Mr. Ronald E Hann

August 25, 1924November 24, 2018
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Ronald Hann Eulogy

Our family would like to thank all of you for coming today as we celebrate the life of my father, Ronald Ellwood Hann.

Dad was born on August 25, 1924, the son of Benjamin Franklin Hann and Marion O’Neal Hann. He was born at home in State College Pennsylvania. Dad was the oldest of four children. Dad had a brother Mason and two sisters Patty and Janet. Dad attended School in State College, Pennsylvania.

Dad and Mom meet in State College Pennsylvania in 1942. Dad was in high school and Mom was attending Pennsylvania State University. They began dating. Dad received his draft notice for World War two in August of 1942. He received a deferment to finish high school. Dad graduated from high school in June 1943 and was inducted into the Army the same month. Dad went through basic training and was deployed to Europe In February of 1944. Dad served in various parts off Europe as a truck driver moving bombs and supplies for the allied forces. After the invasion of Normandy Dad spent countless hours moving supplies and equipment from the beaches of Normandy to bases in Europe. Dad also was assigned to guard German prisoners of war toward the end of the war. Dad was discharged from the Army in December of 1945 and returned home to State College.

Dad and Mom were married on July 10, 1946 in Everett Pennsylvania. Shortly after mom and dad were married they moved to Chicago for Dad to attend commercial art school. Dad attended art school for a short time and began to have doubts about whether he wanted a career in commercial art. His main issue was the commercial art centers were in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and Dad did not like big city life. Dad and Mom decided he would quit art school and they moved home to Sate College.

Dad found a job at the College Heights Service Station in Sate College. During that time Mom lead my Dad to the Lord.

Dad and Moms first child, David Hann, was born on September 24, 1948, In Bellfonte, Pennsylvania.

Dad went to work for the US Post Office in September of 1949. Dad and mom built a home in Lemont Pennsylvania’s and moved into the house in 1950.

Dad and Moms second child, Kathy Hann, was born on January 16, 1951. Their third child, Janet Hann, was born October 31, 1953.

In June of 1959 Dad and Mom joined New Tribes Mission and began missionary training in Jersey Shore Pennsylvania. They finished missionary training in June of 1961.

Dad and Mom went to the mission field in East Brazil in 1962. They arrived in Belem Brazil in April of 1962. Dad was assigned to set up and administer a language and linguistics program for Brazilian missionary candidates. Dad and mom served faithfully in Brazil for 38 years. During their first term in Brazil there fourth child, Ritchey Hann, was born on December 04, 1962. There fifth child, Stephen Hann was born on January 01, 1965. Dad and Mom retired from missionary service in May of 1997. They moved into the retirement homes in Sanford in November of 1997. Dad and Mom enjoyed their retirement and continued to serve in the mission finance office and their local church. Mom passed away December 08, 2003. Dad continued to serve in his church teaching Sunday school and reviewing missionary letters for the pastor. Dads health began to fail and he was moved to the lake Mary Health and Rehabilitation Center in January of 2015. He lived in the Rehabilitation center until his death on November 24, 2018.

Dad was preceded in death by his Son, David Hann and his wife, Jeanne Hann. Dad had five children, 15 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

Dad enjoyed studying and writing. Dad loved spending time with his family and enjoyed the holidays. He was a big football fan and loved Penn State football and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers. People described Dad as a loving, kind, considerate, patient, organized person with a great sense of humor.Dad had a kind quiet spirit about him that put people at ease. Even while spending the last three years in the nursing home Dad had an impact on the staff there. The staff described him as their favorite patient as he was kind and loving and so easy to care for. Dad set a great example for all of us to follow and he left a great legacy. They say when you die it’s not how much money or earthly possessions you have but how you treated others and the impact you had on others lives. Dad a a big impact on many people throughout his earthly life.

The family asked me to share a few brief personal memories of Dad:

My sister Kathy: my fond memories of Dad were sitting on his lap listening to music. Dad hiding Easter eggs at Easter. Going to the circus with Dad. Dad and mom made their home base, during furloughs, in Hillsboro Kansas were I lived, which allowed them to bond with there grandchildren.

