David Robert Carey

February 9, 1962September 21, 2020

David was a beloved husband, brother, uncle and friend to many. David was born in Lakewood Washington to Barbara and John Carey. He is survived by his loving wife Babette, brother John (Kim), niece Lauren (Josh) and nephew Alex (Erin).

David led a life fueled by a love of adventure. He spent his childhood growing up in Steilacoom and summers sailing in the San Juan islands. As an adult he chose the path less traveled and found joy in his journey.

Eventually, the path led him home. He finished his degree in Atmospheric Science at The University of Washington and he rekindled a relationship with Babette. He quickly realized she was the love of his life. David and Babette began their adventure together and built a life filled with love.

His presence will be missed by all who knew him.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to ASPCA.


7 November

Graveside Service

1:00 pm

Evergreen Washelli Cemetery

11111 Aurora Ave N
Seattle , WA 98133

A private service will be held for immediate family only. To view the service online, please copy and paste into your web browser.
7 November


2:30 pm

Private Home

7924 1/2 Seward Park Ave S
Seattle Heights, WA 98118

A reception will be held for family and friends. Parking is available on Seward Ave S and Kenyon St.


David Robert Carey

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Tomoko Douglas

October 4, 2020

I've never met anyone as loving and kind as David. He was always considerate, calm and watched over the people around him. I met David when I got a new office job at an English conversation school in Japan, it was 1991.

English is my second language and at that time I couldn't speak English well but Dave always listened patiently and he tried hard to convey meaning to me in simple words. He also encouraged me, feeling or sensing when I was busy or depressed from work. It was a great help to me as a young girl at my first job.

I am very happy that I was able to know and work with him. From the bottom of my heart I will always cherish his thoughtful kindness. My sincerest condolences to his family and those he left behind.

Mark McGarry

October 2, 2020

I finally had the courage today to look at Dave's memorial messages.    It was wonderful to read how he touched so many lives.  But, those messages have left me crying all day.  We have all lost an amazing human being. 

 Dave was my best friend for almost 30 years.   

We were an odd match given our opposite personalities.  But, somehow, that was the fuel for our friendship.    We were always laughing.   In one way or another Dave has been the catalyst for almost every positive experience that I have had these past three decades.   His passing is a devastating loss and I still can not process that he is gone.   

Dave, thank you for all the laughs.   Thank you for being there whenever I needed somebody to talk to.  Thank you for showing me what unselfish kindness really is.   Thank you for inspiring me to constantly learn new things.   Thank you for all our sailing adventures.    As long as I live I will treasure our times together.  Fair winds.  You will be truly missed.

Jon Armstrong

October 2, 2020

I met Dave in the third grade at Cherrydale Elementary. We quickly became best friends and would sleep over every Friday night. We’d watch The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, and if we could keep awake—usually we couldn’t—Love American Style.
We were into balsawood airplanes, Legos (back when they were rectangles or squares), and what we called creaturlies.
We would wind and wind those rubber band-powered planes. If you kept going after one level of knots—you’d get double knots. If you somehow kept winding you might get to the impossible triple-knot level! We’d launch them in the garage. The floor was smooth enough that they could lift up fly off and crash on the lawn. We thought we were going to be pilots. He became one.
We made cars with the Legos. We “jacked up” the front wheels. Why the front? I don’t remember. I’d make one jacked up with ten bricks. He’d made one with twelve. I’d do fifteen. He’d top that with eighteen. We were racecar drivers. We were engineers. We were mad scientists! He became a real scientist.
The creaturlies were these oddball collections of rubber crabs, bugs, and… well… creatures. We made campers for them with cigar boxes. (Think of the carcinogens!) We fashioned little beds out of cloth.
Dave was fun. He was creative. He was the best friend ever.
Then my family moved in fifth grade. I didn’t want to go. We wrote letter back and forth for years.
Then we lost touch.
In the 90s I found his mom’s number. We connected again. There were many curious parallels. We both headed to Japan for a while. And we had both found true love a little later in life.
I was able to head out to Seattle see him. He told stories of flying and teaching in Japan. He came to New York and met my wife and family. Since then, whenever there was some kind of storm on the horizon—I would call.
He can’t be gone. He really can’t. I hadn’t met Babette. I had told him many times that we wanted to visit and have them come. So much is left unfinished…
I miss you Dave.

Ann Marshall

October 2, 2020

We send our love and sympathy to Babette, and to all Dave Carey's family & friends. Our friendship with Dave was forged through Tuesday night Duck Dodge sailing races. Dave was simply an exceptional person, and you can't do any better than that. While he must be enjoying winging his way around the universe, its gain is our very sad and profound loss. May his memory bring comfort and inspiration. Love, xox, Ann, Jeff, Jake & Sam ❤️

Philip Patten

October 2, 2020

To David's family, friends, and wife, Babbett,
Thanks to each of you for adding to Dave's life. I wish...

