

I will always be thankful for Writers Digest. Margaret had put an ad in for Shelf Unbound and I was working digital marketing for authors in 2013. I wrote her to inquire within, as they say, and we became friends. She introduced me to one of my favorite clients ever, and she supported us both with her generous spirit and smarts. Luckily we had Facebook because as two self-employed business owners living about 30 miles away from each other, it was hard to connect in person. From the moment I met her at a restaurant in Las Colinas years ago, she spoke of Deb with such unbridled enthusiasm. It was contagious, and we effervesced about our happy lives (and happy wives) whenever we would get together for lunch.
Going through old emails in tribute, I found a couple of pictures. And in February of 2013 she had mentioned that she got a biopsy and it was cancer-free. We celebrated at the time.
She was a mentor who was always interested in our business, always ready to help. I am desperately concerned for Debra in the dark days ahead, and I hope that everyone helps to keep her afloat who are close to her. I will try to be the better friend now, as I had wanted to before, when we thought the road of life carried on endless before us, with plenty of time. Plenty of time.

Monica Cascio

June 8, 2018

I met Margaret through Debra, who has been a family friend for many years. I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to get to know a person as kind-hearted and compassionate as Margaret. She had such a sweet bond with our daughter Sophia since she was born. Sophia is 10 years old now. Many times Margaret & Debra would have Sophia over and entertain her for hours. They would play games and do crafts and have endless fun activities. Margaret was tireless and put so much heart into interacting with Sophia whether it was at a pool party or Christmas cookie baking event. She really loved kids and it showed. Margaret was like a family member to us. We loved her very much and we cherish the times we were able to spend together. Margaret will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Marilyn Mcclard

June 8, 2018

Margaret’s Mother is my cousin. When Margaret was 20 and living in San Francisco she invited our daughter who was 10 to visit her there. It was Lauren’s first trip without her parents. Margaret met her at the airport with flowers and treated her like a princess that entire visit, including taking her to the Barbie museum! Margaret loved her whole family and I think she considered the world and everything in it family. I thank God we were part of her family.
We love all of you and are praying for you still - Marilyn and Jack

Nancy Bentley

June 7, 2018

I met Margaret in San Francisco in 1989. We worked together on Pulp & Paper magazine. The company, MFP (MFI later), used your initials as i.d. for mail, memos ... So she was MLB or mulb as we called her. Mulb was a wonderful Managing Editor. She kept us on track, professional with a great sense of humor. Many of my memories involve food. Daily lunches, walking to Bill's for sandwiches, coffee runs, or drinks at Richenbacker's to celebrate the magazine going to the printer. During these times we talked, a lot. Margaret was a great listener. She focused on what you had to say. She made you feel important, valued. I last saw Margaret 20 years ago. I lived in NY and she was in the city on business. We walked the city, visited a gallery and talked. I followed her life on Facebook, celebrating her wedding to Debra, her successful online publishing career, her friends, her kickboxing and cooking. I miss you Mulb.

Kim Telander

June 6, 2018

I am so blessed to have been on the exquisite journey of Margaret and Debra's love story. Indeed, they are the love of each other's lives. Margaret had an uncanny and loving ability to bring people together, honing in on all of our unique qualities, and engendering unlikely friendships. I felt this at pool parties, sitting at the kitchen table for tacos, at their wedding, at the Women's March in Austin in 2017, and in in her final days in the hospital room. I wanted to be around Margaret to have my brain and tummy fed--with joy and passion. She was always, always present, sophisticated, articulate, bright, with incredible grit, but down to earth. She saw the best in everyone, and made each of us better. Blessed Margaret--your presence will always be here. In all of our messiness and imperfectness we will try to be even a hint of the gracious, delighted person you were. It will be a worthy challenge in your honor.

Wendy Taplin

June 6, 2018

I met Margaret thru my daughter in law Emily Debbie's neice. The times I saw Margaret she was usually laying on the floor playing some type of game or toys with my Grandson's or they were sitting quietly next to her listening to her read to them. Whatever they wanted to do with her she always did it with that beautiful smile on her face. I remember how excited my grandson was when he got a Cubs shirt from her and Debbie to wear to the Brewers game.
I don't think I ever seen her without that beautiful smile of hers or ever saw her look at Debbie without seeing how much love she had for her. She will be missed. Anyone who had the privilege to know her and have her touch their life realizes how blessed they we're to know such a wonderful and amazing woman. An Angel watching over us all.

Susan Burnley

June 6, 2018

Margaret was my best friend in junior high and high school, so we shared many sleepovers and slumber parties together. At about my 14th birthday, Margaret decided to provide entertainment in the form of a rock concert. She cajoled our other BFF Diane into the plan, and they formed SSIK (a parody of KISS - this was when Weird Al Yankovich was first on the scene). Margaret wrote half a dozen songs celebrating the aspirational - do you believe in falling in love? to the mundane - tightening the tie wires on braces. They performed for our group of friends, and everyone was given a copy of the lyrics, a 45 of their hit song - Sound of Silence - which was pressed on cardboard, and a fan card. It was clever, it was fun, it was generous - just like my friend, Margaret. I'm grateful that we had a chance to look through the lyrics together a couple of years ago, and even sing a few of those SSIK favorites.

Christine Burnley Bucklin

June 6, 2018

Margaret was a friend of our family for over 40 years and co-starred in the role of my sister's best friend throughout junior high and high school. She was quiet, polite and calm but had a great, dry sense of humor and and a creative, entrepreneurial spark. She was the mastermind behind several projects, including a monthly newsletter that she published for friends and family in middle school, and a capable debater. I didn't have the vocabulary to label her an "old soul" when we were kids, but I think that's an accurate description--wise, patient and centered. I'm sorry that she's gone.

Martha Gerber

June 6, 2018

Margaret has left a permanent smile in my thoughts of her. Her smile was not only outward, but within her soul! I remember so well going to San Francisco with my husband and giving Margaret a call to see if she could meet us for dinner. She not only agreed, but with such enthusiasm it showed me how much she cared for others. We never met often, but with each visit she met me with that glorious smile and her literary approach , "Tell me all about yourself!" I truly loved Margaret and cherish the joy she always brought me. My heartfelt sympathy to you Debra, to my dearest cousins Pat and Bob, Mark, Anne, Ellie, Russ and Andy.
With love,
Martha Gerber