Daniel P Stratton

August 26, 1932May 11, 2019

Daniel P Stratton

Daniel passed away peacefully from the terrible disease alhizimers/dementia for 9 years.

He leaves his wife Georgina of 67 years, also 4 children, Linda, Cole, Steve and Julie, 9 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, 2 great, great grandchildren.

He was raised in Michigan arriving in California in 1960. He retired after 33 years as a printer for the Daily Review in Hayward. He served in the U S Army for 2 years during the Korean conflict, 1952-1954, 15 months in Korea. He enjoyed reading books, restored antique trunks and going to the casino.

In lieu of flowers please make contributions to Alzheimer’s Assocation.


  • Memorial Service Monday, May 20, 2019
  • Committal Service Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Daniel P Stratton

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Cole Stratton

May 16, 2019

I will miss my father dearly. We were blessed as a family to have him with us for 86 years. It’s a time to celebrate a good, long life on this earth and remember with fondness his life.

Our family of 6 have many cherished memories of our youth and we created many more memories as adults and our extended families.

My dad was a quiet, private man who loved his family and we spent years enjoying each other’s company as individuals and at family gatherings.

I miss you Dad and will continue to miss you for the remainder of my life, til we meet again.

Life is but a breath of time on earth and thank you for being the man of integrity that you were and loving mom with all your heart. You were really a gentle soul and that was really apparent in your last couple of years as you always spoke kinds words. You lived your dash well.

With love always your son Cole

Georgina Stratton

May 15, 2019

Oh my where oh where do I begin, I have known this wonderful, loving man almost my ENTIRE LIFE, I met him in Royal Oak, Michigan, at the age of 14 he was 15, he always tells the story, "I saw her walking down the street in front of me, I told my friend 'One day I am going to marry that girl.'" so it's been 71 wonderful, loving years of knowing him.. We were just "kids" we had to grow up fast, after we married in 1952, we had some serious issues during our first year of marriage, he was drafted in the Army and off he went.
One of many wonderful memories I have, we both smoked, he a bit heavier than I, we always had coffee after eating dinner, we were sitting in a swing in our back yard in 1977, I lit a cigarette, I noticed he didn't, I was surprised, I asked him "why aren't you smoking?" He said "I quit today, (I was shocked to say the least), I looked at my watch it was 9:30 I noticed I hadn't had a cigarette, so I took the pack out of my pocket and tossed it." Well, I said "If you can do it, so can I," I put the cigarette I was smoking on the ground, put it out. Neither of us ever had a cigarette again, we quit COLD TURKEY, it was one of the many things WE DID TOGETHER...smartest thing we ever did, mind you he smoked for almost 30 years, that is how strong he was to commitment, what a guy, I miss him with ALL MY HEART, something I will not ever get over, he took my heart with him...until we meet again "HONEY" you take care, and don't you give the Angels any trouble.
Much Love to YOU always....xoxoxo

Sallie Price

May 15, 2019

When I went back to work Dan was my first friend at the Daily Review Newspaper. He helped me so much learning the ropes again. He was a pro and always there to help me. We became good friends and later I met Georgi and she was also a special friend. When they moved we kept in touch with our lunches meeting half way. He was a special man and he will always be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless him. Sallie

Raymond Abrams

May 15, 2019

I always enjoyed hearing of the stories this awesome man has had and shared, he always made me smile and laugh, 1 day I will share another malt with you. I love and miss you, Rest Easy!!

Richard Price

May 15, 2019

Miss you, my dear friend. Richard

Diane Stratton

May 15, 2019

I have known Dan (Dad) for less than 3 years - after he was already exhibiting signs of his dementia. He always had a welcoming smile and a kind word for me. I have 2 favorite memories of him -
1) I was left alone with him at his home (prior to moving to Somerford) for about half an hour not long after we met. He spent that time regaling me with stories of his youth, making me laugh . He was so happy to have someone hear his stories and engaging with him one-on-one.
2) I later went to visit him at Somerford without Cole . He knew who I was by name and we have a nice visit sitting outside in the gardens. Then when I helped him to the dining room for his lunch, he proudly introduced me to everyone there as his daughter-in-law! I’m grateful to have known this man who dearly loved his family - even the newest additions!

Tiffaney Pritchard

May 15, 2019

Grandpa, I always loved hearing all your stories growing up. From the war to the travels back from Michigan. Always telling me you guys came here with little to nothing and I could make it doing anything I wanted in life. You are the reason I wanted to work in newspaper when I was younger. Our many, many Big Basin trips. You were a man of few words but we always knew you loved your family. I'm glad you're no longer suffering.. love you!

Steve Stratton

May 14, 2019

My dad was a good honest, hard working man! Everyone loved to talk with him and hear his stories!! For me, years ago, I remember all the times we went fishing with him and mom at the ocean, and Lake Del Valle. One of the funniest times and a story told over and over again through the years. We were fishing an Lake Del Valle, we had the canoe with us. We started fishing off the shore, then dad and I decided to paddle off in the canoe and do some fishing in the middle of the lake, leaving mom on the shore. Well, a large boat went by creating a large wake, and we flipped over in the canoe losing all our fishing gear. We managed to flip the canoe back over and paddled back to where mom was. Mom looking at us says "they look wet", and we were. It was one of the funniest times/memories we had in our life. Thanks dad for making such a good memory for us!! Also, dad and I spent many days/hours working on wood projects in the garage. Helped my dad with home improvement projects and home repairs. He taught me so much!! Dad, I already miss you. But you are now in a better place. Rest in Peace!! Until we meet again...Love you!

Chris Pritchard

May 14, 2019

Growing up he would always talk to me about the service and joining. He said I looked like a soldier and should think about it. I joined at 18 and he was happy and proud of me. Hope I made him prouder by retiring from the army. He lived a long fruitful life. Time to reflect on it and share memories, not be sad

Linda Husbands

May 14, 2019

My Dad, was a great man. Very kind. I remember as a child my dad working in the backyard, planting flowers and taking care of them. He loved to garden. As a family I remember taking walks all the time with Mom, Dad, Cole, Steve and Julie. Going to the Daily Review on field trips. Seeing how the paper was put together "in the old days". Also, our annual trips to Big Basin, always to the same spot. I will miss him greatly. You are at peace now. Love you.