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Sally June Sutton

March 3, 1944December 23, 2019

Sally June (Riddell) Sutton born to a World War II Navy hero and a Navy Nurse in Newport, Rhode Island, later grew up in Tucson, Arizona before settling permanently in Point Loma of San Diego, has made her way to the Heavens by first passing through the stones in true Outlander style before midnight on December 23, 2019. A high school National Honor’s Society’s brilliance, Sally was a voracious reader consuming hundreds (let me repeat, hundreds) of romance novels, even perusing the obituaries (so let’s make this one count!), loved conservative politics and pop culture, had a knack for predicting box office hits as a devoted fan of the Oscars, and was amazingly astute (in all things really) but loved history the most. She briefly attended the University of Arizona. She maintained her dry sense of humor and sharp wit and could literally wipe the mat clean if you were her opponent at Trivial Pursuit. Equally impressive, Sally had stunning beauty with big doe eyes and dainty physique. She modeled in the 1960’s for the Flair Parisienne Agency. She exuded true ladylike class. So charming and poised was she that while at a Beatles concert the guards chose her to stand within mere feet of the band. Proudly hailing from the lowlands of the Roxburgh district of clan Riddell Scottish ancestry on her father’s side, she adored all things Outlander and was a true fan reading the entire collection in the late 1990’s for which she deserves street cred for having foresight that it would someday be made for television. The Sky Boat song is her jam. She was also a patron a time or two at the Scottish Highland games and Renaissance Fairs. Sally also enjoyed Swedish lineage from her mother’s side for which she inherited her strong stick-to-itiveness even when things seemed most dire. She loved visiting the House of Scotland and Sweden at Balboa Park as wonderful reminders of her heritage. A faithful Christian, Sally loved all God’s furry creatures, was tolerant of all people and simply enjoyed a good conversation and a hug. She was friendly, cared about others, was gentle and nurturing. She truly was one of the good ones. But she did not have a green thumb. She enjoyed a lucrative hobby of raising and showing purebred Persians in the 1980’s and 1990’s, previously showing Doberman’s in the late 1970’s but for obvious reasons never together. She also adored and owned horses. It is certain that she is busy grooming and cuddling her beloved furry friends at Rainbow Bridge and humming along to “Memory” from Cats. Sally is survived by her Navy veteran husband, 1 son, 1 daughter, 1 son-in-law, 1-daughter-in-law, 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild, 1 step brother, her mother (she’s 99!) and a 100+year old orange flower blooming Amaryllis plant that was brought back from Stockholm, Sweden by her immigrant grandparents. There will be no viewing because Sally would not risk a bad hair day. There will be a Memorial service at Beardsley-Mitchell followed by a committal service at Miramar National Cemetery to give her a high five with a “you go girl’ nod to the Heavens. Everyone who remembers her is asked to celebrate Sally in true Sally style; raise a glass of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, feed a homeless animal, watch funny cat videos on YouTube or binge Outlander start to finish….while nibbling gummy bears. One thing is for sure, she certainly lived up to her Riddell Scottish clan motto of “I hope to share”.


Sally June Sutton

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Bunny Hauth

March 28, 2020

Sid, Susan, and family,
I am so saddened to hear of Sally's passing. I have such wonderful memories of her, being her pharmacist for 15 years in San Diego. I always enjoyed chatting with her, of course not always about medications. As her health deteriorated and she not longer came into the pharmacy, our in person conversations became telephone conversations. We'd almost always end up talking about something other than drugs. Sally was a friend, not a customer. It was only a few months ago, my 10 year old daughter inquired about the little dog stuffed animal she's been sleeping with every night since she was a toddler. She wanted to know where he came from. I told her a wonderful woman I met at the pharmacy named Sally bought it for her when she was born. I hope you all are comforted at this sad time by all the wonderful memories. Your'e in my thoughts and prayers.

