Steven Ralph Gray

February 12, 1947January 7, 2021

Steven Ralph Gray, age 73, of Perris, California passed away on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Steven was born February 12, 1947.

A funeral service for Steven will be held Friday, February 12, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Acheson & Graham Garden of Prayer Mortuary, 7944 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92504. Following the funeral service will be a graveside service from 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM at Riverside National Cemetery, 22495 Van Buren Blvd, Riverside, CA 92518.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Steven's memory may be made to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Gray family.


  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital


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Steven Ralph Gray

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Julie Monroe

February 10, 2021

Steve, dear Steve. I was grown when I met you & you married my sister Gerry Lynn. But you always made me feel like a baby sister.

You were kind and patient. I loved trying to get your goat - showing you each new tattoo I got. You would roll your eyes and say "Golly! What next? You are going to ride in here on a Harley one day!" I know you didn't like it but you put up with me anyway. It was acceptance of sorts.

You were so good to my kids, opening your house to us and playing with them like you were their age. You had a huge heart.

Thank you for loving my sister and taking good care of her. And for raising my 3 nieces so well. And putting up with the Robbins family. We can be a handful.

You were a great man & I am forever heartbroken. Not too many made like you anymore. I will miss you forever.

rest in love.


Gayla Mazzuca

February 9, 2021

My big brother Steve was the bestest big brother in the world. He was 11+ years older than me so he was almost grown by the time I have memories of him. I worshiped him, I thought the sun rose and set in him and he was my protector. Until, he tricked me with a spoon full of gravy, “open your mouth and shut your eyes”. Yuk. How I hated gravy and he knew it, I’m still not sure exactly why he did that to me. I’m sure at times he thought I was an annoying little sister as I always wanted him to play games with me, I always wanted to be around him. He had a car that had bucket seats and he bought a pillow so his girlfriend could sit next to him on the console. When I went places with him (without the girlfriend, of course) I appropriated that pillow for myself so I could sit next to him too.

As a single mother with a 7-year-old daughter, we moved to California and Steve and Gerry Lynn made us part of their family. We spent time at their house, our kids grew up together, we spent holidays together, river trips and all kinds of fun. I so treasured the time we all spent together as a family. I’ve done some stupid things in my life and he was always there for me and never said I told you so. He was my first phone call when something broke at my home, when my car had problems and whenever I just needed my big brother.

He loved kids, that is evidenced in how much his grandkids loved and treasured him and was the best uncle to my grandkids. They loved when he and Gerry Lynn would come back to Texas in the RV. They had so much fun when they spent time with them in the RV and Steve was always ready to take them to the park, watch a soccer game or play with them outside. He was so much fun.

It seems so unfathomable that I’m writing this, my heart is broken, I can’t imagine a world without my big brother in it and it doesn’t seem possible that this will ever hurt any less than it does right now. I love you and am so glad that you were my big brother.

Cathy Cox

February 8, 2021

Mr. Steve was one of the kindest people I've ever known. He treated me like family. I met him through his daughter, Lori. Jamie and I worked together, and Sherri was just a bonus.
I moved to California from Louisiana, so I didn't have family close. I was invited to share several holidays with them. Steve and Gerry were an example of what I wanted in my life. Love, kindness, caring, and a close family unit. I feel very blessed knowing him.
Praying for peace and comfort for his family. You will always be remembered.

Jamie Grummer

February 6, 2021

My dad (Papa) was such a wonderful loving father and cared for his family so much. He was full of love and gave all of it to his family! Such a fun and devoted grandpa - he would spend countless hours pushing the kids on swings or on their tricycles or anything that made them happy. He never got tired of playing!
As a father he gave his family such great experiences - lake trips, ski trips and many life lessons that made us better people. He was kind, responsible, loving and cared so deeply for us all. I miss him so much and wish he could be with us for more years. I never would have thought he would be gone this soon. We love you Papa!

Julie Maloney

February 3, 2021

It's such a wonderful story, how I came to know Steven.

In December of 2018 there was magic in the air!

I received a phone call, from a gentleman who informed me that he was Santa's Elf, and that he had a special delivery for me.

When he arrived at my apartment
wearing a Christmas hat, he brought with him the perfect Christmas tree!

Every detail was thoughtfully planned. He had a base for the tree, and even a bottle of Christmas Tree Miracle Gro, to keep it healthy!

He was such a sweet man, with a beautiful smile! I enjoyed chatting with him, while he set about putting up the tree. When the task was completed, as if the perfect tree wasn't enough, he handed me an envelope. To my dismay, the envelope contained enough money, to allow me to purchase anything and everything I needed to decorate the tree! I gave him a huge hug, which I told him to pass along to Santa!

Then, in 2019 he showed up again!

I came to find out later, that Steven's beautiful daughter Lori, my amazing and cherished friend, had set the whole thing up!

I count myself truly blessed, that I was able to meet her lovely father! Christmas will never be the same!

Christine McDow

January 30, 2021

“Hello Uncle Steve. I pray someone reads this to you. I know you are not feeling well. I just want you to know how much I love you and appreciate you always being there for me. I appreciate the fact that I got to be raised with you in my life. I love you.”

That is one of the last messages I sent you. You were so sick but I wanted to make sure I was able to tell you how much you meant to me. I know it wasn’t necessary. You already knew.

Thank you for not being mad when I woke you up by jumping on the bed at grandma and grandpas. I was just so excited to see you. Thank you for not being mad when I got car sick in your car on the way to the lake. However, you were the lucky one since you were towing the boat with your truck. Just ask my mom and Gerry Lynn. Thank you for teaching me how to water ski. Thank you for helping my catch my first (and only) fish. Thank you for Christmas Cheer. Thank you for visiting me last night in my dreams to give me one last hug.

