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April 17, 1929February 11, 2020
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ALFRED LICON was born on April 17, 1929 and passed away on February 11, 2020.


  • Visitation Friday, February 21, 2020
  • Funeral Service Friday, February 21, 2020
  • Committal Service Friday, February 21, 2020



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Jim Ayala

February 22, 2020

To our Dear Licon Family ...

Our families have such a long history of fond and happy memories together ... we love you all and share in your sadness ..
Both Marina and I have always had a special place in our hearts for your Mom and Dad and long for the day to come when we will be able to see them and all of our loved ones again in Paradise ...
Jim & Marina Ayala

Jillian Gonzalez (Licon)

February 21, 2020

“Grandpa is gone” are the words I knew I’d have to hear, but dreaded that day. To be honest, before we lost grandma, I didn’t think about that. I just kinda thought they’d always be here, sitting at Jimmy’s/Ozzie’s ready for us to drop in. I know the treasures we had and how blessed we are to call them our grandparents. As the dementia progressed and grandpa’s longing for his precious never went away, I realized that asking him to hang on was a little selfish. He no longer has to suffer, and isn’t that what he deserves? My fondest memories are of us doing nothing much at all, just watching tv on the nights or summer days my parents were working, or car rides with the 3 of us in the backseat, grandpa driving us to lunch, pulling over for grandma to get the newspaper from the newsstand. I watched how he treated her and knew that I would be very lucky to grow old with someone who treated me that way. He set the example for his large family. He regulated his large family. Ever wonder why restaurants welcomed SO MANY kids?! Because grandpa would give us (and later our kids) the “look” if we started to get loud. He loved his large family. I will forever cherish the early Sunday morning donut trip. My sisters and I had spent the night at their apartment and he surprised us by waking us up. We asked if we should get dressed and he said that there was no need, just put shoes on with your pj’s. We thought this was hilarious and exciting! On the drive to Yum Yum’s, he said, “Now don’t you go and tell anyone I did this, it’ll ruin my tough-guy reputation!” Then we sat and had donuts and chocolate milk, getting back to grandma being shocked we had gone. They balanced each perfectly.

Brooklyn loved her lunches with “Papa Pete” because they both ate just as messily as the other. I’m so happy she got to know him. Family, I wish we could be there to celebrate his life with you today, but the Licon bond knows no distance or boundaries. Love you all.

Vivian Evora

February 21, 2020

In loving memory of my Uncle Pete, all I can remember is that you had a big family with a lot of children. I know that you found religion that kept you on the straight and narrow and turned your life around. You were blessed with children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. What a blessing!! May your legacy live on!
Love, Vivian Evora
With my children, Daniel Evora-Hahn
Devon Only A Chief
Autumn Only A Chief

Marvis Tresvan

February 20, 2020

One can only say Family we love you,pray for you, with you may you follow in his footprints in serving our Heavenly Father & see him again laughing,Joking. Remember the good times even when he gave the “one eye look”That it was always with love from his, a fathers heart. Just like I remember him calling me Marvelous Marvis I keep trying to live up to his expectations even though it was with laughter but also great meaning I can’t wait to see “Pete Sr & your mom along with everyone we lost . Love you all & pray stand firm. SMILE when y’all think of him & your Mom & Sis. Love surrounds you all MJT💜

Paul Martinez

February 20, 2020

I have so many fond memories of Pete I know I should be short. Two come to ming often I remember he would take us out to sambos after service and buy us lunch. One time I needed glasses and he payed for them. Even though he had a large family himself to support. I would love to go to the bookstudy at the Licon home my favorite meeting ever. He was generous kind I loved the way he taught. I still would visit him and Linda after everyone moved out he would allow me to help him but I would have to give him a price he would not let me do it for free. In the new system I hope their my neighbors. Then when my mom made some tortillas for them I would jump on my bike and race over to deliver them. I look forward to seeing them both in the new system. I could go on and on with stories of his generosity and kindness towards me I credit him with me being in the truth and making me by his fine example a half way decent person. Thank you Pete I hope to see you again real soon

Jennifer Redondo

February 20, 2020

My dearest Grandpa,

Over the past few days, so many have shared their memories or special moments they’ve had with you. Not that I needed more evidence to know what a wonderful, kind, generous man you were, but still so touching to hear all the things you did for others behind the scenes, without fanfare.

