August 4, 1931April 12, 2019

Ronald Aubrey was born August 4, 1931, in Los Angeles California, to Carl Thomas and Inez Mariam (Lee) Aubrey. Ron married his High School Sweetheart Toska Lavern they were together for 69 wonderful years. The first few years of marriage Ron served in the United States Navy, during the Korean War period. Ron spent 2 years aboard the USS Tarawa aircraft carrier. When Ron's tour ended he was eager to spend time with his growing family. Ron spent many summers on family vacations traveling in the western states and Canada. They also spent summers at Newport Beach waterskiing and enjoying the California sun. Ron built his career with Chevron Oil for over 30 years. In his golden years, Ron and Toska went on adventurous trips enjoying the life they shared together. Ron's life was enriched with memories, traditions, and blessed with close family and friends. He is Survived by his loving wife Toska wonderful children Debra, and Michael, grandchildren Mike, Kym, Lesley, Amanda and James, great-grandchildren Avery, Quincy, Jora, Charlie and Aubrey.


  • Visitation Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • Committal Servicer Tuesday, April 23, 2019



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Michael Aubrey

April 26, 2019

My Dad will always be a part of me. A son learns many things from his Dad and I learned many things from mine by listening to his stories of his time in the Navy. Hearing of his adventures throughout the world including circumnavigating the globe on the USS Tarawa. The many stories of his adventures on his shore leaves as well as on board the many ships he sailed on fascinated me. Through these stories, and the stories of the trips he and my Mom took later in life, gave me a great appreciation for travel and instilled in me the desire to see the world to explore God’s creation and experience this earth’s many cultures. His gift of wanderlust has enriched my life immensely and I am very grateful for that gift.

Many memories of my Dad will stick with me the rest of my life. Some of these memories include:

Failed memory - when my Dad tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift at the age of 14 in his company truck. Major fail! Sorry if I ruined the transmission…

Funniest memory - When My Dad and Mom came to visit me, Shirley, Amanda, and Jamie in Modesto and they picked up a pizza for dinner that was sooo big they had to transport it the trunk of their car!

Fondest memory - When my Dad and Mom took me, Shirley, Amanda, and Jamie to Walk Disney World and on a Disney Cruise.

Most treasured memory - When my Dad and I climbed Mt.Whitney and it took us three attempts over three days to succeed. And on the third attempt when marmots ate the lunch we hid in the rocks for our return from the summit leaving us only a small can of Vienna sausages to hold us over until we descended to Whitney Portal.

Most personally valued memory - When my Dad introduced me to the philosophy of “pay it forward”. He didn’t use that term but later in life I realize that was what he was talking about. Thank you Dad for this most important life lesson!

He will always be a part of our lives.

Barbara Cathcart

April 22, 2019

Ron was more like a big brother than a cousin. When we were kids, he watched out for me. He always made sure I was included and accepted by his friends, and other young kids. There were birthday parties and family camping trips to keep us busy. Our families went camping together, and even horse back riding. Ron patiently taught me not to be afraid of horses. I rode my first horse under his guidance and encouragement. I will never forget his broad smile and blue twinkling eyes witnessing my success. We remained friends throughout our lives.
Later in life, my husband Neil and I and Ron and Toska traveled together and had many adventures throughout the years. We shared wonderful evening meals together and lively conversations late into the night. Ron loved to tell us stories about his military life . He kept us sitting on the edge of our chairs . Other topics were updates on family members, trips, and just funny stories.
Ron also loved seeking out and supporting businesses owned and run by Vets, most notably on our trips to Arizona and Colorado. He was so happy to meet a new buddy and offer his support and friendship. His enthusiasm and zest for life was contagious.
Most of all, Ron liked adventure. We traveled by hot air balloon in Steamboat Springs and we went tubeing down the river. Fun , fun, times!
Thank you Ron for so many good memories and times. Thank you for bringing Toska and your family into our lives. We will always remember that twinkle in you eyes, your gifted storytelling and big heart. I and my family love you so much and wish you well on your new journey. With love, Barb

Shirley Tanase

April 21, 2019

I have many fond memories of time spent with Ron. One of the things I will remember him for is his love of time spent in conversation, whether it was making new friends on his and Toska’s many cruises or just sitting at the table visiting after a holiday meal. He gave you his full attention and was genuinely interested in what you had to say.

Also the importance of family was something he treasured. He created wonderful memories for both Amanda and James through his efforts to be there for milestone moments throughout their lives from birthdays to graduations. One of my favorite memories was when Ron and Toska took Mike, myself and the kids on a trip to Disney World as well as the Disney cruise. It was a special time where my kids could see their grandparents everyday of the week. Throughout the trip there was a lot of laughter, fun and family togetherness, all of which I think sums up what Ron valued. He will be greatly missed by all!

Love always,

Jim Lee

April 19, 2019

Ron was an amazing cousin! And a very, very special person.

Although I didn't see him as often as I would have liked, whenever
I did, he left such great impression. Despite being 20 years older,
he always talked to me liked I mattered and he really listened
to what I had to say. He was this way when I was a young child and he
never changed. He was always positive, cheerful and a caring, thoughtful

I will never forget how Ron and his family were there when my parents
passed away and the strength and comfort he provided. I also have a
great memory of Ron and his family being at my my surprise 50th
birthday party. If there was a special family occasion, Ron was there, always.

Not surprisingly, Ron had a tremendous influence on me, more than he he ever knew.
As I got older, I would reflect after seeing Ron that more people should be like him.
I've never measured up to his high standards, but I know I'm a better man, because of him.

Dear Toska, Debbie and Mike our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love always,

Jim and Nancy

Tom Duke

April 19, 2019

Gramps was such a gifted storyteller. Some of my favorite memories of him were hearing about his days in the military, always with a proud grin and a gleam in his eye. I could picture him taking swimming breaks from the ship in the bright blue ocean with his buddies as a young strong man, and that’s how I picture him now.

Toska Aubrey

April 19, 2019

A lot of Memories forever in my heart.

Deb Christiansens

April 18, 2019

We all love you Dad

Jean Pryor

April 17, 2019

My deepest sympathy to all of Ron's family in the loss of your husband, father, and grandfather. Our family has shared many good times with you since the kids were quite young and we will continue to give you our support. Keeping all of you in our prayers. --Love, Jean Pryor