Ike P. del Rosario

July 11, 1959October 9, 2021

Ike P. del Rosario, age 62, of San Jose, California passed away on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Ike was born July 11, 1959.

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Ike P. del Rosario

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Pablo Ibañez

October 16, 2021

There was never one memory where I can point at and say Mr. D. changed my life. However, Mr. D was always different. A teacher who genuinely seemed to care about his students. I first met him when I was 16, now being 34 I can see why he always stood out amongst all the teachers I ever had. I’ll never forget the Christmas tree we decorated for Christmas in the park, and because of that I always look for a Pegasus tree when I go with my family. The times I’ve found it I proudly tell them of how my little elf was once hanging on a similar tree. I also fondly remember the trip to Henry’s famous Hi-Life you took me and a classmate on for finishing the top two on some competition we were doing. You were always such a caring person.

I regret not having that beer with you we would always talk about getting. You promised me one when I turned 21(this was after I was 18 and out of HS). Had I known the last time we talked in April would have been the last time we talked, maybe I would have said something different. Maybe I would have found someone to watch the kids while we finally got that drink. I’m sorry I never made it happen.

I will always remember your huge smile.

Chris Meade

October 16, 2021

Ike entered my life when he called me out of nowhere one day..
We knew each other through cartoons or cooking, and his clear and happy voice set a time for me where I knew I had a new good friend.
We lost track for a little while and I found out from him that he had lost his grandfather??;and he was grieving and he had been unwell with issues that his friends knew about.
I was shocked when I heard of Ike's passing and still feel sad when I think about him. My Cebuana partner Pabs and I send our sincere condolences to Ike's family friends and students.
Fly high you shining diamond!


October 16, 2021

Ike was a wonderful teacher and colleague! He was a true advocate for students. My sincere condolences to his family.

Miranda Long

October 16, 2021

I did not know Ike as well as many others who have left memories about him here, but I have been touched just as much by his very bright light. Ike was a regular at my Starbucks store, coming every day for his short dark roast and to share a few jokes and stories with us. I have missed seeing him stroll in, missed hearing his hilarious stories of traveling and meeting so many wonderful people along the way. He would always let me know of the discount flights or trips he found and encourage me to go now and explore the world while I still can. Inspiring, that is one word that I will forever describe Ike as. I am grateful to have known him, even for a little while and as a connection over a cup of coffee and a laugh. Ike, thank you for being such a presence in our store, our community, and our Starbucks family. You are dearly missed.

Tim Pinks

October 16, 2021

This is still all too...unbelievable. I shall write and post something very soon about the wonderful human being that was Ike...who I first met in Pamplona in Spain in 1984...but for now may I just say how lovely it has been to read the comments about him from others I don't know who knew him. You have all nailed it...beautifully. He was an amazing man and a fantastic friend...and my heart goes out to his family, brothers and friend. And pupils... What a kind, generous, intelligent and funny man he was. Always funny...we, his friends from all over the world, loved him. And we always will.

Alan Wood

October 15, 2021

I met Ike in 1992 in Pamplona, he was astonishingly Californian, even attempts at the Basque language were followed by 'man', With that said he had a seemingly inbuilt capacity to be effervescent and calm simultaneously. The West Coast...isms were just the icing on an individual who was always listening, pondering, and empathizing.
Over the decades we talked a fair bit about his vocation and he talked about his students with probably an equal amount of joy and despair but never without hope. I also don't ever remember him talking about just coasting the job, he was always going to try and do what he could even when he felt it wasn't going to be nearly enough.
As much as he loved his students I know he looked forward to retirement. The last time I saw him we talked about his health and he was trying to change some things to the extent we left for home way earlier than we would have in the past and navigating far straighter walking paths. I'm sad he didn't get longer, he deserved and had worked for it.
My thoughts are with those he loved and left behind. I miss him not being somewhere..... man.

Katy Schaeffer-Feist

October 15, 2021

Growing up in Sunnyvale, Ike was one of my brother's best friends, so we were blessed to have him in our orbit quite a lot. And what an orbit! Ike always had that BIG smile, friendly face, and was one of the happiest, kindest guys around. Never a dull moment with Ike! We loved hearing his crazy adventures in Pamplona, his cycling treks, and embracing of life wherever his journeys would take him. When my brother had a heart attack several years ago, Ike drove 12 hours and met us at the hospital and sat with us, willing him back to health. That's the kind of friend Ike was. Reading the tributes from his students is a true window into the amazing person that Ike was. My deepest condolences to his family at this tragic loss.

Kelly Reineking

October 14, 2021

Bored, doodling bicycles in my econ notebook at San Jose State University, this guy leans over my shoulder and asks, "You a cyclist?" "Yea." I'm cycling through Europe this summer. Wanna come along?" "Uh, I'm taking a class in Wisconsin." "Oh, cool. I could fly there afterwards, and we could ride back to school." Slight hesitation..."Okay." And so began our beautiful, and of course crazy, 35 year friendship. We had such amazing adventures on our 1500+ mile bike ride. Ike was such an amazingly friendly guy with a bubbly personality and exuberance about him that the moment a stranger met him, they immediately warmed up to him and felt like they'd known him all their life. We seemed to get invited to spend the night in people's homes along the way about one out of four nights. Ike and I remained friends over the years, getting together to cycle in different places including my home in the Cayman Islands. I always loved our rendezvous and rides and the laughs we shared. Our plan was to do the Great American Rail Trail ride once the cross country trail was completed. So sad we won't get to do this together, my friend. RIP Ike.

Robin Stark

October 14, 2021

I knew Ike for the majority of my life, as we worked together as teenagers at Marriott's Great America in Santa Clara. We shared a love for cycling, traveling, Shakespeare and the SF Giants. We had fun times through the years and many heartfelt conversations especially about his experiences teaching high school. He visited me a couple years ago when he was in San Diego with his daughter, and it was just like old times. That's the kind of guy he was.... always making substantial connections that lasted.

Tasha Burkett(Rohe)

October 14, 2021

I was Ike's 6th grade teacher at Bayside Elementary School in Sunnyvale. He was in my class my 2nd year of teaching 1970-71. I can truly say "everyone liked Ike" he was a special kid good to everyone and always had a smile on his face. In all of my 34 years of teaching in Sunnyvale I would have to say Ike was in my top 3 kids that were my favorite children to teach. I transferred to San Miguel and taught 5th grade there. He would stop by and see me every once in awhile. I remember one time he came he walked into my room while I was teaching and came and gave me a big hug because i had just announced that I was getting married to the "other" 5th grade teacher. He then turned to my class and asked - Is Miss Rohe still 85 years old? Does she still sleep in the teacher's closet and does she still only make $1.25 an hour teaching all of you?? Over the years we did see each other occasionally and when I retired after 34 years of teaching - he came again to see me. I moved up to jackson, Ca. and started doing Pampered Chef so would come down to San Jose to do shows - once he met me in Valley Fair parking lot and gave me some of his wonderful homemade lumpia and sauce soooooo good, another time he called and asked if I could meet him at IKEA restaurant in West Sacramento and meet his daughter(who was a freshman in high school) because he was taking her to see UC Davis to see if she would want to go there for college. He let me know sometime later that he saw me on facebook or You Tube doing my "Story Time with Miss Tasha" and told me I hadn't changed much at all the same Loud deep voice and very animated in my readings to kids. He was a very special person even way back as a child - my condolences to his wife and daughter - he will truly be missed. Thanks to my friend, Celia Lettis, for letting me know about Ike.