I met Dave on Chumstick Mountain, where a group of his friends gathered to chuck radio-controlled model gliders into uplift. Great guy. I was always happy when he'd join us on slope trips. We'll miss him. We -- Erik Utter, Damian Monda, Chris Erikson, Mike Daily, Steven Allmaras, Darren Darcy. Times around campfires. But friends? Anyone who knew Dave liked him. Sharp, thoughtful, caring.

David helped Erik Utter set up Arlington Fly-in Radio, for the annual airshow and aviation gathering, north of Seattle. And for years he was the Fly-in's aviation weather forecaster, while I'd run around playing radio interviewer. We had great times there.

David, you are missed,

~Philip Patten

Jared Keever

September 30, 2020

I met Dave Carey in 2002 as a member of a small circle of friends who shared a common love of sailing. During my time in Seattle, Dave showed me how to live as a Pacific Northwesterner.
He seemed to know about anything that was worth knowing about and was happy to share that knowledge with anyone who asked. Memories of sailing trips, bike rides and sushi dinners are punctuated by little vignettes of Dave quickly fixing an errant spoke or arriving before a Duck Dodge with a butane soldering iron to repair something electrical on the boat before we shoved off.
He was a kind and patient teacher. He was funny. And he was gentle.
While I considered him a close friend, I knew simply from listening to his stories that the circle I was so lucky to be a part of was only one of many in his life. It rendered him enigmatic in a way, but was also completely understandable given the easy nature that I was so fond of.
Reading the memories here now only reinforces what I’ve always known: To know Dave was to love him.
I left Seattle in 2009 and got to see him, and meet Babette, on visits in 2013 and 2016. In the intervening years we would exchange emails and jokes from time to time and he checked in with me and my family when we were preparing for our first major hurricane in Florida.
Long bike rides or periods of tinkering with bikes or electronics always bring him to mind.
I have long missed those days of sailing in the San Juans or just hanging out over dinner, but there was a comfort knowing that any time I was going to be back in Seattle meant that I was going to get to see him.
It hurts terribly now that he is gone. My love to all who knew him and miss him.
Fair winds, friend.

Niko Okamoto

September 28, 2020

I first met Dave in 1996. Over the years we'd run into each other when our little group of friends and ex-coworkers would get together, and at the Furry 5K in Seward Park. Occasionally he'd stop by the house while doing the Lake WA loop. In my geriatric, complacent mind, someone as fit as Dave should live forever, right? So, I was profoundly shocked and saddened to hear of his untimely passing. Dave was one of the finest people I've ever known: a creative thinker and creator, radiating positivity and being an activist for kindness to people, animals, the environment. He had a wonderful sense of humor. In spite of his gentle and humble demeanor, his presence was unmistakable, always brightening the room and the mood. My mind can't process that he's gone. Our last conversation was about a cat on NextDoor. My heartfelt condolences go out to Babette and the Carey family.

Carol Clifford

September 28, 2020

I can not begin to imagine Babette's and Dave's family's sorrow. As this shocking news settles in, I now only feel immense sadness about Dave's untimely passing .

I met Dave when I was a bike messenger and he quickly became one of my favorite people. Kind, Creative. Intelligent. Present. These are the first words to come to mind to describe his nature. If I had to describe him to someone to find in a room I would've said. "Oh, you can't miss him. He's the one with brilliant blue eyes.." My heart expands when I think of him. I will miss happening into him. I'm heartbroken knowing this is no longer possible.

One silly memory I would like to share about Dave: When I was a messenger I had 2 bikes stolen back-to-back and couldn't make a living without one. Dave put out a message among the messengers city wide, through walkie-talkies (we use to wear them strapped across our chest), that he would eat a bug at the end of the work day as a way to help raise money for me to get a new bike (and a new lock!). We were young and he was looking for a way to help. News spread and money was raised and Dave, true to his word-even if he may have regretted it-turned over a cement parking log and ate the first bug he saw, a rolly-polly. Hopefully, he chased it with a beer. He raised nearly $300 for me to get back on the road. When I exclaimed over the phone, "You did what?!" He replied, "Oh, it wasn't so bad . You would've done the same for me." This just shows his generosity of spirit because he had much more faith in me then I did.

I'm so glad I knew you Dave Carey.


September 27, 2020

David Carey was a gentle kind soul, a great adventurer and he had a deep insight to life.
When my Son was young we spent time with David when he stayed with us in Pupukea on the North Shore, for a couple weeks David played, laughed and explored with Kamakani. I thought there's a man with a kind heart and a gift of fun. My Son remembers that time well 25 years later.
My heart goes out to you John and Kim and the whole Carey family.
David loved his Brother and family very much and Barbara loved her Sons so very much.
Babette may all the love and memories you both shared over the years comfort you through the tough times. You truly were David's one true love.
Kamakani and I have you all in our thoughts, in our prayers and in our hearts 💕
David you will be so missed

Terra Macdonald

September 27, 2020

It is with a heavy heart I send my condolences to David's family. His mom, Barbara was like a second mom to me and thus I got to hear many stories about David's life and exploits over the years. I am thinking now of how much Barbara loved, honored and was proud of him. Take good care of yourselves, Carey family during this difficult time.



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