Ouying Zhang

November 2, 1975December 1, 2018

Ouying Zhang was born on November 2, 1975 and passed away on December 1, 2018 in San Diego, California.


  • Funeral Service Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Ouying Zhang

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Siyang Peng

December 7, 2018

I still can’t believe you are leaving us. Your image and voice are so vivid in my mind. The same time last year, you were giving my son Quartz private training to prep him for try out. You shouted, laughed, ran… and coughed. How much I regret that I did not urge you to see a doctor. It is all too late.
I first know you during last year of high school. The rose bowl game was huge encouragement to everyone during the prep for the college entrance exam. You were legendary and our memory of youth. I never dreamed I would know you in person, and to know that you are beyond soccer legend and you are a GREAT person. Your enthusiasm to soccer and to the kids can beat any one working at Disneyland. The passion is so genuine that it pumps up everyone’s heartbeat. You are so humble, easy going and humorous, you made everyone surrounding you happy. You love kids. Remember Quartz met you first time when he just passed 4, then 10 months later at his first official soccer lesson, and you immediately called out his name. You love life. I looked at your Wechat moments, tearing at your post on food. Will you be able to cook and eat your favorite food up above? Who will share dinner with you now?
As many, you were the first soccer coach for my sons. You’d be very happy to hear that Quartz said he’d rather go to soccer game instead of Legoland. He begged me to go to the game because he “REALLY love playing soccer”. When I was pregnant with Sierra, I thought she might be able to join your team in the future. She turns out to love kicking even before she can walk! I will tell her story about you when she can talk.
We will miss you. We miss you right now. I am very confident that you will recognize us up above when the day comes and shout out Quartz’ name just like you did at his first soccer lesson.
Alright, you are such happy person you won’t like much tearing. Enjoy the other side! You will explore everything first and then be our tour guide, won’t you?
Siyang Qijia Quartz Adrian

Jimena Valdos

December 5, 2018

The time and effort she put into her teams and into the players was amazing. She’s been the best coach I’ve ever had. She gave me the passion to be like her. To be so good and yet so humble. I can’t image where I would be without her. After all the suffering she went through she still cared to ask how the team was doing. She is truly and angel and will never be forgotten. She has done so much for everyone she’s met from putting a smile on peoples faces to changing there lives completely. I love her so much and truly give all my love to her family.

Yuanyuan Zhou

December 4, 2018

Coach O coached my two daughters for almost 10 years. She was a great inspiration to my kids, igniting their passion and grit in soccer and also in life. I was always amazed how Coach O managed to train my two "less-athletic" girls to excel in soccer and even play in high school varsity since 9th grade. It is truly God's blessing to have you in our daughters' life and in our life too! We will forever remember you at every corner kick, every long ball, and every tackle, Coach O!

Michael Crosby

December 3, 2018

Ouying lived an exemplary life. I enjoyed talking with her and even convinced her to try a nice rose wine. She and Edde have reared two lovely, talented children. As a coach she was loved and respected by he young players and their parents. Ouying was a remarkable woman who left many friends and a great legacy.