Sandra Maria Baker

August 31, 1953September 10, 2018

Sandra Maria Baker was born on August 31, 1953 in Hollywood, California and passed away on September 10, 2018 in Sacramento, California


  • Funeral Service Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sandra Maria Baker

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Fred Eichhorn

September 14, 2018

When we were kids playing with your big white dog. I think Tawny was its name.

Diana Lamson

September 14, 2018

My dearest Sandy I’m so heartbroken , we met at SBC and you were the greatest boss . We had so many good laughs together and worked on BOBA fundraisers. I remember when Jeff was star struck over Bob Oliver and Bob gave him an autographed picture ( baseball) of himself... Disneyland was always the fav topic and to this day I still have the coffee mug you bought me ... Love you forever.... Say hello to Jeff.. Mucho cariño y besos al cielo ❤️🙏

Melodee Roman

September 13, 2018

Oh, my, where do I start? I have felt a part of the Velasquez Family for most of my life, over 50 years now! One of the first members of that family that I met was Sonny, about age 14 I believe. I have so many wonderful memories from over the years. Parties at Mike and Annie's (always a good time), weddings (I was one of her bridesmaids), and sadly funerals too. Lots of delicious meals and great fun sharing in the cooking of them! I loved her laugh, so sweet and a little devious too. One of the most special things she did though was that when she would introduce me to someone, she introduced me as her cousin. Every time she did this, it made me feel so warm inside, so loved. I loved Jeff too, very much, and I miss them both. But, if they can't be here with me, I'm glad they are together. Love you Cousin.

Marie Strawn

September 13, 2018

I’ve been struggling for a few days about what or if to say anything. What’s appropriate for a person who shaped your life, who you looked up to as a big sister and even more like a mother at times? No words. Other than my beautiful children, my claim to fame is that I was the flower girl in her epic, love of a lifetime, true love story wedding. I take comfort in knowing her and Jeff are together again. Our whole big Mexican family is hurting and missing Sandy Baker, our lives will never be whole again, but they were more beautiful than they ever could have been without her.

Lori Dean-Gillespie

September 13, 2018

I first met Sandy & her daughter Jennifer just over 2 years ago, when I was asked to come by the house & give Sandy some companionship. I was warned that Sandy wasn't too comfortable with new people in her home. After a few minutes of our meeting, I had Sandy in her living room, & we were chatting away & sharing stories of our children. She talked about Disneyland (I still haven't been), & she insisted I add it to my bucket list. She & I formed an instant friendship & bond that would last. When her daughter came home that first day, she was surprised & happy that Sandy & I had hit it off so well, so quickly. I became a regular visitor & often shared secrets & laughter with Sandy. She was a beautiful soul who will be missed. When I do take my trip to Disneyland, I'll be riding the rides & thinking of her. Miss you, sweet Sandy.

brenda castro

September 13, 2018

Sonny was my first cousin, but to me she was my older sister I never had. I learned a lot from her and I thank her for where I am now. She looked ahead and never gave up. You won the golden crown this time but I will meet up to you and we will talk about our goals that we accomplished. You will the brightest star up in heaven.

julian Lopez

September 13, 2018

In this Mexican family, there’s many ways to call someone who is “related” to you. When asked about sonny (or Sandra or Sandy), I️ would tell people she’s my aunt...even though, she was my dad’s first cousin, which, I️ think, makes her my 2nd cousin. Sonny was always one of the closest relatives I had. To our family, she was the big sister my dad never had: highly influential, full of wisdom, and loved to spoil her “niece and nephews” (aka my brothers and sister). I️ loved going to Sacramento, just to go to Sacramento and Sonny always played a huge part of my “mini-vacations” She always made time for us and would show us around old town or take us to thrift stores and goodwills or show us the autographs or just play catch-up. In turn, when she came down, we would show her a fun SoCal experience (Disneyland, Dodger Games, Hollywood, etc.) Just being around sonny was an experience. She could make you laugh with her cheeky remarks or that “Really? I️ don’t believe you” look she would always wear. Being one of sonny’s unofficial nephews taught me the importance of an extended family and taught me that wisdom and culture comes with age (Marx brothers, beatlemania, Europe, Walt Disney, Obama, etc.). I’ll never forget for Christmas one year, she gave 91,000 Korean Won and that forced me to go over seas and teach English in Korea.
That’s right: a Mexican cousin who celebrates Hanukkah gave me Korean money as a gift for a primarily Christian holiday
But that was sonny and like everything about her, it was unforgettable.
Every time I️’ll hear the King, I️’ll keep you in mind.
Peace and love,

Jeri Murphy

September 13, 2018

Jennifer and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed your mother's sweet smile and her kindness. My prayers are with you.

Diane Black

September 13, 2018

I met Sandy while working for SBC, she was my boss. She was my fun boss! I truly respected her because, while she was fun, she was also a great business role model. We shared a common love of all things Disney and could talk Disney in almost every conversation! RIP Sandy.

Tracie Ortiz

September 12, 2018

Sandy my little love my "Snickers", my bankruptcy partner in crime. What many probably don't know is that Sandy was a down low prankster. We used to do so many pranks but our main one involved Snickers. She would always act innocent, she was good at it too. We glued Snickers all over desks. Once myself & a peer glued on fake keyboard keys so when Sandy pressed her keyboard it wouldn't work to log in. She would laugh so hard & everytime we were in a serious meeting she would whisper "Snickers" just so us in on the joking would start laughing as she would pretend to cough & sometimes excuse herself just to laugh.