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"Nana" Mary Galasso

June 7, 1915December 23, 2019

Nana was born in Carthage NewYork. She worked in her parents Pizza restaurant until she married James Galasso in 1937. She had three children. Vincent, KathyLemon and Toni Schwartz.They moved to Florida and then California in the 50's .She was a crossing guard for many years for the City of Alhambra working the corner of Atlantic and Mission.She crossed not only the kids but watched them grow up and have children of their own and crossed them. She loved her job. She had seven (7) grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and 3 great, great, grandchildren. She loved life and will be missed by so many. In lieu of flowers the family is requesting a donation be made to Hospice in the city of Covina or your favorite charity.



  • Visitation Sunday, January 5, 2020


  • Final Resting Place


"Nana" Mary Galasso

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Shauna Midzor

January 16, 2020

Our Nana was one of lifes most precious gifts, and someone I treasured my entire life. You loved us all deeply and we felt it. The memories of you are so precious and dear. The world was lucky enough to have your presence for nearly 105 years. You touched so many people in so many ways that you will never be forgotten. We were all truly in a better place with you in it. Rest in peace dear "Nana" and give my Dad and Papa Jim a big hug from me.
With heartfelt love,

Sheryl Hill

January 7, 2020

Our dearest, sweet Nana, Mary Galasso, leaves each of us heartwarming memories, more than we can recount, to cherish and fondly reminisce. After she first became a grandmother at the time of my birth, a little over 59 years ago, we would all know and come to call her by the endearing name “Nana”. Our Nana lived a lifespan longer than one century, probably longer than anyone we personally ever knew or might know of, 104.5 years. Our Nana was not just known as “Nana”, or as “Great Nana” but she was known as “Great, Great Nana”. Our wonderful “Nana” was called by one of these special versions of her name for close to 6 decades and by 5 different generations of her progeny!! Truly unique, a rarity in this day and time! But even more rare and unique than the statistics mentioned are the remarkable and very special qualities that made our Nana such a wonderful and stellar human being that we could so easily love, would want to spend time with, show love, honor and respect to. She was a very resilient, hard-working, responsible woman, keeping busy with secular work as a school crossing guard, selling her hand-made crafting projects, cooking family treats, special recipes and meals for family gatherings. Although she was never idle, she still took time to sit and play, talk and care about your thoughts and feelings. She had a special way of giving of herself, making others feel happy and thankful to be with her. She was definitely a positive role model of how a caring wife, mother and grandmother could and should be. Some of my dearest childhood memories were of times spent with my sweet Nana. As I grew up and became an adult, Nana was so much fun to talk with, joke and story tell with, and ask what she felt were the secrets to her living a long and healthy life.

I look forward to seeing my dear, sweet, precious Nana again (Isaiah 26:19; John 5:28,29; Acts 24:15). Until then, our Nana will be greatly missed by me and all of us who knew and loved her.

Sheryl Hill

Lynda Lemon

January 2, 2020

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy- it’s all that matters.”
Audrey Hepburn
I am so blessed to have had 51 years with Nana and my daughter almost 17 with her Great Grandma. I have so many fond memories... her homemade pasta sauce, her Italian cookies and Easter bread, how she would fix my hair in pin curls, and give me the Spiegel catalog to make paper dolls out of when I would spend the night. I definitely inherited my love of crafts from her. She made the cutest Mama and Papa Santas and witches out of Reader’s Digest books. She also made darling yarn dogs that I would give to all of my friends as birthday gifts. Nana was very convincing. She talked everyone - that she crossed on her corner where she was a crossing guard - into buying Girl Scout Cookies from me, and because of that, I won for having sold the most in my troop. She was a woman of faith. She wouldn’t miss church on Sundays, even if it meant attending mass in Spanish! She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, but she sure liked to yell under her breath in Italian. She also concocted a plan to keep us kids in check, she would put a nylon stocking over her face and become the “Mano” to scare us into being good. She was a dedicated wife. She took care of my Papa for years, through his illness, and always put his well being first. As I got older and bought my own home, she would come over and proceed to clean everything in my house. She would do all of my laundry and even iron my sheets. She loved it and wouldn’t take no for an answer. When I hosted Thanksgiving, she would come and spend the night and help prepare everything. I don’t think she ever slept. She had more energy than all of us put together. I could go on and on about all of the wonderful qualities that my Nana possessed. I will miss her greatly. I will miss her infectious smile, the twinkle in her eye when she spotted a handsome
man, and her love of music and dancing. She loved life and life loved her right back!

Maya Rush

January 2, 2020

I love you so much Nana. You were always such a joy to have around. I’m going to miss your amazing smile and your positive energy that you always brought. I’ll never forget when i would visit you during or after school, when we would all dance for you, your 100th birthday, you always asking me if “i had a boyfriend”, and you always saying you love my hair. There’s so much more to say but just know I’ve been thinking about you everyday and i love you so much 💙

Edie Schleiss

December 29, 2019

Dearest Nana,
I love you and will miss you so much! I have some many wonderful memories of you that I will cherish for the rest of my life! It was so hard to live so far away from you but loved all the summer vacations and Christmas holidays that my family spent in Los Angeles with you! It was always hard to leave! Everyday spent with you I was blessed! My heart feels empty now but I know your in Heaven resting comfortably!

Michael Galasso

December 28, 2019

There is so much I can say about Nana, she was the the most amazing grandma a grandson could ever ask for! I have so many memories of Nana that I will cherish forever! Like Dyan said although Nana was my Grandma she was also a mother figure to me as well! Dyan and I have had great times at Nana's house back in the day! Nana was the Rock in this family, Nana knew how to forgive and never held grudges, she would give the shirt off her back to help someone no matter who they were! I'm so happy I got 46 years to know Nana and I'm so happy I got to see Nana for most of those 46 years! I love you so much Nana and I miss you so much!

Dyan Summerell

December 28, 2019

I agree 100% with what Brent said below . What legacy will you leave behind ? I certainly know I want to leave one like my Nana ...What a wonderful , loving, caring fun natured woman Nana was . She was my role model . A woman I looked up to as a mother figure .. I always trusted that she would never hurt me ,or talk bad about me behind my back. Something that a lot of people In my family do daily to others and it is so sad. You were not like them nana.... you were a shining star and always will be !!!!!
I will miss you Nana more than you will ever know , you were my Mother . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dr.Brent Hill

December 27, 2019

For the past 39 years you have been a very Bright light and positive fun-loving person I’ve come to love and cherish since I married into the family. I loved your secrets to a long life and realize at 104 years old you lived those principles. Over the years you May have lost different abilities but you never lost your love to Flirt with the boys....Very cute.......a very long life of memories,,,,,, a lot of supportive family that you were a help to and those that helped care for you,,,,, you all know who you are out there......Take this time for self examination to see what legacy we ourselves our going to leave behind,,,,, one of loving cherished moments or something that is backbiting and hateful,,,,,,,, let’s hope that we,,,like Nana leave a legacy of Love and fond memories,,,,,Love you all very much,,,,Please,,,remember to keep showing love towards each other.....

Lynne Reese

December 27, 2019

Loved how Nana taught me how to cook wonderful Italian food. And I loved her, her family and even the cutest dog too. She will always be in my mind and heart. Love all the Galasso family.