Glenn William Cook

September 3, 1969February 11, 2021

Glenn William Cook passed away at the young age of 51, on February 11, 2021 with his wife, Jenni, by his side.

Glenn was born on September 3rd in Oceanside, California to Brooks Cook and Bill Cook. They later welcomed his brother, Chris, into the family. Glenn’s father, an Army Lieutenant Colonel, traveled with his family across the world to include Hawaii, Italy and several other stateside military bases. Glenn especially loved to talk about his memories of living in Rome, Italy and all he absorbed during that formative time.

Glenn graduated from Mary Washington College, where he met his first wife, Kerri. They had two beautiful daughters together, Riley and Emily. His daughters were his pride and joy.

In 2016, Glenn married his wife, Jenni, in St. Petersburg, FL, a place where they shared many happy memories. Those who knew their love have said they were “two peas in a pod.”

Glenn was a talented computer programmer, a space where he spent the majority of his career but it was well known that his preferred talents and interests lied in art and music.

Glenn’s love for family brought everyone close together. His friends and family will miss him dearly and will always remember his music, his humor, and his enormously big heart.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Red Cross.


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Glenn William Cook

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Leslie Marangoni

February 25, 2021

Sorry for the late addition, but the website just allowed me to load this picture! This is Glenn being . . . typical Glenn (and another friend, Bill Gavin). MWC, 1990-ish. This was my rockin’ study break....

Herbert Jones

February 23, 2021

I would like to give my condolences to Jenni and Glenn’s family. Glenn was awesome. The short time I spent with Jenni and Glenn was full of laughter ... he will be missed....

Kristen Householder

February 22, 2021

Glenn was a wonderfully silly and witty guy and could always make me laugh out loud! Family was so important to him. I was fortunate to be present in the hospital room when Riley was born, and I remember his tears of joy when she (finally!) entered this world. He will be truly missed by so many. My deepest sympathies go out to his whole family.

Leslie Nichols Marangoni

February 22, 2021

Gosh, this is hard to write.
Kerri and I were roommates freshman and sophomore years of college, so I had front row seats to the blossoming of the years of "Glenn and Kerri." Glenn was a fixture in our room, and his company was always full of laughter, silliness, music; I always gained a new perspective just from listening to Glenn's (sometime inane) thoughts. He was a good guy, a good friend, and I can't summon memories of college without including him. One Saturday night I was capitalizing on a quiet, empty dorm room and was snuggled down studying, when there was a knock on the door. Glenn and two other guys charged in, proclaiming the injustice, the inhumanity, of BEING ALONE AND STUDYING -- of all things! -- ON SATURDAY NIGHT. So he cranked up the stereo (probably Guns 'n Roses or AC/DC or something similar) and provided me with the most hysterical air-guitar/lip sync performance of all time. Best study break ever! Glenn had an encyclopedic memory for music of all genres. He could perfectly mimic Axl Rose one minute and Louis Armstrong the next. It seems impossible that the world has lost such a bright star . . . but Heaven has gained a great entertainer. Glenn, you will be missed!

Ellie Leimberger

February 22, 2021

Growing up with Emily and Riley gave me the special opportunity to know Glenn. I can think of many fond days of playdates and sleepovers with Emily where we couldn't help but laugh all night because of him. Glenn could make me laugh like no other and feel cared for like another daughter. The beach trips to Duck, NC were some of the highlights of my early teenage years. We would "swim with the fishies", and be afraid of the jellyfish, where he gave me the nickname "Ellie-fish". I will always hold the memories of dinners at Blue Point, eating all the Otterbeins, and laying by the pool before we could get into the house very close to my heart. Glenn was a man of many talents and he truly had the biggest personality. He loved his daughters with his whole heart and would have done anything for them. It was a gift to watch his love for them and I know his love will continue to be in your hearts forever. I love you guys.

marc capponi

February 21, 2021

Glenn Cook was a great friend. So funny. So kind. He was like a brother. Sometimes I treated him badly, but he always loved me. I'm sorry for all those times I treated you badly, my brother. I am so grateful for all of the rest of the times. I love you.

A small sampling of some of the music Glenn and I made together can be found here:

Marlene Harrison

February 20, 2021

I am so very sorry for your loss. Glenn was the best - I have so many great memories from high school and college. Then one day I walked onto the metro going to Huntington and there was Glenn, also commuting to his first job post-college. He looked at me and said, "The girl that has followed me throughout my whole life." HS and college felt like a lifetime then. We had a good laugh! One commute he told me that his new boss had a daughter in a band. He said he looked over at a picture on the guy's desk and it was the girl from Deee-Lite! He had great delivery with a story! These might be silly and random memories but they make me smile and I really loved his sense of humor and music knowledge-- he was so charming and an easy person to be around. I hope your special memories will provide you strength in the days to come.

Thomas Tanner

February 20, 2021

My condolences to the family. Glenn was always able to make me laugh. The few times I was able to spend with him were always filled with stories, smiles, and laughter! Good times........ good times. R.I.P buddy!

Debra Capponi

February 19, 2021

Glenn brightened the home where I grew up so much and so often that I'm sure my parents, who still live there, continue to enjoy the residual glow. Glenn and my brother made music, and probably mischief. I remember one of their first recordings--if not their first recording: a cover of Polly Wolly Doodle, Glenn on vocals. I can't even describe his interpretation, maybe a slowed down, full-throated crooner? It's been over 35 years, but I still hear Glenn's rendition in my head now and then, and I think of him. Fare thee well, Glenn.

Love and peace to his family and loved ones.

Terri Asendorf Hyde

February 19, 2021

I don't have any photos of Glenn because we didn't have iphones at Mary Washington College, where I met him, at Randolph Hall. I was instantly drawn to him because he was incredibly sarcastic, a trait I still find charming, and at the same time, very kind. He was interested in other people, not just in himself. He was so comfortable in his own skin - much more than I was. I remember him always having his guitar nearby and not being afraid at all to burst into song. There was one time when my roommate begged him to sing a rendition of Sweet Child of Mine, and he graciously did, knowing that she was from New Jersey and couldn't help herself. The acoustic version and his willingness to put himself on display humbled us. I also remember his humor could be almost stinging -- there were a couple of times where he called me out on some bad outfit choices. (I think I listened to his advice too!) There is another memory of when I barely mentioned the name of a mutual acquaintance of ours, and he instantly knew I had a crush on this person and WOULD NOT let me live it down. It was like having a brother. I only had one good year with Glenn at MWC, but he had a lust for life that was obvious, contagious, and a magnetic warmth, and I miss him.