Hubert Walter Jansen

October 1, 1951July 6, 2018

What can I say about my best friend of 31 plus years - Hubert W. Jansen. I am hearing from his friends, clients and acquaintances that he was kind, sweet, dependable, a wonderful human being, confidential, hard worker, didn't slow down, cared about others and competently ran his sign business. He had many interests including volunteering for local art and wine festivals, Past President of the Sunnyvale Jaycees, fan of the San Jose Sharks, the San Jose Barracuda, San Diego Gulls, was a member of the South Bay Historical Railroad group, member of the San Jose Stamp Club, President of the San Jose Post Card Club, member of the San Diego Electric Trolley group, commercial airline collectible group and more. He had a soft spot for our cats and animals in need. He was alumni of Santa Clara University and supported the Archives Library. After he died, I talked to folks who were part of his life and loved him. They all had wonderful things to say about him. He had the unique ability to connect people with people of similar interests. Hubert was a parishioner of St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish and we loved to attend the Sunday 6 pm mass together. That always was our favorite mass because it used to be called the Young Adult Mass (when we were Young Adults). We all love Hubert and he will be missed very much. May God Bless Your Soul Always My Love - with gratitude for being your partner - Mary Ann


  • Funeral Service Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hubert Walter Jansen

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Mike Chew

August 4, 2018

I have known Hubert since the 1980s when I started attending the San Francisco Airline Memorabilia shows. As members of the Bay Area Airline Historical Society ("BAAHS"), we would also get together once a month at Tom and Sue Dragges' house. Hubert has always been a kind, caring, and gentle person. Extremely helpful too as Hubert would promote the SFO show by passing out show flyers to South Bay hobby shops and airline counters at SJC. He would send promotional flyers to local newspapers and provide signs from his business Sign Wiz for the show as well. Meanwhile, Mary Ann would be equally helpful greeting show attendees at the front door.

I was with Hubert, Jim Thompson, and Jerry Stanick as we took a look around the Carnival Cruise Lines ship "Tropicale" they were about to cruise on. Back then they were allowed to take guests on board before setting sail. That was my first time on a cruise ship. Since that memorable day, I have been on 7 cruises.

We will be dedicating the September SFO show to Hubert. Mary Ann will be attending and hopefully we can get her to say some words as we remember our dear friend.

My deepest sympathies to Mary Ann and all of Hubert's family and friends. He will be sorely missed by all.

Darryl Bustamante

August 3, 2018

My wife, and I, both met Hubert via Marshall Pumphrey (but then, who doesn't meet anyone via Marshall!).

Hubert, and my wife, Irene Weber, both ran the front of the house at the Los Angeles Airliner Show, for years. They developed a mutual respect for each other, got along, and worked well together. It was obvious both had fun, and both had a mutual respect for the people whom filtered through the doors.

Irene went Home to be with the Lord on 05-28-2017 (thanks for the best 30-years of my life, Honey), and now it was Hubert's turn to go Home, too.

God Speed, Hubert. It was a privilege to know you.

John Dooley

August 2, 2018

The world has lost a truly kind and humble man with the passing of Hubert Jansen. It is rare to meet someone that never has an unkind word to say about others, even those that had caused him great trouble and abused his kindness were never mentioned in a negative way. I enjoyed talking with Hubert because he was always willing to share his knowledge of things and if it was a subject he did not know well, he would do the research before our next conversation.
He encouraged me to go back to school and inspired me to do great things.

I have a humorous story of a day last July when he was in San Diego and I wanted to arrange a picnic. It was my idea that three of us, Hubert, myself and my girlfriend Kayla, would go to the property his parents had in the mountains. Hubert heard my idea and in his own way commented about the warm weather, and I heard him, but I failed to listen to what he said. Anyhow after making all of the preparations we left the coast where the ocean breezes are and made our way up the hills to our picnic spot. The weather was close to stifiling in the mountains but I tried to keep our spirits up describing the food etc. We found a shady spot on a huge rock and sat down. Hubert remained standing and refused my offer of sitting on the ice box. Soon I found that fire ants were in the area, of course this was after I had picked a wild flower and had my girlfriend smell it, which quickly had her eyes watering and sneezing. It makes me laugh to think how Hubert let me go on with my picnic plan and tried to warn me yet when I didnt heed the advise he gladly went along. We did have an enjoyable ride back, taking the long way home.

Its a truly good man that causes you to be a better person from simply knowing them.

Dennis Raybuck

August 2, 2018

Mary Ann - You have my deepest condolences and love. I am so sorry to hear of Hubert's passing. I know you brought a great deal of joy to his life. I always enjoyed my talks with Hubert at the San Francisco Airline Show. He always made me feel special that he and I shared an interest in the Convair. One, it was one of his favorite aircraft and two, I had worked for General Dynamics Convair Division in the late 1970s. Hubert was truly a Renaissances man with so many interests and passions. We are all better having known him and learned from him. In Sympathy, Dennis Raybuck

Jim "JET" Thompson

August 1, 2018

To Mary Ann and all of Hubert's family; I'm still in shock learning of Hubert's passing at a way, way, way too young age. I had just come out of church when I received word from Mike Chew and was in total disbelief. I remember meeting Hubert when he joined Jerry Stanick and I on a cruise down the west coast to Mexico and back in the early 1980's. The 3 of us had a wonderful time. This led to another cruise a year later that Mary Ann was able to join us on and we all had a great time. I'd continue to see Hubert at the Airliners International conventions when he was able to attend them, often times with Mary Ann. Our friendship built over the years and we'd always enjoy our time together. I will truly miss seeing my postcard collecting friend in San Jose. I always enjoyed our time together. My sympathy goes out to you Mary Ann and the rest of Hubert's family. We in the World Airline Historical Society will truly miss him. We were all looking forward to seeing him in Atlanta next year.

Tom Vance

August 1, 2018

Hubert was a class act. Quiet, friendly, unassuming yet brilliant and smart if that is allowed. I met Hubert (and Mary Ann) at the SFO Airline Collectible Show back in the 1980s and he was the nicest helper we had. Dedicated is a small word to use for Hubert. His actions spoke louder than words. Hubert was dependable, and loved chatting up a good story for accuracy on whatever subject he was involved with. His mind was always working, looking, researching, reviewing and learning something new - all with a smile or friendly conversation to go along with that, which all equates to a very nice man. To his friends and family, my heart goes out to you, Hubert is irreplaceable, and I will miss his friendship, his smile and knowledge.
Hubert's shoes will never be filled - my sincerest sympathies to Mary Ann and Hubert's Family.