To me you were this larger than life, handsome, funny, strong, hardworking, dedicated man I was privileged to call grandpa. You were firm but never harsh, mostly quiet but spoke up when needed, and oh so humble.

Foremost you were a spiritual man who was a pillar in our hall. Even in advancing age you were there. Limping, cane in hand, regularly walking into the hall with your little beige canvas bag. What a blessing it was to have you as an example! I miss having you and grandma at the hall, at assemblies and our meals after. Even when we had to start driving you to assemblies because it was too far of a drive for you (and you joked I may have inherited the Licon Lead Foot) I would say don’t worry I’m being extra careful because I have precious cargo. Those are memories I will always cherish.

My earliest memories are going to your house almost daily and knowing we were always welcomed. I loved how you would tease me when I would hug and kiss you. “Noooooo. Doooon’t” But would then grab me and give the tightest bear hug possible. I knew how loved I was by you.

Thank you for being the best grandfather a girl could ask for. For being the best father to my mom and aunts and uncles. For being like a father to my dad and other in-laws who were never treated like “in-laws”. For being a great elder for the congregation. For being the best husband to precious grandma.

This may be goodbye for a little while, but I look forward to seeing you soon and getting the biggest bear hug ever! 💜

Edward Licon

February 20, 2020

Edward Licon 💔

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes trying to get through this.
I first want to say Thank you for never giving up on me. As a teenager I made many mistakes and from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for the heartache and disappointment I know I caused you. You saw the good in me, even when I couldn’t. Thank you for that.

I give the credit to you and mom for the way my life turned out. I now have a beautiful family, wife, children, grandchildren and son-in-law’s whom I consider my own. We are all doing our best to serve Jehovah because of the foundation you laid.

Dad, I would give anything to be able to pick you and mom up for the meetings again and enjoy our dessert after. All the good times, laughs and serious talks during those nights will remain close to my heart.

I will love you forever and will miss you every day until we meet again in paradise.❤️

Erika Sanchez (Licon)

February 20, 2020

Grandpa, we will miss you greatly. Thank you for being such a loving father and grandfather. I have an amazing father because he had an amazing father. He learned how to be a loving husband and father from the example you set. You taught him how to be hard working and to put the spiritual needs of his family first. Your example has benefited generations!
I remember working out in the ministry with you over the years and being in awe of your loyalty and endurance. Despite being tired and up in years, you always put Jehovah first. One day, as we were climbing up stairs to get to an R.V., you said (as you often did) "Phew, it ain't easy getting old". In that moment, I realized how much the ministry and truth meant to you. Your conviction was palpable and impressed upon me the importance of making the truth my own at an early age.
Kylie and I will never forget those wonderful years when you and grandma babysat her after school. I would walk her across the street and she would run up the stairs and into your arms. With a smile and a chuckle, you would say, "How's it going kiddo? You want an icecream?" And the two of you would sit on the porch enjoying a drumstick.
I will treasure these fond memories forever. We eagerly await the time when we will welcome you back and run into your arms for a bear hug once again. This is not 'goodbye' but 'See you soon'. We love you grandpa.

Joey (The last of the 4 babies) Licon

February 19, 2020

While I have many fond memories of “Play Time” with Dad, going to the beach, playing ‘3 Flies Up’ with him and Edward in front of the house on Bernal, my best memories are of all the times I spent ‘Working’ with him doing yard work, painting, helping move countless friends on a regular basis. He instilled in me a good work ethic by example. He never said “Do as I say, not as I do”. This was never more evident than our spiritual upbringing. We expected to go to every meeting and be out in service on a regular basis because that’s what our parents did. A great man has passed, but we will see him again. That hope is as real as the beautiful life he lived. Until then, I will miss him on a daily basis. I love you Dad.

Nicole Licon

February 19, 2020

Grandpa - thank you for being the loving person that you were. You truly were a humble man and set the example of love, marriage, and friendship by your every day life. You gave me my wonderful father, loving aunts and uncles, and a myriad of cousins. I loved our Wednesday night dinners and how you would tease your Precious. You endured so much from a young age, but you never compromised your values and ethics. I miss you but take comfort that you are no longer having to deal with dementia. 💜🦆