I am not the only one that loves and misses you. My kids all loved it when Uncle Steve would roll into town in his big RV. One of the highlights of the trip Sky, Jay and I took to CA a few years ago was having dinner with you and Gerry Lynn at Miguel’s. Thank you for always dropping everything and going to dinner THERE just because I was in from out of town and it was the only place I wanted to go. Jay loved fishing with you the last time you were in town. Josh and Grace and broken hearted as well. Grace has a poster with your photos hanging above her bed. She knew you loved her. Maggie hopes you, “Won’t mind if she calls you Uncle Stevie.” I told her you wouldn’t.

Losing you leaves a hole in so many hearts. We are all richer and blessed to have had you in our lives. I know you are in a better place, with grandma and grandpa who greeted you with open arms and big smiles. You are pain free. We will be okay, because that is what you would have wanted. Until we meet again. Love, Christy

Larry Wheeler

January 30, 2021

We all loved Steve, Gerry Lynn and family. I always looked forward to them visiting us here in Texas and especially the golf games I played with them. I remember one particular time it was Steve, Gerry and myself. Now golf is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in life. It can be the most frustrating experience but afterwards we cannot wait to play again. I actually don’t remember Steve ever being frustrated much though. He was such a solid guy. Lots of fun. On the greens he would always try to help Gerry with her putting by telling her to putt on this line or that. It was hard to tell if she always wanted the advise but that was Steve. Kind, compassionate and always seemed to have everything squared away. I remember being at their home once and was very impressed that he had a part of his yard cleared from all grass. He just kept a spray bottle of grass killer sitting out there just daring any grass or weed to try to grow. I don’t think I could have been faithful enough to keep that spot so pristine. But he sure was. He was a bright spot in everyone’s life. We are all so blessed and glad to be a part of this family. God bless you!

GerryLynn Gray

January 29, 2021

40 Years ago on our first date when I opened the door and you said "you are even more beautiful than I remember" to the last time I saw you and I placed my hands on your face and told you I loved you and you told me how much you loved me, we have loved, laughed, cried tears of joy and of sorrow.
In those years we raised a beautiful family, have wonderful grandchildren, travelled all over the United States and you even tried to teach me to golf. (Sorry I really did try)
You were a great Dad and later I watched you become an even better grandfather. AKA Frat, Papa, Guy and Gramps!
For all of those memories and so much more, I will be forever grateful. You are and will be forever loved and missed!

Sherri Elmore

January 28, 2021

My dad. My hero. Strongest man I've ever know. He lived for his grandkids and his family. (And some golf every week!) I rarely saw him without a smile on his face and joy in his voice. He had so much life left in him. Yet, despite his strength and after battling health issues the past several months, and then contracting COVID last month, he left us early this morning. Alone. COVID was a great fear of his. He did everything right and everything he could to prevent it. We had not seen him since Christmas 2019 because he was determined to stay healthy so we could all be together again, safely. Our whole family is heartbroken. Devastated. I'm thankful he's no longer suffering, but I miss him terribly.

My dad's experience is certainly not unique. While hospitals are overrun with COVID patients and ambulances with critically ill patients are being turned away, his health and medical procedures were postponed to address the most critically ill. Week after week and month after month, he waited. One complication turned into another. It was frustrating, angering. We all felt so helpless. I share this to ask everyone to please continue doing your part to stop the spread of this virus. Please think of others when you are out and wear your mask for them, if not for yourself. There's been too much loss and too much suffering. If you can donate plasma or blood, do so. Be responsible and do the right thing.

I'm thankful to the doctors and nurses who are the lifeline between the ill and their family. Who shed tears for those they don't even know and carry the heartbreak of all the families they meet. Every. Single. Day. Of those dying alone and those left behind. Although we did not get to hold him, hug him, and whisper in his ear, I'm thankful for the technology that allowed us to tell him how much we loved him, while I prayed he could hear us. He will forever be in our hearts and we will continue to live for him.

Lori Blevins

January 28, 2021

My dad was my hero. To me he was daddy; to him I was Lodie.

He was an incredible father to his 3 daughters. He was there for us through every stage of our lives - even the ones when we made really bad decisions. Always loving us, always wanting the best for us, always ready to catch us if we fell.

He was married to my bonus mom for 35 1/2 years and the love in his eyes when he looked at her made me catch my breath.

His family was his greatest joy. He took us on adventures, taught us to enjoy traveling, and gifted us with unforgettable memories. He made sure we knew how often to change the oil in our cars, to not let the air pressure get too low in our tires, and to close the front door if the air conditioner was on.

The love and joy and happiness he found with his grandkids was something to behold. He spent endless hours playing with them, letting them hold his fingers as they learned to walk, carrying them on his shoulders, listening to their stories, attending all their various sporting events, talking to them about bugs and airplanes and cars and fish and history and anything else they could think of. It made him very happy to fill his pantry with all of the treats us parents wouldn't. Watching him be a grandfather was a gift.

He was supposed to be here to see them grow up, graduate, find careers and families of their own. There were still adventures to be had, vacations to take, birthdays and holidays to celebrate, and so many more family get-togethers.

We were hoping for many more years of memories, but it never would have been enough. As do most people, we thought we had more time. Losing him has left an emptiness in my life, my soul, that will never be filled. He will live on in our memories, the stories we will continue to tell our children and the love that he filled us with.

He was the strongest man I've ever known and I will miss him every day of my life💔💔