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Barbara Faye Goss

May 26, 1935February 5, 2020

Barbara F. Goss passed away at the age of 84 on February 5, 2020 due to complications from leg wounds and heart trouble. Her 6 beloved (living) children, her 12 living grandchildren, and her 19 great grandchildren all spent much precious time with her in the months preceding this, as they knew the time was short. We will all treasure this time forever. Barbara graduated community college and worked 35 years in the same job in finance. She was in square dancing for over 50 years and won square dancer of the year when she was 83!

I’ve never met anyone more hardworking than my mother. Raising seven children on her own, she would get up before sunrise in order to get a few minutes to herself before beginning another hectic day. She made sure we had everything we needed, from lovingly hand sewn clothes, to homemade meals and home baked treats, supplies for school, help with our homework, baths, hugs, a clean house and bedding, and lots and lots of love.

She made our house into a wonderful home. She taught us about God and took us to church. She surrounded us with music, musicals, and dancing. Every holiday had beloved traditions in our home, from making Valentines to take to school, to coloring eggs with vinegar and food coloring for Easter, to homemade costumes for Halloween, to cutting down live Christmas trees and waking up to a giant pile of gifts underneath it on Christmas morning. She always baked fresh Christmas bread for each of our teachers!

She took us to the “day old bakery” to pick out special treats. She helped us collect ‘green stamps’ and ‘blue stamps’ to save up to get something special. She led our Brownie troops and took us to Boy Scouts. She volunteered at our schools. She took us for day trips and camping trips to her treasured beaches. We grew up with horses, dogs, cats, and even some cows and pigs! But mom’s favorite was always her Springer Spaniel and she had several of them through the years. If she ever had free time to herself, she loved to read, garden, and go to the beach! We have so many special memories from our childhoods. And our amazing mom did all of this while going to work every day to provide for us!

By her own example, (and some spankings, haha), she taught us to be kind, she taught us to be loving, she taught us to be giving, she taught us to be honest, she taught us to have integrity, she taught us to be loyal, she taught us to be hardworking, she taught us to love life.

We only hope that parts of our beautiful mom will live on in us, and in our children, and in their children, and in their children’s children...

Thank you, beautiful Barbara, for all that you have been.


  • Celebration of Life Memorial Service Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Memorial Service Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Reception Thursday, February 20, 2020


Barbara Faye Goss

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Juan Chavez

February 20, 2020

Barbara was my inspiration to see her in Church always with a smile and a bag of groceries for the food Bank. Seen Barbara with a walker and never giving up Barbara would walk to receiving God on her own she had A lot of determination . I will miss seen Barbara every Sunday at 7:30 Mass. thank you Barbara

Debbie Smith Riley

February 18, 2020

Precious memories of my youth were created at your house I dont think there was ever a time we didn't see you in the kitchen with your apron on scurrying around saying girls are you hungry and there was enough food to feed a crowd and my thoughts always were gosh wish my mom could cook like this!! I know your friends and family will forever miss the welcoming home,love,and food you created.

Gwen Mason

February 16, 2020

I am an avid round dancer, and first met Barbara in a round dance class in the mid 1980’s taught by Carol Allen. She was dancing with Trent who was a good friend of my first round dance partner, Andy Drake. More recently, I enjoyed seeing her weekly when she helped Neil teach advanced round dancing, and saw her at the Riverside Singles’ classes and bimonthly dances. She exhibited such a calm countenance, helpful attitude, and a passion for our dance. I will miss her till we meet in a square up above.

Mark DeBellis

February 12, 2020

Our mother and Barbara were friends and our families spent time together growing up. At one point, following our mother's divorce during a very challenging point in her transition, Barbara (along with her six children), invited us (four children and my mother)to stay with them for several weeks.

With 10 kids under one roof it could have been a script for a reality TV show!

To this day we fondly remember how her generous spirit helped all of us get through a difficult chapter in our lives. We speak of her in reverence and awe for putting her faith and love to work where she could do the most good. She provided a true life line at a time when we needed it.

I had the opportunity to reconnect with Barbara and Jimmy in the past few years and thanked her directly (nearly 45 years later) for being part of our journey and reminding her how much she meant to us.

I remember how impressed I was by her energy and intellect... comparing her to people half her age.

Barbara was a person that made things happen and set an example to those around her. I'm sure she was inspiring people up until her final days.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Blackstone family.

Thank you for being part of our life journey. God bless you all.

Randy and Sue Gibson

February 11, 2020

Barbara was a very special person, she gave joy to so many including Sue and I

Michele DeBellis

February 11, 2020

Barbara and my mom had been friends since their early 20's and were both going through divorces around the same time in the early 70's. Barbara was a loving and supportive friend to my mom and our family at a time when we really needed it. I think she was a special person who could navigate through life's greatest challenges with grace and dignity.

Cindy, Kenny, Stacy, David, Jimmy, Terry and Shelley; our hearts and thoughts are with you. We are grateful to have had the friendship of your family. Your mother touched many hearts, and that's a legacy that lives forever.

God bless you all.

Michael Silva

February 11, 2020

The strength of heart soul and mind my grandma had cant be matched .
Her total dedication to the comfort and well being of her family was her happiness. Her time was never spent selfishly, she lived selfless with every breath.
There is not and never will be anyone like her .
Her heart was made of 24k. Gold .
I love you grand ma .
Till we meet Again

Wanda Gray

February 11, 2020

She was always such a sweet lady always ready to help . Had a great love for square dance and was always willing to help the beginners just new to class, Barbara you will be greatly missed

Susan Grooms

February 11, 2020

I have always admired and loved Barbara. I'd never known anyone like her. She was kind, loving, very hard working, and her stamina was stunning. My friend will be deeply missed. I'm so sad.

Gary Lamb

February 11, 2020

She was always Mrs. Blackstone when I was growing up, and loved the stuffing out of us kids. I remember Taffida like yesterday! I always spent the night at your house, and secretly prayed she would make her famous chocolate chip pancakes. I'd plunk on the old piano which was outside the kitchen, and as bad as I sounded, she never told me to stop! She kept us all in line with lots of love, and a firm tone when needed, and she had a keen sense of humor. She was a 2nd Mom to all of us neighbor kids, and I will never forget her. I've often regaled my kids with stories of growing up with the Blackstone's, and the campouts in the backyard with Dave and Jimmy. Such a privilege!! Thank you Barbara. Say Hi to Mom, Dad, Dave & Granny for me.