May 27, 1963November 14, 2020

Tony G. Kirke, born May 27, 1963 passed on November 14, 2020.

Tony was an engineer and worked for Sony, BroadCom, Dolby and finished his career at Apple Inc. A creative and independent thinker, Tony was uncompromising in pursuing a life where love and truth took precedence. Tony is preceded in death by his parents, Annie Kirke and Tony Kirke. He is survived by his wife, Megan Bovis; sons, Martin Kirke and Tom Kirke; stepsons; Sarawut Saechang and Sakda Saechang; brother, Hugh Kirke.



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Eamonn O'Donnell

November 30, 2020

I knew Tony from the time we were in school together through to our time going to Kevin Street College, often travelling together on our daily commute. As with Paul above, we had a shared love of the music of the time and Tony was knowledgeable and generous, making tapes for me of early REM and other bands.
He had a sharp intellect and strong opinions, he was curious about other people and was good company and I was very happy to know him. I should imagine that he became even more interesting with age and that his loss is very great. My condolences to those left behind, especially to my friends Hugh and Ann.

Paul Fitzpatrick

November 30, 2020

So sad to hear about the death of Tony. Sympathy to his family.

Tony and me were good friends in college. He was the most laid back person I have know. I remember many a Friday night we spent in "The Junction" - sometimes starting from lunchtime because we couldn't be bothered to go back to college for afternoon lectures. Just looking at some pictures from back then.
Music was a big thing for Tony. Whenever I was down in Newbridge, we'd spend hours listening to music and playing chess. In 1981, before anyone in Europe had even heard of them, Tony gave me a copied cassette of REM's Radio Free Europe - he knew a good band when he heard one.

Take it easy, Tony.

Martin Kirke

November 29, 2020

Anthony Gerard Kirke was an excellent man, a great father, and a hard worker. Some of you may have called him Tony, but to me he was Da, it was just until recently that I found out that "Da" was actually the Irish word for father. I just remembered calling him Da my whole life, and it made that much more of a special bond because I had such a unique way for saying father. Tony was more than just my father; he was my teacher, mentor, guide and my friend. My love for so many of my hobbies and food come from him. He taught so many things about life and the world, to always do the right thing and to always tell the truth, he was a man of Truth and Honor, and he had so much more to teach. He was a simple man, he did not care about wealth or materials but about the well beings and safety of his friends and family. He would always tell us not to worry about anything and to leave the worrying for himself. Tony always did the right thing, He always thought about others and put them first before it came to himself. He was a very generous man, and changed the lives of many people. Tony was a Man that touched the hearts of many people and was loved by all. I will always remember being super excited every single Saturday because the two of us would always go for Irish breakfast and coffee. Tony is the smartest person I'll ever know, he graduated college with an honours diploma in electrical engineering back in the 80's and made it to the front page of his town's newspaper where he later pursued his career at Apple. He recently purchased a new summer property and it needed a lot of work, but he was happy maintaining it and even planning out new gardens. He was like a kid at Christmas and it was the happiest I've ever seen him before. He recently had braces installed for teeth reconstruction and I told him that "those braces take 20 years off you" and he smiled and laughed so hard. I'll never forget your smile and laugh.

Thank you, Da

Love your Son,

Martin Kirke

Andy McHugh

November 29, 2020

Very sad to hear about the death of Tony in California. Sympathy to his sons Martin and Tom, his stepsons Sarawut and Sakda and Tony's partners in life Thip and Megan. From Andy your cousin, formerly from around the corner in Ulloa Street.

Rory Kirke

November 29, 2020

Tony was my uncle and he always looked after me and my family whenever we visited. Although I don’t remember much about living in San Francisco when I was younger, I remember all our visits and how well Tony looked after us.
I remember when Tony and Martin and Tom came to visit us, when Dad took them all out for a walk down the bog, much to the lads confusion!
Over the last few years I’ve been able to stay over in San Francisco for a few days at the end of every summer and Tony always took care of me so well. I was so appreciative of that.
My thoughts are with all the family.

