Edward Thomas Hunt Jr.

February 19, 1928June 30, 2019

Edward Thomas Hunt Jr., 91, of Sanford, Florida passed away on June 30, 2019 in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Edward retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after serving 30 years. He was in the Air Wing Division. Edward will be missed dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Mr. Hunt is survived by his loving wife of 68 years Johnnie Lou Hunt, daughter, Stephanie Lynn Maher and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Inurnment will take place at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida


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Edward Thomas Hunt Jr.

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Larry McDonald

July 10, 2019

Who was Ed Hunt? He was a friend who was in my life for almost fifty years. Yes , I was his supervisor for half of these years, but it went beyond these years when we would meet for lunch while we were in Florida.
While we were both on Active duty , we had many fruitful conversations that helped me in my position as Ed’s Commanding officer. He was also one of the best Navigators in the squadron. Under his guidance there were no bad navigators in the squadron as some of these conversations we had would attest. I had complete trust in his judgment. His complete planning for movement of Marine Air to NATO and other exercises was expected and thorough.
I will miss our conversations and Emails hen his computer was working in the future when we will be together again.

Elmer Davis

July 9, 2019

My introduction to MGySgt Hunt was during Engine Start, on my first flight as Co-Pilot out of Cherry Point. The Crew consisted of King Knope, CJ McQueen, Top Hunt and Teddy Lopez. As a seasoned UH-1E Helicopter pilot I was not overly concerned about flight clearances, thus in place of a clearance read back, gave a “Salty ROG” response. Immediately, from directly behind me came a very loud “ROG” indicating a major mistake on my part. He later, in a nice quiet way (for him) said, “To protect yourself and to ensure there is no confusion, read back the clearance verbatim”.
Not long thereafter, while preparing to depart Lajes for CPNC on the return portion of one of VMGR -252’s famous Lajes and back navigational training flights, with the senior Navigator Top Hunt standing right behind my seat I took the clearance. As I completed a complete, verbatim, clearance read back, a hand, with thumb up, appeared in my R/H peripheral sight picture.
A short time later as we leveled off and passed the Azorean ATIZ, the Plane Commander announced that he was very tired and would take a nap. The pilot, got out of his seat went to sleep on the flight deck. Top hunt moved into his seat and we had a great get- to- know each other, 11 hour, flight back to Cherry Point.
The top for all his bluster and gruffness had a softer side that I witnessed over the years, and it is with sadness I think of his passing.

Ken Lloyd

July 8, 2019

My heart is sadden after hearing of Top's passing. He was one of my mentors, whom I will personally never forget. I learned so much about being a Navigator that I always hoped that I stood up to his expectations of being a U.S. Marine Corps Navigator and a MGySgt. Top gave me my second and first navigator check rides, which I will never forget. He never said a word except sign the designation paperwork. Ed was the finest SNCO that I have ever met and I have tried to model my own career after him. I am still striving for his perfection and hope that he knows that he is an idol for so many young Marines. MGySgt Hunt's legacy will live forever in the heavens above with every star and constellation. Top always had pin point 3 star fixes whenever I flew with him over the pond, then I learned his secret. God Bless MGySgt (Top) Hunt and may his legacy live on forever throughout U.S. Marine Corps Aviation. "Once you have tasted flight, there you will be in the heavens forever. ET"
Semper Fidelis, Top

Stephen Maher Jr

July 8, 2019

Big Ed, you had and have taught me so much. I loved hearing all the stories you told during your time in the Corps. That is what made me join the Navy. I wish we had more time to share our stories together. I love and miss you. Your grandson, Sport

David Hundley

July 8, 2019

I remember stopping at Wildfang’s house on my way home and meeting up with Henry George Pierre and Ed and having a martinis. Henry always had 2 types of cocktail onion Big one he called officer onions and little ones -enlisted onions- for George and Ed. Ed And I planned several Translants and worked with CARF in DC. Lots of fun and they all came off without a hitch. RIP and Semper Fi my friend.

Terry Ruhter

July 8, 2019

I am exceedingly grateful for his significant contribution to Marine aviation, the KC-130 community and aerial navigator specialty. Particularly KC-130 trans-oceanic air refueling employment, authorization of the legacy navigator wings, and nav Warrant Officer program. And extremely thankful for his sage counsel to all hands and the innumerable 6s he covered

It is truly an honor to have served with him in every clime and place.

Edward will be unequivocally missed

John Klossner

July 4, 2019

Received my Second Navigator Checkride from Ed going from Lajes to Beaufort, SC., in 1973, an 11 hour flight. By level off out of Lajes, it was clear that the only NavAid I would need that day would be sun line LOP's. Covered a lot of the Atlantic that day but did enter the Adiz within 20nm of centerline. Not a word was said while unloading in Beaufort, or on the way up to Cherry Point, or before calling it a night. Next morning, he said sign here - my writeup simply said this man is a Second Navigator and ready for a First Nav checkride.
Years later while playing golf with Ed, I bent over to pick up a tee. I was told that if I had to pick that tee up I couldn't afford to play the game.
Somehow everything with Ed was a memorable experience, and there were many. It is a privilege to have such memories and to have had the honor to serve with such a Marine.

Ted Lopez

July 3, 2019

Although I was not a navigator I was proud to call him BOSS. Saw Ed and Johnnie a few years back in Sanford and had a great time reminiscing about our time in our beloved corps. I,ll miss you my friend RIP

Tom Riford

July 2, 2019

I flew with Top Hunt often. I also worked with him in the 2nd Marine Air Wing Air Transportation Office...planning several squadron movements overseas.
Ed Hunt was a one of kind...and he was a great navigator. I was with him once for nearly two weeks in Europe, when our aircraft had a few mechanical issues. I learned a lot of Marine Corps history on that flight!
One time, Top Hunt was miffed that his parking spot was occupied by someone else's car. He raised his voice, a bit...and the next day an NCO was patrolling the parking spot, with full gear and a rifle, not letting anyone else park there for sure. It was a funny thing to see, and Top Hunt got a huge kick out of it.

He made memories that I will always cherish.
Tom Riford

Paul Stouffer

July 2, 2019

My fondest memory of Ed took place on a flight from Cherry Point to Lajes ,Azores. We were testing the new navigation systems, Inertial and Omega, to see how good they were. Ed came up from the rear of the aircraft, stood by my seat looking down at the ocean. After about 10 minutes he announced, “these things aren’t too bad...they are only about a mile off course.”
After he left, I asked the working navigator how we were doing. He took a fix, and said, “ I show us about a mile left of course”.
I said, “That’s what Top Hunt said. He just looked out the window. and figured that out. How does he do that?”
The working nav said, “Top Hunt knows all the waves in the ocean by name, so it’s easy for him...”.