Michael David Stoner

May 13, 1970April 2, 2021

Michael David Stoner, age 50, of Sacramento, California passed away on Friday, April 2, 2021. Michael was born May 13, 1970.

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Michael David Stoner

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Patrick Dahn

April 19, 2021

Mike was a friend from high school. We did not stay in touch after only through Facebook. He always was a carefree light hearted dude. I loved watching part of his life from afar. I always thought we would meet up again to play golf. I guess that will have to wait. Clearly, he made a great impact on this world.

Patrick Dahn

Maggie Ingraham

April 17, 2021

Mike was a great friend. I enjoyed going to shows with him and to his shows. He was a big part of our trivia team. I still struggle to think he’s gone. I love mike and will miss him so much.

Josh Linder

April 14, 2021

I was one of the Intel intern knuckleheads whom Mike took under his wing, as our elder statesman. He got me off of my butt and onto my bike, and - as dumb luck would have it - fixed my flat as I hobbled across the busy Folsom streets.
That's Mike - always helping others, not concerned about getting run over.
Trips to "The City" (out-of-towners called it SF, sorry), including early visits to the Holy Cow. We played a Jägermeister-sponsored virtual reality game (1996 - take THAT Oculus!), and it was probably Mike who hit the headset to scare the crap out of me.
Always a friendly face to meet up with when I visited, but those trips to California slowed down the past few years.
Others will remember our July 4 trip to San Diego, Disneyland, and LA.
We lived in the same apartment complex, but, again, as the elder statesman, was the first to get a house. A full, zero-lot line home. He was absolutely the best (although the Bonneville was kind of embarrassing... until my father got two back-to-back, but that's another story).
We kept in touch for a long time, but as many others probably share, lost touch in recent years. For that, I'm sad.
Intel was a bond for many of us here.
I wish I still had the great and crazy photos (not really) of our time together. And for that, I'm really sad.

Alycia Ross

April 13, 2021

Picture it: Columbus, OH, somewhere around 1997. I took a road trip with my then boyfriend, now husband, from NJ to OH to attend an Ohio State Football game but mostly to meet some of Greg's friends from college. I didn't attend the game, I was along for the ride. But we met up with some friends and after saying hello and meeting everyone, I asked "so are you guys part of the group that chaperoned this idiot (pointing to Greg) to a prom with a girl he met at Mustard's?" Stoner, who I had just met, started laughing hysterically. I learned that if Stoner was laughing, it was probably funny. And he had a great laugh.

During that weekend I learned that not only was he smart, he was valedictorian had a master's in engineering and was working at Intel in California. I would eventually develop my own friendship with Stoner, based mostly on texts and messages since we lived across the country. The trips to Ohio would continue over the years, with Greg and Stoner going to OSU-Michigan games by themselves but there was plenty of time for drinking and hanging out Stoner. He would always stay sober enough to have a decent conversation with anyone.

We bonded on our love of cats (who can forget adorable Trudy Kins) and when I came to California for work I would visit him in Sacramento and try to convince him to adopt a local stray. We also didn't agree on music, but we did agree that the book "The Dirt" by Motley Crue was one of the best pieces of literature ever written. He had such a great memory he could pull scenes or quotes from the book immediately. I'm sure that skill wasn't limited to shenanigans and drunk stories, but I saw it there.

If you were a friend of Stoner's you were a friend for life. I will always remember that laugh and his ability, despite how smart he was, to talk about absolutely anything.

Ken LeTourneau

April 12, 2021

Reading other people's comments here makes me wish I knew Mike's friends better. We'd have some good stories to share.

I met Mike in the late '90s at Intel. In those days, it wasn't unusual to find us (Mike, myself and others) headed home from the City after a night at the The Holy Cow, Polly Esthers, 1015 Folsom, or a random sports bar where an (The?) Ohio State game was on. During the ride home, after the excitement wore off over who got digits, the rest of us would be in a state of sobering up/drifting off before dawn while Mike dutifully piloted us back to safety in his trusty Bonneville. Can't say I ever understood Mike's taste in cars. One of my earlier, fonder memories is of Mike attempting to move my car from the curb to the driveway. He started it, put it in gear, and promptly stalled. Gave me a thumbs up, cracked a big smile, and proceeded to finish the maneuver.