My bother-in-law Steve (Kathy’s husband): I remember Dad and Mom spent furloughs in Hillsboro, Kansas, were we lived with our family. We would go to Dad and Moms almost every night and spend time with them. The evening would usually consist of Dad telling stories. The evening would usually end with us eating Oreos and drinking Pepsi.

My sister Janet: I remember Dads patience. He never raised his voice with us. Dad playing the piano which he played by ear, my favorite song was Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy of Company B. His stories he would tell us, he was a master story teller. And finally the example he set for all off us.

Ritchey: I remember my Dad always made time for me no matter how busy he was. I remember he was a great example to me of what a true man of God should be. I enjoyed talking to dad about sports and his youth and the war. In 1979 the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing in the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles. It was game seven and the winner would win the series. We were living in Brazil and had no TV. Dad was listening to the game on the radio. My mother wanted me to go to bed as it was a school night. I went to bed. Once mom went to bed Dad got me back up to listen to the game. We stayed up until after 1am and listened to Pirates win the World Series.

My wife keri Keri (my wife): Dad was a great man. He watched our family grow to 10 children and 5 grandchildren. He always supported us and prayed for us. He always had Godly wisdom and never judged us. I always enjoyed watching him with the grandkids. He loved children. I always made him draw for us as he was a talented artist. I treasure his drawings and the story behind each drawing. He was kind and never complained about anything. The legacy he left was admirable and I hope others will follow his leadership and the example he set for all off us. He will be greatly missed and I will always love him.

My brother Stephen: Dad was the best person to talk to about your problems. He would listen and give his advise. Which was good advise. He always made time for us. He was the greatest dad In The world.

My sister-in law Elisa (Stephen’s wife): Dad was caring and heart warming. He treated me like family from the time I meet him. He would always send birthday cards to my two children. I really appreciated how Dad made me feel like part of the family from the day I first meet him.


  • Visitation Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • Celebration of Life Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • Committal Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mr. Ronald E Hann

have a memory or condolence to add?

Earl Whittaker

November 30, 2018

Dear Kathy, Janet, Richie and Steve
In 1963 we finished Portuguese study in Sao Paulo and moved to Peniel for a year to study linguistics before going to a tribe. For the first time in the Brazilian training, MNTB was going to have its own linguistics teacher. And, of course, it was your father Ron. So he became our teacher and our friend. While we never worked together, our paths often crossed in Brazil and in the US...and once as both of our families crossed the Arizona border at the same time in 1981! We so much appreciated your parents – their ministry with dedication and sacrifice, their love and friendship, their true Christian spirit and example, their hospitality with meals in their home whenever we would be traveling through Vianópolis. Our last encounter with your dad was our visit to him in Lake Mary when we visited Florida last year. Though in pain, he welcomed us and we chatted for a bit. He brought us up-to-date on his much-loved children and grandchildren. We send our love to you all and our prayers to our Father for His comfort. What a wonderful life so well lived!
Earl & Marilyn Whittaker

Dawn Canright

November 28, 2018

Your dad was one of my all-time favorite "uncles". He gave me a nickname when I was just a little girl, three or four years of age. -- One day, when our folks were in missionary training together, he passed mom and I on the trail back from the creek. Mom walked behind with a little tree branch switch, "guiding" me back home. I was a muddy mess, wailing all the way, till crossing paths with your dad. He said that when I saw him, I looked up through my tears...and then with a big smile, I said, "Uncle Ron, I been makin' mud pies!" :). He, ever after, referred to me as "Sparkle Plenty"...Not sure exactly what prompted him to do so, but I do know that mom and dad always got a big kick out his nickname, referenced from a character in an old comic strip. Your dad was kind. He had a big heart, a wonderful smile...and always, a very special warm twinkle to his eyes. He will be missed....

