Thaddeus Paul Formal

April 24, 1992October 7, 2019
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Thaddeus Paul Formal was a loving son, brother, uncle, biochemist, Cal Poly Graduate, fisherman, tennis player, and Maritime Cadet. He is will be greatly missed by his friends and family. Thad has touched so many of our lives in different ways. Please submit a memory below. These will be compiled in a book for our family.

In lieu of flowers, we plan to set up a scholarship or donation in honor of Thaddeus. Details to come. Love the Formals.


  • Rosamond Formal, Grandmother
  • Dr. David Formal, Father
  • Carol Formal, Mother
  • Bethany Formal Schacherer, Sister
  • Katelyn Formal, Sister
  • Brian Schacherer, Brother-in-law
  • Dr. Aaron Yengo-Kahn, soon to be Brother-in-Law
  • Madeline Schacherer, Niece
  • Penelope Schacherer, Niece


  • Visitation Thursday, October 17, 2019
  • Funeral Mass Friday, October 18, 2019
  • Reception To Follow Friday, October 18, 2019


Thaddeus Paul Formal

have a memory or condolence to add?

Keith Webster

October 18, 2019

Thadeus was a highly intelligent thinker. You could tell when he spoke, it was well processed and never said loosely. I enjoyed our conversations of philosophy. He admired fredrick Nietzsche, specifically. Fredrick Nietzsche has a quote that Thad and I both enjoyed. Nietzsche states "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how". I think that this quote means that if you have purpose in life than you can endure the difficulties of life. You raised a great son and I'm ever grateful to had the opportunity to spend time with Thadeus.

Brennan Doherty

October 18, 2019

Thad rescued some scuba divers out in Catalina! Hero! We were fishing near bird rock and we saw some divers achor up and drop in to scuba. As they were under the water, their boat drifted off the anchor point and drifted out to sea. We watched it all happen. Finally one of the divers came to the surface and Thad drove the dinghy to him and we scooped him up. He was so willing to help those guys, i was scared and way more reluctant to help. Thad drove the dighy out into open water and waves were crashing over the bow filling up the boat. I was white knuckling the whole time and bailing the water out of the boat with my hands. Pretty much begging to go back. We returned the diver and his buddies to their dive boat. The diver told us he would have been forced to swim for his boat which was already 500 feet away from him. He wouldnt have made it alone Im sure. Thad was a boss that day

Taiyo Inoue

October 18, 2019

One time, I was talking about damped harmonic oscillators. I felt a moment, and I had to pause. I looked around the room and saw 25 students staring at me. And in that altered moment, I think I said something like, "Don't you feel it? The wind I mean... that wind that carries us all along." And the only person who understood me was Thaddeus. Later on, he and I talked about the deterministic unitary flow of wavefunctions. It meant a lot to me.

JoAnna White

October 18, 2019

Growing up, our neighborhood looked like something you would only see in movies. We were lucky enough to grow up on a small street with so many kids around the same age. There was always someone to play with and you could always find all the neighborhood kids at one house by the amount of toys and bikes in the yard. I grew up living next door to the Formals. Throughout my childhood, I was either at the Formal’s house or the Formal kids were at my house. Everything we did, Thaddeus would always be tagging along. Although he was the youngest of our group, he was definitely the most curious and grown up. You could tell he really loved and admired his sisters, as he would always want to be with them in whatever we did or wherever we were going. Although the Formals left the neighborhood, we still saw them from time to time and Thaddeus was always welcoming and inviting. The last time I spoke to him was last Thanksgiving. Although he was older, taller, and actually grown up, I still saw that curiosity and wisdom I had seen in him as a child. I have been blessed to know him and will remember him forever.

