Richard Alexander Vallejo

September 2, 1935April 29, 2015

Arrangements under the direction of El Camino Memorial - Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA.


  • Visitation

    Monday, May 11, 2015

  • Rosary Service

    Monday, May 11, 2015

  • Funeral Service

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Richard Alexander Vallejo

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Richard Vallejo

July 30, 2015


Not a day goes by when I don't think about you and with each day I can remember the good times we had with each other. I remember being a kid and going with you to take pictures of land with your polaroid camera. You would let me take the picture and shake it until the picture showed up. At the time that was pretty cool. I remember as a kid I would take the bus from school to your work. I would go in, take the elevator to the third floor, and someone would always ask if I needed help. I would tell them I am here to see my dad Mr. Vallejo. I would get the same reaction every time, "OHHHHH", and I would tell them I know where he is. It made me feel so proud every time that happen. It told me how important you are to that company. You have a presence about you that whenever you walked into a room, people would recognize you. I remember you taking me to see our house being built, running around it before the walls were built. I remember you teaching me how to catch a baseball, throw a football, shoot a basketball. I remember the times when you took the family to grandmas house. Seemed like every Sunday we were there. Those were great times, playing with our cousins, eating grandmas food. I remember the family trips, I remember our trips to New York and Vegas to see my boys play baseball. I remember you teaching me how to drive, I remember you needed to be more patient when you were teaching me this. ( I wasn't that bad). I remember the look on your face, that smile you always had the first time you held my kids as newborns. (six times ). Thank you for that, it told me that you accepted my boys into your heart. I remember taking the boys to the pool and you would come by to say hi. The boys would line up and you would give them a piece of "Bit-O-honey". The boys loved that. I remember that you were always there for me and my family no matter what the issues were. I will always remember that smile, I will always remember that you are a loving, caring person who would always put other people in front of yourself. You were giving to so many people, you touch so many peoples hearts. There is so much more to say and I can go on and on. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Dad, I love you so much and I miss you every day.

Joe Wilson

June 16, 2015

Richard was both a mentor and my friend. There were many a time in my early career I reached out to him for guidance. Always he would start with "What have you learned."
God Bless you and your family.

Steve Hatcher

May 20, 2015

Working with him for some 35 years, Dick Vallejo was like a mentor to me. A little rough around the edges at times, but he sure mellowed once Cindy got a hold of him. Good bye my friend, all of us shall miss you.

Eric McGrew

May 12, 2015

Dick, so much regret over lost time and things I wish I had been able to say to you. You were always there for me when I needed anything without hesitation and I wish I could have expressed how much it meant more. Thank you for always being a bright spot with your intuitiveness and understanding. You will always be loved and missed very much, brother.

Alexander Vallejo

May 11, 2015

I hope you rest easy Grandpa, you will never leave my thoughts. Thank you for always loving me and the boys unconditionally. I have learned a lot from you and I thank you for making me the man I am today. I love you Gramps, forever in my heart. I'll always be your smelly

Frances Azhocar

May 9, 2015

Cousin, you will be missed but never forgotten. The memories will
be of good and lots of fun and crazy childhood family gathering's. The most recent was you and your special wife Cindy taking on our cousin's Margy's estate. She knew who would respect her wishes.I Believe that I will most remember you as a honest and Honorable man.
It was really fun when we called each other by our silly nicknames,
I remember when you came in the Recorders office and all my coworkers said, oh there's Mr Vallejo, , I looked up and saw you. You, I was so proud to be your cousin. I have been blessed that you
Have been in my life.

Mary Stanford

May 7, 2015

Richard you'll be missed by all who were lucky to have known you. You were such a sweet, wonderful, caring man and always went out of your way to help others. I'll never forget the time we were at the Del Mar Fair and you stopped at a game just to win a stuffed animal for Ava. You will be missed but never forgotten. RIP my friend

Bill Schuffert

May 6, 2015

May GOD Bless you Dick. You were always my Idol at work.I will miss you deeply.
Always your friend
What Rain!!!