Duane Donmoyer

November 28, 2018

Dear Kathy, Janet, Richie, and Steve:
I deeply share your sorrow at the loss of your dad. While growing up, there was such a blurry line between your family and ours that I think we were truly one. Almost every birthday and holiday was shared in some way. Your parents door was always open to us and I often went there to just hang out and be with them. I loved sharing meals and hearing your dad tell stories. Most of them I could probably still give back to you verbatim. The laugh that went with them always brought joy and warmth to my heart. That laugh will echo in my heart till my dying day. Thank you for sharing your parents with me. I learned so much from them about knowledge, life, love and God. Your mom was an example of gentle love and acceptance ("different strokes for different folks"). She taught me much about English grammar, literature and writing in spite of my reluctance. I can still almost instantly diagram a sentence in my head. She encouraged me to learn to enjoy literature in spite of my constant assertions that all the English poets were "just a bunch of dope smokers." All while giving up her summer to teach me so that I could complete high school sooner. The foundation that she gave me was invaluable as I went on to further my education. I will forever be in her debt. From your Dad, I learned to be faithful and diligent. He never made a big splash, but he was always working to be a better teacher, better communicator, and more knowledgeable about everything. I learned that there is never any experience that is too painful to not make a good story. What a wonderful perspective that he had on life.
Your parents gave much, asked little and expected nothing. There could be no greater example of lives well lived for Christ. Although I will greatly miss him, I rejoice that your parents and David are now reunited in the presence of the Lord. My work prevents me from being with you but my heart and prayers are. Forever grateful, Duane

Stanton Donmoyer

November 28, 2018

Dear Kathy, Janet, Ritchie, and Steve, Dyann and I would love be with you at this time but it is not impossible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our lives were so closely entwined through the years that it is if I have lost my brother. Though your folks were 16 years older than us, the age didn’t seem to make any difference. We lived close to you and worked together for 31 years and never had any problems. That seems like an impossibility, but your folks were so loving and kind that is was not hard at all to work together that way. We were like one family. Remember all the times we made ice cream together there in Shekinah, all the ice tea we drank together and our kids always loved your ice cold metal cups! Your dad was Avery talented and dedicated teacher. Both your folks loved the Lord and you very deeply. Your dad was also a very patient man. We miss them very much but look forward with great anticipation to fellowshiping with them in eternity. The Lord bless you as you remember him this day. With our love, Stan and Dyann

Minan (Donmoyer) Williams

November 28, 2018

Dear Cathy, Janet, Richie, and Steve,
I was so sorry to hear of Uncle Ron's passing and am further saddened that I can't make it to his funeral. Please know that I am praying for you during this time of loss and that my heart is with you. All of my memories of Uncle Ron are good ones which is an amazing thing considering all the time we spent together - him reading Briar Rabbit or Dr Seuss to us when we were kids; him dressing up and role playing as he helped train language learners; him mixing paint on our back patio using tubes of color to get just the shade that my mom wanted; the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that your parents always had; his love of learning; his great stories; his incredible sense of humor and that distinctive laugh that rang out so often; his dedication to God, your mom, and your family; him, your mom, and my parents all sitting around in our living room in the evening in their bathrobes, reading, during the time they stayed with us during a remodel on their house; his fabulous chapels with amazing art work making them come alive...I could go on and on. I was blessed to have him as an honorary grandpa and have his example of faithful service and contentment in my life. I know that the angels are rejoicing and that as he entered the presence of Jesus he heard "Well done, good and faithful servant!"
With much sympathy and love, Minan (Donmoyer) Williams

Joan Hubbard

November 27, 2018

We just want you to know we are thinking of you all and praying for you. thanks for all the pictures you shared, so special. Your Dad and Mom were such a blessing to me when in Brazil. Your Mom and i always walked after
dinner in the evening around the track behind the school and had some wonderful times of fellowship. we called it sometimes, airing out our brains.
they were always a big help and encouragement. they will always be remembered with love, their faithfulness in serving and loving the Lord. They an amazing example of the love and care of the Lord. again, praying for you all and we will be with you in our hearts for the service. sincerely, Jo an

Rebecca Pierce

November 27, 2018

Where do I begin?...As a youngster growing up in Brazil...I remember him as Uncle Ron...I never felt anything but love from an NTM world of 'never good enough'...Uncle Ron met everyone as good enough...he was always 'okay' with who we were...I remember his sheepish grins...his not too close but close enough love....I adored him...I thought he was very handsome...and 'cool'...I loved Jean much...and to think they are dancing together in heaven right now....makes me happy...I love them both...and my life is richer and more meaningful because I knew them.....