Liz Devine

November 29, 2020

When I think of Tony I think of kindness. Tony was never harsh, never mean. He was funny, smart, generous and sincere. A wonderful father and deeply loving husband, loyal brother. He was brave, too. He set off alone on a year long trip around the world in his late 20s, sincerely committed to marriage and parenthood, and stayed steady in his personal spiritual journey that also took him to other places in the world. Tony, Hughie and I met about 40 years ago during group orientation for our jobs in Yosemite. That was a special life changing time. But now I am just sad beyond words for Tony's beloved sons, his dear wife Megan and Hugh. I'm so sorry.
"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing or right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there when the soul lies down in that grass the world is full of talk about" Rumi

Sakda Saechang

November 28, 2020

Tony was the guy that taught me how to ride my first bicycle, he would push me on my back for me to ride the bike while pushing my younger brother’s bike with his little 4 wheeler down to the park near our house. From riding bike, to flying a kite and to catching baseball. He was the one that show us the step Tony was a great Da, he shows me the world! From teaching computer stuff from teaching me homeworking every night after he get off from work. No matter how busy or tired he was, he would make the time and ask How was homework? Can I check it? We would always do homework together after dinner. I will always remember the time when I jump on his back while he was coding on his computer, I asked “Da what all that number mean?” and he would laugh and smile and try to explain to me about Wi-Fi stuff and at that moment Wi-Fi did not exist yet.I remember when he came to visit me at work for lunch when I was working at Sunnyvale. I was so happy, and I think I cried when I saw him. We talked and he seem incredibly happy and I was happy to be with him. I saw him a few times afterward and my work had relocated me to San Jose. One of the last times I saw him was hugging him in front of his house before he had his braces. It was the best feeling ever and I will remember it forever.
There are no words can say to express how I feel about the past and what we all went through. I had learned so much from you and more now from having my own family with two daughters. Having my own family had tough me so many things, things that I never understood when I was young. You are more than a father to me. You are hero my shinning knight in amor who save my life and protect me; show me the world. Thank you. Tom and Martin will be okay, Bet and I will watch out for our little brothers, we will not let any harms come to them. May you rest now in peace. Thank you for everything da and take it easy. You will always be a part of me.

Anne Kirke

November 28, 2020

Tony was my brother in law and a friend throughout all the years I have known him.While we lived in SF and on our many return visits we shared lots of walks and talks and also here in Ireland when he and his family visited us in Kildare, where he and Hugh lived as children.He always had a warm welcome for us which meant so much to Hugh and I ,Rory and Caitlin. I will miss him so much and cherish those memories forever.My thoughts are with all his family at this time,Anne

Hugh Kirke

November 28, 2020

Tony was my only brother but he was so much more than that,he was a friend,a confidant,and an inspiration to me.I loved him and will miss him terribly.In many ways he was a role model for me and a hero to both me and my family. I was so proud to have Tony as my brother and friend.He was a constant and consistently positive influence in my life for as long as I can remember.He was always so accommodating,kind,generous and supportive to my family and I whenever we visited SF,and never made a fuss about taking time out and making an effort to welcome us into his home.
Tony was Sufi and exemplified this not so much in his words but in his actions,in his daily life and in how he dealt with other people.He treated others with respect and kindness, both his friends and people he had just met.
He courageously embarked on a solo journey around the globe, something I could not imagining myself having the fortitude to attempt.
Like myself Tony was fond of good argumentative debate and we had long running discussions regarding politics,society,technology and the media among other subjects.He was never one to accept at face value the accepted norms and however heated our discussions became he never became disrespectful.One area we never disagreed on was music,we both had a love of old and contemporary blues.Tony had an eclectic and discerning taste in music while never being a snob regarding others tastes.Many of the artists and musicians that have brought so much richness and joy into my life were initially introduced to me by Tony.
He had a marvellous dry sense of humour and would make extremely wry comments without a hint of a smile. I loved his laugh and miss it so much.
My thoughts and deepest sympathy goes out to his loving wife Megan and the two fine young men that are his sons,Matin and Tom of whom he was so proud. My thoughts are also with his first wife Thip and their two sons Sakda and Sarawut all of whom he cherished.

Carrie Gaynor

November 26, 2020

My name is Carrie Gaynor and I knew Tony some 30+ years ago when I lived in San Francisco. My connection to Tony was through his brother Hugh and Hugh's wife Ann, who I remain dear friends with to this day.

My clearest memory of Tony is of someone who was wickedly smart and supremely kind. We had many interactions ~ often focused on the finer points of cultural foods or politics . Though it has been many years since we spoke directly, Hugh would update me on his life and his love of his wife and children (all 4 of you).

I know that there are no words to make this time easier for you except to know how well he was thought of by friends near and far. I will look through my files to see if I can find a picture from back in the day... hopefully soon. Please know how fondly I remember him. He was a great man. I am so sorry for your loss.


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