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Esther Joyce Carlin

December 26, 1926March 20, 2020

Esther Carlin, 93, a long time resident of Pacific Beach, passed away March 20, 2020 at her home of 70 years. Her husband Ray, whom she lost to Parkinson’s Disease in 1998, built their home in 1950, and that is where they raised their 6 children. They were parishioners of St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, and managed to have four kids attend St. Brigid’s Academy before the school closed. She was active in Catholic Daughter's of America and did a lot of volunteer work at the church. She was a Girl Scout leader, a Cub Scout leader, PB Little League team mom, and an aide at Martha Farnum Elementary and PB Jr. High Schools, retiring in 1986. She was the life of the party, and many PB locals dropped by and were always welcomed to her home. She was especially loved, and will be greatly missed by her six children, Pat, Sandi, Mike, Diane, Roger, Steve, as well as her 13 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, her sister Odessa, and all of their families. She will be laid to rest with her husband Ray and their infant daughter Lynn at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. No services are planned at this time. “May God and Angels Watch Over Her"


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Esther Joyce Carlin

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Debbie Gungle

April 5, 2020

My dearest Aunt Esther (Aunt Jo-Jo),
You can always be remembered for your kind heart. What a great role model you were for all of us ! We seldom come across people in our lives that uplift us and steer us in a positive direction. We should all remember and live by your rule....... be accepting and forgiving..... we all know how hard that is, but you were the one that proved to be the expert on that topic. You will not only always be remembered, but you will hold a deep part of our hearts forever.
Love you always,
Your niece, Debbie

Mike Seitz

April 5, 2020

I life there are many people we come across most are normal but there are those that are special. Esther was one of those that was special. Esther was a second Mom to me, always letting me tag along with the Carlin family on all the adventures. Esther had a heart of gold always helping others, truly the definition of earth Angel. Even when my Mother was passing Esther was there helping my family and especially me through the process. Many times I silently wondered who are you? How can someone raise all those kids and still offer love and support to so many others, with ease. God put Esther on this earth, so we can all see the goodness of humanity. Thank you for the lessons, fun, and love you showed us all. So glad I got to see her one last time to say I love you and thank you for enhancing our lives.

Joe Carlin

April 4, 2020

So many memories of Grandma at the house in PB. Summer weeks there were some of the fondest from growing up for sure. But the memories that stand out the most over the years are the ones where she is sitting in her lawn chair behind the dugout at a youth baseball tournament hours away from home. Visor on and engaged with every pitch no matter how long the drive was to get there. Such an awesome feeling of pride to get to play ball with her cheering me on. She continued cheering me on no matter how far away I was. She wrote me letters while I was away at boot camp, complete with clippings of funny stories from the readers digest I knew was always within her arms reach. Introducing her to my wife, then some time later watching her hold our infant son, are some of my proudest moments, because the same outpouring of love and encouragement that I had had my whole life was something they could count on now, too.

Bruce Elam

April 4, 2020

There are many of us nephews back this way that were welcomed into Ray and Esther's house as we were serving in the military services. I myself, spent over 2 years in San Diego and was welcomed as one of their kids. There are only great memories for me as I rode my Honda 100 from the Navy base to their house and spent multiple days off there. Esther was always happy to do anything we needed. You will be missed, Esther and may God welcome you to his House and Grant peace and serenity to your family left behind. Now you are with Ray and your daughter.

Roger Carlin

April 4, 2020

Words will never describe what a special person you were to our family for so many years as you were always there for all of us. I will always remember the special support that you gave all of our families as we growing in numbers. It was always important to go and see you to “visit” as you always asked for updates about us and others. As the years passed, it was always important to stop by and see Mom, or Grandma if Melia and Trevor were there too. I would always get a kiss when I left and we would sometimes take a picture together, knowing that it may possibly be our last time together. You were never afraid of death and I remember that you always taught us that Heaven is a better place (Dad is there too) and that God had a plan and just take it day-by-day. It is very special that we had a lot of time together during your last few months for just a few last loving times. You kept a collection of prayers, articles of positive thoughts, and poems by your bedside that were special to you; we shared and read some together. I selected one of these for you so that we can be reminded where you are now and how you are doing in “Your Place in Heaven”. We loved you Mom and we will never forget you. Thanks for being there for us, you were the Best Mom Ever!
Your son, Roger

Kristen Carlin

April 3, 2020

this is from Kayla “I love you Blue Grandma” You were blue grandma because that was your favorite color and you lived by the ocean. I’ll miss you. We Also wanted to put a picture of you holding Declan too.
~ Love Kristen, Kayla , and Declan

Kristen Carlin

April 3, 2020

I’m so honored I was able to be her first granddaughter and the second out the grandkids she had. I have a lot of favorite memories of her that I would like share and how I remember her. What I will always remember about Grandma was she always was so kind, caring, compassionate and helpful to everyone she met. She never turned anyone away that needed help. I remember when she would help pick me up from school and I was always so happy to see her for she always knew how to brighten my day. I’m lucky I got to live with her when I was a little girl with my dad, was able to be one of the last neighbors in the house next door before she sold it and how she would let me stay with her. We would watch her favorite TV shows, I would make her banana bread a few times and helped make her coffee sometimes in the mornings . One of my favorite memories of Grandma was she got to meet her first Great Granddaughter, Kayla for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday when she came by the hospital to visit me and Kayla in the NICU and she got to hold her for the first time. Grandma had the biggest smile on her face when I placed Kayla on her lap. My last favorite memory of Grandma was having her meet her 8th Great Grandchild (great grandson) Declan. When I would bring Declan over to visit she would always tell me you are doing so good with him and always gave me words of wisdom and encouragement to never give up. Thank you for being the best part in my life and giving me a helping hand when I needed it. I promise to remember everything you taught me in life and always be strong because you were the strongest person I knew. I’ll miss being able to call you when I needed someone to talk to. Grandma, I love you so much and I’ll miss you deeply. May you Rest In Peace, sore with the angels, and watch over us. Till we meet again.

Cory Carlson

April 2, 2020

We were all so fortunate to have Grandma Esther as the matriarch of our family. I remember one time Raymond and I thought we would do her a favor and pick all of the weeds in her garden. Problem was they weren’t weeds, they were her carrots. But Grandma doing what she did best, forgave us. She was one of the most loyal people I have ever met. She was selfless and loving and would do anything to make sure everybody was taken care of. We love you Grandma, thanks for all of the great memories! -Cory, Jess and Mason

Dave Carlin

April 2, 2020

It's been difficult for me to single out and focus on a specific memory of Grandma. There are so many events and gatherings that it kind of blends together and, for me, that's the beauty of who she was. Grandma was a constant. After Grandpa passed away, our family naturally began to orbit around her. From weddings to break-ups and birthdays to bongos, Grandma has always been a focal point, holding court over all 50+ of us knuckleheads, and I suspect it has been the gravity of her presence that has helped us all maintain that orbit, and will continue to do so, as life pulls us each in our own direction. Cheers Grandma.

Sandi Carlson

April 1, 2020

My mom was a great mom! I could not imagine having six kids, knowing all the sacrifices a mom makes for her children (but times 6!) She stayed up late sewing and ironing school uniforms, was up early making school lunches, and always had snacks and crafts waiting for us after school! Our summers were full of neighborhood kids, watermelon, swimming pools, and mud holes in the backyard!
Mom, you were one of the most loving, thoughtful, and kind-hearted people, who always wanted to help everyone else. You made our house a home, and you will be missed more than you could ever imagine! Go fly with the angels! I love you!

Your daughter. Sandi