Mike once said- "I'm 29 years old- I've been around a while." I don't recall exactly what point he was trying to make at the time (but I'm sure he would). Ages ago, but I still remember little nuggets like that vividly. Mike's unique brand of humor would sneak up on you.

Many have commented on his adroitness at trivia. I am no slouch at trivia but admit that the few times I went home with a beer glass or gift card, that Mike was on the team. Be it sports, music, or geography of all things, Mike was our ace in the hole.

Another trait I found admirable about Mike was his generosity. He was quick to volunteer his time to help someone out. Not too long ago I found myself stranded at SMF when my red eye out of town was canceled. Ever the hospitable host, he didn't hesitate to put me and a fellow traveler, a complete stranger to him, up for the night. Regrettably, that was one of the last times I saw him in person.

Now, every time I see a Coors Light commercial, or that OSU is on TV, I will think of and remember you Mike. I wish you were still here to help Maddie with her guitar ambitions.

Eric Moore

April 11, 2021

I was privileged to be good friends with Michael Stoner, and have been contemplating why all weekend.
We had tentative plans to meet up either in Eastern Europe or Mongolia this last year (cancelled due to Covid), and I will have fond thoughts of traveling and hanging out with with Mike (Las Vegas, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and even good time in Oregon and Sacramento) when I eventually do make it back to Eastern Europe or Mongolia.

Here are some pics in Vienna a few years ago (Mike with my family after playing an escape room game), and Mike and I enjoying a View of Budapest.

Sunil Kulkarni

April 10, 2021

Mike worked in my team at Intel for many years. He was one of the smartest engineers on my team and Intel was fortunate to have had an employee like Mike. He was always smiling and was very dedicated. He was very proud of his Mom - who passed away just a month ago!!. Over the years at Intel we became more friends than just coworkers. He will be missed - a shinning star - I will always remember you Mike - I will miss you.

Michael LaPlante

April 10, 2021

Mike and I spent a great deal of time together over the past 5 + years: rehearsing, recording, performing and generally just enjoying each other's company in our band, Mikey LP & The Krooks. In recent years Mike had very much become part of my family having attended my wedding and baby shower and generally just being a loyal friend. His loss is felt incredibly deeply in our band and in our individual families... people like him are rare and precious. As a professional musician of over 20 years, I've never met or worked with a more professional guitarist. His talent, skill, precision and professional decorum were truly unmatched. Most of my favorite memories involved us playing gigs, recording and talking about our favorite guitarists. He was particularly proud to perform with us at Concert in the Park in 2017. We loved him so much, will miss him profoundly.

Aaron Gutleben

April 9, 2021

I met Mike years 7 years ago at the jam session pictured here.

Like so many others, Mike and I bonded over our love of guitars and making music. I will miss the moments we ran into each other at a show or met up for an open mic night and spent the evening talking about music and sharing tales of shows that went well, and those that didn't.

You are missed Mike!

Kimberly Pierson

April 9, 2021

If you only knew how much you mattered to me and Jake.

You stood on my groomemen’s side at my wedding and you seemed so proud and happy to have the job.

I remember meeting you when my arm was in a sling and I was playing flip cup. You were dating Irene and I was a loud, rambunctious, 20 something and I thought you hated me.

We bonded in Tahoe, at the cabin when you let me take the chair and we talked music.

When I worked at Howard, you’d call in and were always asking my opinion on music and I never knew why you admired me because I admired you.

Your hugs were the best-I’d force them on you-your smile too.

I remember you telling me you were looking for a girl with a PhD, on our way to Frog Lake and I laughed so hard I peed and told you that was a little bananas and again asked why you liked to hang out with me since I barely got my BA.

You came and held Jake when he was a baby and I said it was Jake’s first time being held by a rock star.

You teased me and I teased you and never understood your love for the A’s, but shared your love for the Buckeyes, despite saying “the,” in front of your college.

You spent several Thanksgivings at my parents house-you’re a saint for surviving.

Sorry I never sealed the deal with you and Natasha-I tried-her loss.

I called you about the divorce and you were very comforting and understanding.

When I broke my ankle, you came up with the rest of the crew to clean my yard.

You and Blaise teased me when we had beers at Out of Bounds and I loved/hated it.

I wish I would have told you how much you mattered and the huge gaping hole I have now.

I meant it when I told you your parents were proud of you.

I can’t even process any of this or have the words to speak-especially at a PhD level.

All I can say is I love you and you’re missed so much!