Eric Lee Madson

December 6, 1974March 14, 2017

Arrangements under the direction of Yarington's Funeral Home, Seattle, WA.


  • Celebration of Life

    Sunday, April 9, 2017


Eric Lee Madson

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Corri Durant

October 18, 2019

Missing you hasn’t gotten any easier! I can so remember the way you hated to see fall and winter the cold, rain and sometimes snow. Love you bro!

Corri Durant

September 24, 2018

Eighteen months........never would have thought you would be gone! Made your peach cobbler last night for Teresa, miss your cooking but mostly just miss you! One day.......keep watching over us!

Corri Durant

February 14, 2018

Eleven months.......unbearable! I really miss you bro, never knew it would be this difficult learning to no have you part of my life. I have the memories, I stil cry and my heart is still broken. A couple of your friends still call, we still laugh and share memories and I am finding pennies.

Corri Durant

January 14, 2018

Ten months today......tears still fall and heartbreak is still as tough. I'm missing you more today, wish you were here to talk to and to know it's ok. Love you bro but you knew that, and just because you are gone the love doesn't go away. I treasure the pictures and all the memories, you will always be the greatest brother, forever loved and cherished.

Corri Durant

January 2, 2018

Just isn't possible you are gone, waited to get your call just after midnight but it didn't come. I miss you each and every day, some people can't understand the pain, I smile when asked how I'm doing but inside I want to cry. Hung some pictures for Teresa in her room, she loves the last Christmas picture of the three of us, she smiles and tells you she misses you but knows you are with Mom and Dad. Doesn't seem possible to be a New Year without you, will cheris all the memories, the tears and laughter. Miss you bro, keep watching over us!

Corri Durant

December 25, 2017

First Christmas without you, I miss the fun we had putting up decorations, wrapping presents, and baking together. You may be gone but will never be forgotten. Love ya bro......

Corri Durant

November 29, 2017

Missing you tremendously today, struggling to put up decorations but will do it for Teresa, you were always here to help and loved seeing her face when it was all done. Last year you were here pushing to get it all done.......miss your calls, your laugh, the little arguments we had.....learned today a good friend of your passed, heartbroken for his sister going to see her later today. Hugs bro, holding the memories close that is what keeps me going.

Corri Durant

October 16, 2017

Seven months.......still struggling! Teresa talks about you all the time and laughs at things that you would tell her, Max isnt doing good and will be joining you soon I know you two together will be a happy reunion. Marcus calls regular, helps to stay connected with him. Miss you bud, I keep waiting for this to be not true but sadly I know it is. Hugs and keep dropping the pennies Teresa smiles remembering that you told her you would do that for her.

Corri Durant

September 27, 2017

Six months and 13 days......still miss our talks usually nothing important amusing most of the time with jokes and What if.....miss you bro some days it stings other days it is gut wrenching knowing you arent here. Cleaned the attic found the things you gave me to put away for Christmas for Teresa, tears that day as I knew it meant you wont be here to celebrate. A couple more of your friends have passed, attended their memorials and it reminded me once again of how precious time is and how much I cherish the memories with you.

Corri Durant

July 20, 2017

Four months......still stings keep waiting to get a call, have gone and done grocery shopping for you only to get to the car and have it hit have really passed. I struggle, I know and find peace you aren't hurting or struggling anymore still doesn't make it easier.