Basil Baddour

October 18, 2019

I remember when Thaddeus and I reacquainted after college. We bumped into each other at In-n-Out after midnight and Thaddeus quickly became one of my favorite people to talk to. He was a stellar friend. He was brilliant, intelligent, curious, creative, kind, funny, diligent, and understanding. Only good memories with Thaddeus - so much laughter, so many great conversations. My most recent and vivid memories speak to his character. One day we decided to hike in an area I thought I knew well. Yet Thaddeus led me down a new path I did not know existed. It turned out to be one of the toughest yet most scenic hikes. We didn’t prepare with much water and since we were hiking mid-afternoon late this last summer, we both felt and took in the heat. We spent our time lazing around, appreciating nature, and praising the occasional breeze that quenched us from the summer. Each time we stopped, we got lost in half-hour long conversations. I still remember the amazing feeling we had when we finished our hike and slurped water out of a broken water fountain. We laughed about it.
One other day this summer, we were talking about food and Thaddeus insisted on making me fried chicken. He was proud of his technique and he loved to share - so we planned a day out of it. That day - we cooked, listened to music, and asked random questions to the smart home computer. Taunting the cold machine voice the entire entire time, we laughed a lot. The chicken was excellent. My memories with Thaddeus are full of joy. So much smiling was done with you Thaddeus, so many good conversations. I miss you, I will remember you forever. The time we spent together surely left a positive and permanent impact on me. You were an amazing person.

Leanne Johnson

October 18, 2019

Thad was a kind, gentle and loving soul. Very intelligent, he had a quick wit and a zest for adventure. My favorite memory of him was from the last 4th of July. Jan and I sat next to him at the table for dinner. We started plying him with questions about what being in the Merchant Marine was like for him. I'll never forget how his face lit up as he entertained us with stories of the places he had traveled, the things he had seen, the people he had met and the new things that he was learning. I got excited for him and even a little bit jealous while listening! I know that he will be sorely missed by his loving family but I hope that somehow he is out there still having his crazy-fun adventures.

Michael Kazek

October 17, 2019

I was Thad's academic program advisor, faculty advisor for his senior ME capstone project and Naval Architecture instructor. I would have had Thad in another class next semester prior to his graduation.

When Thad first came to Cal Maritime, he was a Marine Engineering Technology student...and after talking with him during freshmen orientation, it was clear that his path in life was as a mechanical engineering student, so we changed him right then and there. In further talking with him, I was impressed that he was a Cal Poly grad and was furthering his education at Cal Maritime. Thad knew exactly what his plan was. Normally a student of his stature would try to get through our curriculum as quickly as possible which would be 3 years and a cruise...but not Thad. Thad was adamant that he spend 4 years here to get the most out of the school he could. He didn't want to be treated any differently than any other incoming freshmen.

Because he was a mechanical engineer, I never had him as a student until this year, his senior year. I knew he was an excellent student from advising him throughout his years, but I wasn't given the privilege to work with him academically until now. Wow! Thad is the kind of student we all dream about teaching. He's smart and works hard toward grasping the concepts. Acing a quiz or exam was just not enough. He was inquisitive and curious about the world around him and he was on a path to becoming a great engineer. While I never sailed on Golden Bear with Thad, I would trust my life to him and sail as his shipmate any day.

Thad, God Bless you, your family and friends and I wish you a calm wind and a following sea until we meet again...

Ali Moradmand

October 17, 2019

Thad was possibly the best student I ever had. He was incredibly curious, sharp, and insightful. He seemed to have a solid grasp of whatever I was teaching him, but wasn't satisfied with that. He wanted to understand the material in the same way that I did: with depth and intuition that was well beyond the desire to get an A. Academically, he was the sort of student I wished I had been.

More importantly, I could tell he was of incredible character. He was not only smart, but wise and mature. He had the admiration and respect of his fellow students, and also of me. I wish I had expressed that to him, but I believe I will always be a better teacher because of him, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Thomas Ryan

October 17, 2019

Thaddius was a good friend of mine here at CMA. We went on cruise together and that's where we first became friends hanging out after work on the ship. My best memory have with him is when he and a few of our other friends went to have a birthday dinner for me and Thaddius drove us all to the resteraunt. Along the way, we were rowdy and just having a great time together. I was really lucky to have a good friend like him.

Matthew Fairbanks

October 17, 2019

I taught Mr. Formal in a physics lab and an electronics lab. He was an excellent student - a truly rare combination of hard-working, talented, and curious. His questions, which were numerous, always indicated to me that he had thought a great deal about the subject of his question before asking. He also was a pleasant and kind person, a pleasure to interact with whether you were his professor or his lab partner. I think he could have excelled doing anything, and I am very happy to have known him. My condolences on your loss. He will be profoundly missed here at Cal Maritime.