Bob Lavin

November 23, 1956July 5, 2019

Bob Lavin was born on November 23, 1956 and passed away on July 5, 2019.


3 August

Memorial Service

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park

300 Curtner Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

3 August


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park

300 Curtner Ave
San Jose, CA 95125


Bob Lavin

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Maria Coelho

July 15, 2019

Bobby was my big brother and I was always his little play buddy. He never wanted to do things alone so he brought me with him. Even when he grew up and got married he still was this little kid excited about everything he learn and wanting to do more and more.
My dear brother loved life and he lived it to the fullest. He was this bigger than life person that I always tried to live up to. I took care of him when he was small and had health issues then later on in life he took care of me. He never thought of himself but always about his family and friends. At night I look up at the stairs thinking how he would handle things.

Until we meet again. may God hold you in the palm of his hands

Love you and my whole family

Haggai Mark

July 12, 2019

Bob had been my manager and director at Cisco for several years, but he was also a friend, and a kind and big-hearted mentor.

He was an authentic person, truly interested in the people around him, and curious and open-minded about the world. I remember that as my manager, we used to have regular weekly one-on-one meetings which were delightful. In addition to work-related stuff, we would usually also talk about a wide range of other topics (Bob loved history, and he also read a lot), and I often felt like we were in a scene from the book “Alice in Wonderland” where:

“The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.”

I miss our meetings and conversations.

We sometimes talked about cultures, religions, archeology and history; Bob liked to learn about new places, and would have loved to visit Israel (which is where I’m from). He was also curious about India, where we went once together on a business trip. It was definitely and experience, and I think that both Bob and I were overwhelmed by the traffic situation on the roads there.

We (for obvious reasons) didn’t drive there, but took taxis, and I remember on our first ride together, Bob had asked me to sit in the front. When I asked him why he doesn’t want to sit up front, he told me that (since they drive on the left side of the road in India) unless the entire trip involved just left-hand turns all the way to our destination, he’d rather sit in the back, put his dark sunglasses on, close his eyes, and pray for the best… Needless to say, we arrived at our destination safe and sound :)

I miss the person with the integrity, generosity, kindness, and wise sense of humor. My condolences to Nani and the family.


Helene Bryan

July 12, 2019

Bob taught me how a leader should treat his teams. He cared about the culture, he cared about the people, he cared about ensuring people where set up for success. He lead with a heart. He was authentic, in a world where power and personal growth usually dominate.

To this day I stand up for what I believe in, I have hard conversations, I am empathetic to other's "life stuff", and I expect my leaders to care. All of that stems from I learned being a part of what a lot of us refer to as the "STS Family". The family culture Bob cultivated.

I remember when Bob was leaving STS, we had a big send off. I helped put together a memory book with everyone's personal "Bob stories". I was so amazed at how many people contributed and how many people truly respected and appreciated him. What an amazing guy.

I now work for a company that refer's to our people as "Ohana", and so much of the Hawaiian culture is a part of our company culture. I can't tell you how many times I have thought how Bob would have really understood and loved that. I will continue to think of him often.

My deepest condolences to your family. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.