August 16, 1929February 15, 2021

William Edward Hall Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan August 16, 1929 - February 15, 2021 Bill was pre-deceased by father Michael Hall and mother Francis Hall and brother James Hall. Survived by wife -Mary “Thelma” Hall. Survived by daughters Colleen O’Neil and Louise Hijazi, and grandchildren Tim and Kieth (Colleen) and Luke and Sophia (Louise) Survived by step children Lenard Backman and Donna Backman and grandchildren Charlotte Heffernan, and Dylan Backman-Sass, and great grandchildren Aiden Heffernan, Zane Heffernan, and Rose Heffernan (Charlotte).

William was a devote Roman Catholic. He spent many years as an alter boy at St. Paul Roman Catholic cathedral in Saskatoon. He was a prominent medal winning athlete, during his high school years at City Park Collegiate. He played a variety of sports and excelled in many. He loved track and field winning several medals. He played hockey, rugby, baseball and basketball. Owner and operator of cab #37 Bill drove for United cab in Saskatoon for several years. He was a well respected Penitentiary guard in Edmonton (and K9 Handler) and at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon for many years until he retired.

One of Bill’s most loved things to do was to be outside. Bill enjoyed the sun, you could say he loved the sun, any time of the day, any time of the year, hot or cold. If there was a ray of sunshine in sight, you could find Bill on his lawn chair in the yard, or through the window or sitting in his winter jacket on the porch soaking up the sunshine.

Nearly as much as the sun he also enjoyed the bingo with Thelma. So much so, he even started as a bingo caller at the Big River Legion for years. As a continuation of his track and field years, Bill loved to ride his bike to and from work, and walk or go for a jog every single day until his feet could carry him no more. There was nobody as charismatic as Bill. He could strike up a lasting conversation with just about anyone. You wouldn’t want to get him started on the topic of shingles Hahahahah! People were drawn to his approachable nature and Bill could find commonalities with anyone he had a conversation with. He loved to meet new people. He had many friends from all over Saskatoon SK, Toronto ON, Big RiverSK, Edmonton AB and Pentiction BC. On February 8, 2021, Bill and Thelma celebrated 50 years together from their first date. They were married 3 years later and have never been separated a day since.



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Ilona (late Henry) Vanderstel

March 1, 2021

Heartfelt Condolences of Bill's passing. Bill had great sense of humor.
Thoughts of yous when we visit in Big River. Thinking of you Thelma.

Mackenzie Bergen

February 22, 2021

I will always remember your grandpa Charlotte! Him sitting on their deck and suntanning!! I remember I used to think he was so shiny and crispy! Haha
Sleepovers in the tent in the back yard!! His HUGE GOLD CAR parked in the driveway hahaha

Sorry for your loss Charlotte and family. Xo

Donna Backman

February 22, 2021

Dad had been in a motor vehicle accident that left him immobilized due to broken ribs.
My mom made a make shift bed for him in the living room on a lounge chair so he could watch tv.
There we were sitting in the living room watching an episode of Get Smart. The scene was a man that was laying on his stomach with a knife in his back. Maxwell smart rolled him over onto his back. The man started groaning in pain, dad thought it was so funny, but the pain from laughing made him groan like the character , “Ohhh!! Ohhh!!!! “Ohhh!!! and every time the man was rolled onto the knife he let out a groan, dad followed suit ,,Ohh!! Ohh!!! Ohhhh!!! Lenard could not hold his laughter and squeaked out “excuse me!!” and ran out of the room laughing, mom could not stop laughing and she ran down the hall and I ran out of the room laughing. And poor dad was left in the living room groaning in pain trying hard not to laugh, as he watched the funniest episode. We laughed about this memory every time we sat around talking about the past memories. This is one I will keep in my mind forever. I love you dad.

Charlotte Backman

February 22, 2021

My grandpa is the only father figure I’ve ever had and a huge part of the person I am today! There are no words to describe how much I’m going to miss him! One of the funniest memory I have is from when we lived in Penticton. We were going into the apartment and there was a man selling dairy products out of a truck. The man was asking one of the ladies in the building if she wanted some orange cheese. She couldn’t hear. So he repeated it. She still didn’t hear. My grandpa (hard of hearing) yells... “DO YOU WANT SOME ICED TEA!” My grandma and I burst out laughing and the lady was even more confused.

Roxine & Len Surovy

February 22, 2021

Sorry for your loss to the family I remember when he use to drive Taxi in Saskatoon , My Mother Edna His wife & Bill hung out every now & then , they came into Walmart a couple years ago ,Very friendly Man have not seen them in 2 years .

Donna Gibb

February 22, 2021

I was so sorry to hear about Bills passing. He was a sweet and gentle soul and had a special place in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you Thelma and your family.

Bill Hayes

February 22, 2021

Bill Hayes
Sorry for your loss. I remember the good times at RPC