Ingrid Borges

March 15, 2020

Ingrid Borges

March 15, 2020

Sally you will be my best friend ever,you knew all my life...you were my best confident .... we shared so many things!!! Eating ice cream 🍨 together,our favorite Salmon Salads that your husband used to buy for us,your hot cocoa , your famous Koolaid, but how can i forget your extreme butter over floating over anything you ate??? I was so concerned about it ... you replied: don't worry Ingrid .. how do you know my hair looks so beautiful? And i couldn't know why!!! Well .. she said... its because of the butter!!! 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂...and how can i forget that black leather jackect that you loved to use for your Doctors appoinments ... with you white hat and black glasses 😜 I loved it!! You were my Fonsy girl from “Happy Days Show”.... 😂😂😂after your Doctors appoinments on our way back home we used to avoid the freeway and take the long way by the beach.. it was so good just admiringly to see you so happy looking at the ocean and feeling the nice and calm breeze.. and talking about everything in our lifes.... but at the same time worrying to get home soon and making sure your husband was ok since he was by himself... Sally my love you were so unique , a great mother and a wonderful wife.. I personal lost a good friend that many people will envy to have!! I will never forget you! And by the way my mother says Hello 👋...Love you ... Ingrid Borges... your Caregiver... but as you always introduce me ..as your personal “Nurse” ...

Greg Clawson

March 11, 2020

I was only lucky enough to know and spend time with Momma Sally for the past 15 years. As her only Son-in-Law I know I held a special place in her heart because she loved to talk politics, sports, horse racing and of course our favorite subject, mutual abundant love for her daughter Susan. I’m lucky because I get to see her wonderful traits magnified in how she raised and passed on traditions, poise, grace and kindness thru her daughters actions everyday. Momma Sally was everything you will read about here and in her obituary. She was super smart and very witty. That wit instantly endeared me to her. We had so many great conversations and I miss her and those dearly. She was too young to leave us but I also know she believed in our lord and lived her life in a way that pleased our lord and opened the Kingdom of Heaven to her. Those of us who also live our life with respect, especially for our precious elders, honestly and without selfishness for earthly things, treasuring and protecting their lives, and living our own lives as she did will see her again. Blessed are those who mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matthew5:4. Mom would Love this picture and is laughing with me in Heaven right now!

Y Mahrer

March 11, 2020

Oh Sally ...My dear “cat show long ago” friend in Tucson..
I don’t know who was more perfectly groomed for the judges -Sally or her Kismet ! It was a toss up for beauty, brains, and every hair (fur) in its place!
Rest peacefully and in happiness with your furry buddies.
Lotsa very special love and memories.
Dorene Mahrer
Florence. Oregon

Julie Shackford

March 11, 2020

Susan and Greg,
We are so very sorry about the loss of your sweet Mom. I wish I had the right words to help console, but nothing prepares us for the loss of a parent. We love you both so much and come stay with us soon so that we can love on you guys.

Mike, Julie and Jordyn

Gretchyn Barbee

March 10, 2020

Sally was a beautiful mother. As, a teenager I enjoyed Sally sharing her thoughts and interest in literature. Sally, had a deep passion for animals. Sally’s beautiful smile would light up the room when she spoke of her cats. She had a deep concern for the will being of her children as well as their friends. I was always welcomed in her home and she always made me laugh or gave me a kind word. You will be missed very much. Thank goodness your daughter has your beautiful smile.

Susan Sutton Clawson

March 10, 2020

Taken from us far too soon, Sally was the best mama in the world. She taught me everything I know except how to live without her. She is everything and more that I wrote in her obituary. Never a hair out of place or a hint of lipstick on a cup, she exuded class, style and grace. She taught me how to be a lady (even how to walk and balance a book on my head!), to nurture and love all God’s furry creatures and basic rules of social etiquette and the power of a handwritten heartfelt thank you note is always best.

Favorite words of wisdom from mom: ALL high school reunions are the same (they are hilarious) nobody is popular forever-everybody gets bald and fat. Marry a man who makes you laugh, love your husband-he’ll be the best friend you need to grow old with. Explore-see the world-but wash you’re hands (a lot). Cleanliness is next to godliness . If your good in school, stay there it’ll help you make good choices. Fight for what you believe in-the world needs smart people because some people are too dumb to live, (she particularly loved that one).

Favorite memories: ALL of them but coming home from elementary school to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off come to mind. Singing to ABBA in the station wagon while on vacation, getting lost at Disneyland.....twice, helping (ok, mostly watching) her wash Persian kitties and snuggling with them afterwards, the sweet smell of her Shalimar perfume, the way she personified animals, her laughter, hugs and singing happy birthday on the phone to me every year. Our Sunday night calls will be what I miss the most-we laughed a lot.

She was an angel I will always miss her.

I will love you forever mama.
Your loving daughter,