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Margaret Lujan Perez

June 10, 1937July 20, 2020

Margaret Lujan Perez Obituary Margaret Lujan Perez was born in Texas on June 10,1937 and passed away on July 20, 2020 in San Jose, California at the age of 83 years. Margaret will be forever loved and missed by her husband, Jose Perez, son Jose Luis Perez and daughter Angela Rose Perez. She was beloved by her late parents Felix and Angela Lujan, sisters Dolores Armenta, Angie Garza, Alice Ramirez and brother Paul Lujan. Beloved by Goddaughter Diana Encisco and many nieces, nephews and extended family. A graveside service for Margaret will be held Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 11:00 AM at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, 490 Lincoln St, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.limafamilysantaclara.com for the Perez family.


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Margaret Lujan Perez

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Anna “Anita” Flores-Martinez

August 1, 2020

My parents Jesus and Anita Flores lived next to Maggie and “Uncle” Joe. We grew up sitting on the porch in the evenings hanging out with Joey and Angela. Maggie was always so sweet and soft spoken. She loved her garden and she had the prettiest greenest lawn on the whole block. We enjoyed spending our New Years eves with them as kids we were always welcomed to their home. I remember as kids we had a swing set in our backyard and their dogs I think were Scooter and Tramp and we loved talking to them over the fence. They always had cats and dogs and we were not allowed to have pets so we loved their pets.

Maggie will be truly missed. May she RIP.

Maribel Cervantes

August 1, 2020

Christmas and New Years were spent with the Perez family. Joey’s light show for the holidays was spectacular! The neighbors, everyone near and far looked forward to driving up and standing in front of Maggie’s house to watch the light show. My sisters Letty and Diane would make hot chocolate bring out Mexican sweet bread it was a treat! Maggie would also make hot chocolate, coffee, and offer Mexican sweet bread and other pastries. This was something we all looked forward to every year.
We celebrated New Year’s with the Perez family the same year my baby brother made his Halloween trips to Maggie’s house. Lola, Diana, and some of Joey’s and Angela’s friends stopped by we bought Martinelli’s sparkling cider (non alcoholic) and we were about to toast around 11p.m. or so that night so we all shared something as we look forward to the New Year and a while later my brother starts to let it be known he wasn’t feeling well he claimed to be dizzy over Martinelli’s apple cider Maggie was so sweet in asking him questions to try and figure out if something else may be causing him to not feel so well. My sister Diane reminded him that he was past his bed time and that maybe he was just tired. All of a sudden my brother’s argument I think the alcohol beverage I drank may have caused me some slight dizziness, we all started laughing hard Jr. you had a cup of Martinelli’s apple cider that doesn’t have any alcohol in it what else have you been drinking? Poor Maggie and the rest of us were cracking up so bad but I felt for Maggie trying to be sensitive and helpful to our comical baby brother who was 6 or 7 at the time that was one funny New Year’s Eve that went down in the books. We couldn’t stop laughing, The New Year Rang In and we were still cracking up over my baby brother’s “buzzed” feeling.

Maribel Cervantes

August 1, 2020

Beloved Nina Maggie Oh! How I’m going to miss living next door to you, seeing your gorgeous smile that was so warm and welcoming (flawless) and your laughter genuine, infectious, and full of joy.

Maggie and Joe Perez lived next door to my parents Anita and Jesus Flores. Through the years they became more than neighbors they were family. Maggie and my mom Anita had become best of friends she was my mother’s confident and trusted her with so much even her six kids. Through the years Maggie and her family were a big part of our lives I have some funny memories that have given me comfort through these hard days and remembering her laughter has been soothing and helps ease the hurt I have been feeling lately. Maggie was a phenomenal woman and she proved that countless times. My mother respected and loved her so much she asked her to be my Godmother for presentation to the church and Maggie accepted. What an honor for our family and for myself. I looked up to her, respected her, she was perfection in my eyes.

I remember a time where Maggie and Angela had learned of my sister Letty’s fear of big dogs and one day out of the blue Maggie and Angela were outside with their dog Tramp (similar to Lassie) on a leash on their front yard this was on a week day in the afternoon I remember Maggie calling us over and both Letty and I went over. Letty was hesitant as we walked over so timid and scared I remember her yelling out Ehhh! When Tramp tried to go near her and Maggie telling her, “It’s Okay” with slight laughter and Letty was jumpy and anxious when Tramp tried to jump on her of excitement and she wasn’t having it yelling Ehhh! And backing away slightly while Angela tried to restrain the dog. I remember Tramp trying to get away after seeing a squirrel and with all the excitement I didn’t realize Letty had made like a ghost and took off home while I finally tried to see if she was okay, we all tried to ease her fear of big dogs but to no avail.

Vincent Ramirez

July 28, 2020

My Aunt Maggie was the sweetest, kindest lady you would ever want to meet. She would always have a nice thing to say, or would compliment you on how you looked or what you were wearing. I remember that she had a cat named Frosty, who had no tail. She loved him so much. When he passed, she was so sad, and asked if anyone came across somebody that was giving away kittens with no tails, because she would take one. A friend mentioned to me that he knew someone giving away kittens with no tails, so I got her one. He was black and white, and she named him Sydney. She was so happy to receive him. Another memory was when she would make her delicious jams and tamales. I remember one year when she couldn't find strawberries for her jam, and she was in a panic. I told her I knew where to get some. I bought her a flat at the Chinese market. She ended up finding some as well. When she combined the two together, it ended up being the one that won first place at the fair. She was so happy and grateful that she gave me my own jar of jam. She will be dearly missed, but will live in my heart forever.

