Kermit James Peitz

February 5, 1936March 11, 2018
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Kermit James Peitz was born on February 5, 1936 and passed away on March 11, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.


  • Visitation Thursday, March 22, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, March 23, 2018
  • Committal Service Friday, March 23, 2018

Kermit James Peitz

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Cheryl Baker

March 24, 2018

Dad, as we lay you to rest on March 23rd 2018 I cannot inmagine my life without you. I feel very lost right now. I hope you know how much you were loved. We all loved you so much and always tried to show it. I'm not sure what to do now, but I know I will always love you and I know your at peace now with Mom and Tom, along with Bob, Nana, Mrs Cortez and the list go on. I'm so sorry for the times we did not agree on things. You are a special dad and I will always remember the movie I watch with you awhile back. This movie (The Straight Story) reminds me of exzactly how you feel. Great movie and I learned alot from this. It will always make me realize what is really important in life. I love you dad always and forever. Rest in peace my father.....

Love your daughter Cheryl Baker/Peitz

David Peitz

March 23, 2018

Its never easy losing a loved one. Jim Peitz loved his family and his friends and was very loyal to all. Jim instilled the trates that made me the man I have become. Treating others with respect, and showing common courtesy to strangers. A simple act of kindness can be infectious. Being true to yourself, and your family and friends. I will miss my fathers wisdom, his love, and most of all his great stories. I can only hope I have become half the man he was.

Thank you all for your support during difficult time.

Debbie Cortez

March 17, 2018

There is nothing that can prepare you enough for the loss of a loved one. Our father was one of kind. We loved him dearly for all that he has done for us. He was our rock and strength always. May he find peace in the hands of god and with our mom, Carolene, our brother Tom, and his son-in-law Robert along with all those other loved ones he has lost over the years.



Kermit James Peitz was warm-hearted and well-liked because he was such a friendly, sociable man, someone who always made certain that those around him had whatever they needed. Kermit, though talkative, was tactful at all times but typically said what he meant.

Kermit was the son of Michael and Bertha Peitz. Raised in Billings, Montana, he would call many places home: South Dakota, Montana, and northern California. His heart, however, was always in Montana. During his childhood, he learned to be reliable and respectful. Kermit was an obedient child who wanted to win the favor of others and always put his parents' care and well-being first. Sympathetic and kind, these admirable qualities would become a part of Kermit's personality throughout his life and something he passed down to his own children.

Kermit's immediate family was big: three older sisters, Mildred, Florence, and Esther, and two older brothers, Reuben and Art. Kermit and his siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up, but they cared deeply for one another and made sure to stay in touch whenever possible.

Kermit always welcomed new adventures. When he got up in the mornings, he was ready and raring to go. As a young boy, Kermit was an active child, working as a ranch hand. He loved horses and, in his spare time, enjoyed horseback riding. Kermit's memorable achievements included taking care of his parents and becoming a hard worker for life.

Kermit's friends knew and still remember that he was honest and could talk to anybody about anything. These qualities are the primary reasons that Kermit was such a popular person throughout his life. He was also dependable, loyal and trustworthy. While he maintained personal standards and his own personal values, Kermit was very accepting of others. With a distinct skill for working things out, Kermit was often the person who let you know exactly what he was thinking. When Kermit made friends, he made true and lasting friendships. Some of his best friends while growing up, of whom he spoke often, were Hudson, Joe, and Allen. He often talked about the large group of friends he had, over thirty, growing up. Hudson, Allen, and Joe were often mentioned when he reflected on his younger years.

Kermit was a faithful and loving person. His kindness and consideration radiated an aura of warmth to those around him. Kermit cared for what others thought and carried that into his marriage. Kermit and Carolene married in 1958. Compassionate and devoted, Kermit worked hard to make his new life's partner happy. Carolene, a single child herself, loved children, and the family grew fast over the next seven years.

Kermit was blessed with five children, two sons, Tom and David and three daughters, Dorreen, Cheryl, and Debbie. They also were blessed with six grandchildren, Jennifer, Michelle, Veronica, Justin, Daniel, and David Jr., and a great-granddaughter, Lanee'. Kermit was reasonable and understanding. As a result, Kermit was quick to lend an ear or advise when disputes would arise. His secret of success in this area was simple: Kermit would listen before he would act.

Taking his work seriously, Kermit expected the same from those around him. He was born to lead and did it well. He was what some would call a people person and it was reflected in his strength and perseverance over the years. Kermit was a steady worker, one who was realistic about schedules. He had such confidence in his work ethic that he often told interviewers to "let me work without pay for a week and you can decide for yourselves if I'm fit for the job." He always landed the job and he was proud of that! His primary occupation was machinist and he was employed over 25 years at Owens Corning Fiberglass in Santa Clara, California. He brought harmony to his work environment, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done while always maintaining respect for his colleagues.

Kermit enjoyed working on his own projects. He once built from scratch an entire stable for the family's five horses in the back yard of his home. He brought the stables over piece by piece to G and G Ranch of Lawrence Expressway, and put them together with ease. He also built a massive hutch for the shelter of rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, and turtles. The family loved pets and he was no exception. He cherished his pets. One of his favorites for over 14 years was a small terrier mix named Evette. He also loved his more recent companion, his cat Percy, who on visits was often seen sprawled over him on his favorite chair while watching television.

Other favorite pursuits of Kermit Peitz included fishing, watching old Westerns, and riding horses. Kermit loved watching sports, especially his favorite team the New Orleans Saints. Kermit also liked to travel as often as he could. He rarely tired of revisiting his favorite places, including Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Reno, to name but a few, but especially he cherished the visits to Montana.

Since it was easy for Kermit to meet and get to know new people, he quickly made friends, even in retirement. Once he met those new friends, he loved sharing stories and talking about days passed. Practical and frugal, Kermit was ready when the day to retire finally came in 2002. He decided to stay in California, despite its cost of living. He wanted to stay close to his cherished family. Even in retirement, Kermit stayed in touch with his old friends and made plenty of new acquaintances.

Kermit passed away on March 11, 2018 at Kaiser hospital in Santa Clara, California. He is survived by his children Dorreen, Cheryl, Debbie, David, his daughter-in-law, Heather, his son-in-law Fred, his grandchildren Jennifer, Michelle, Daniel, David Jr., Veronica, and Justin, and his great-granddaughter Lanee'. Services will be held at Lima Family Santa Clara Mortuary in Santa Clara, California on March 22 and 23. Kermit will be laid to rest in Mission City Memorial Park in Santa Clara, California on March 23 at 12:00 noon.

Kermit was a wonderful conversationalist who could engage just about anyone in a discussion and whenever he said something, he meant it. Kermit was outgoing and generous. He enjoyed experiencing things first hand. He was practical and sensible and what friends and family will remember him for most is his understanding and kindness, always the first to offer his help whenever needed. Everyone whose life he touched will miss Kermit James Peitz.