Diana Enciso

July 28, 2020

My Dearest Godmother Maggie, I so blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful, caring, loving, talent, intelligent, and loving Godmother like yourself. I so grateful for all the fond memories you given me, my mom and the family.

One of greatest memory I have is when I was child, you cared for me , nurtured me while my mom was at work and you would pick me up from school in old silver Oldsmobile and we sang "Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream." Oh and you knew I love ice cream and you buy me ice cream as treat while you driving down the street, I was enjoying my ice cream, happy as could be.
Another memory I have of my Nina Maggie was that she was so talented in sewing up a storm, she make cutest outfits for me to wear and before I knew I was in fashion show, showing off her talent of beautiful outfits.

One year my Aunt Alice gave me a Cabbage Doll for Christmas, and Nina Maggie made the cutest outfits for my Cabbage Doll, which the two sneaky coordinate very well to surprise me for Christmas and they succeeded. " I cried of excitement".

One of funniest memory I have is with my two Tia's Angie, Tia Alice Nina Maggie and my mom, had went to the movies, in Ventura, and somehow the cousins and I didn't want to see the same movie they want to see, so they were in one theater, we were another theater and their movie finished and they all decide to go our theater to see the movie we were watching and sat next to us, when the movie attendant followed them and ask them to leave. All you can see four old sisters getting up from the seats they just sat down and scolding each-other and same time laughing with embarrassment. The cousins and I couldn't stop laughing so hard.
Another memory I have was her famous flour tortillas. She would make all the time, so delicious.
Nina Maggie you always forever in my heart and everyone hearts. I love you, I will miss you deeply. Love Diana

Paul & Karen Angarano

July 26, 2020

We always enjoyed our visits with Maggie and her family, We both liked gardening so we enjoyed walking each other through our respective lots. She shared generously whatever she had growing. Especially loved her tomatoes and the great award winning salsa made from her secret recipe. She was such a gracious hostess. Even when her home was invaded by the Xmas crowds over to see famous Xmas lights shows. Maggie would calmly serve her delicious hot cocoa for all the guests as they enjoyed the miniature village display and all the other Xmas decorations. Her tamales were the special touch for the holidays. She had such a quiet strength and you could feel her goodness. She truly is “the salt of the earth. Our sympathy and condolences to the family.

Belinda Berlanga

July 25, 2020

Tia Maggie, was so sweet. My memories of her visiting Tia Carmen's house and bringing over her homemade jam. It was always a treat and delicious of course. :-) Tia Maggie, always had a sweet smile and very welcoming in conversation.

My condolences and prayers to the family. May she rest in peace.

Juanita Pena

July 24, 2020

I have so many memories of my Aunt but I chosen this special one. The first time I met Maggie we didn’t realize that she would soon become our Aunt Maggie, we had gone to a wedding reception and of course there was a lot of children running around. She rounded us up and followed her into another room right off the main dance floor. She had herself a dance class. She showed us how to dance to whatever music was playing. The slower songs we could group up in two’s if we wanted or we could dance alone. But I remember she made a point to dance with each one us during the night. We were having such a fun time we didn’t care what the adults were doing. That night ended, but not before we learned how to dance Cumbias, mambos,huapangos, corridor, and boleros. At least our version of those dances. I remember she told me that I danced very well and she had something positive to say to each one of those children. When our parents came to take us home she made a point to say something good about each child. With so many children you have to know some weren’t obedient, but after a few minutes they were having lots of fun. Even for those children she had something good to say to the parents. My Aunt Maggie was patient and loving and so many kids at hand didn’t ruffle her feathers. I will always remember her as a soft spoken , gentle and a loving caring person. I loved and I will miss my Aunt Maggie she will always be in my heart.

Jose Luis Perez

July 24, 2020

I remember Mom always having the “Green Thumb”, everything she grew was with “Miracle Grow”, (never using pesticides).
Many years ago, I enjoyed helping Mom pick-n-choose, (and plant into the ground), a beautiful array of rose bushes, for the front and side yard of our house, (rose bushes that are still growing there to this day),
In the backyard, (during Spring & Summer), Mom was busy, busy, busy in her flourishing vegetable garden. There was an abundant amount of veggies produced, (corn, cucumber, chili, green beans and 4 types of tomato, just to name a few).
Early Summertime, I would help Mom make and “can(ed)” her own fruit jams, and a tasty salsa, (keeping her “secret recipes”, a secret).
Peach-Pineapple Jam, (my favorite), and her Strawberry Jam.
During the Summer , Mom would enter her jams at the Santa Clara County Fair, (she placed 1st-Place 5 years in a row).
Finally, (during the 6th year of her entries), Mom’s “famous” Strawberry Jam won the “Best of Division” Blue Ribbon Award.
. . . . . . . . . . . . happy happy fun times.

I’m gonna miss you mamma,
Love you always,

Angela R. Perez

July 23, 2020

I fondly remember one-time mom and I went on a Reno bus trip. Mom liked to play Keno. We had just had dinner and walked into the Harris Casino. We made our way over to the Keno station, marked a game card with 5 numbers and paid the attendance one dollar. We anxiously watched as each number came up on the screen. We realized that we hit all 5 numbers which rarely happens. We each won eight hundred and twenty five dollars. We were jumping up and down with excitement. When it was time to head back to our shady hotel room to go to bed, mom was a bit nervous with her winnings. We decided to place our purses under our pillows and we tried to go to sleep. I will miss all the fun times we shared together. MOM, you will be forever loved and I will miss you.


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