Maverick Dean Gibson Jr.

December 10, 1994August 25, 2020

In Loving memory of Maverick Dean Gibson Jr. "Pupilz”, age 25. His life was taken tragically on the night of August 35th, 2020 as he was walking home from the store. Maverick was energetic and full of energy. He had a swagger like no other except for his father Maverick Sr, who he never even met. It was the same pep in his step and unannounced entrance that would be hard to miss. He has a sense of positive energy that radiated from him most of the time. He had hope and a part of him never gave up. Although he was often faced with obstacles that were bigger than most, He loved to laugh and be around his friends and family, and his dogs Penny and Dozer. He had dreams of someday being a rapper or a song writer and he loved to practice this in his spare time. He never got the chance to see his dreams come true. He also loved the energy of Raves which is where he was given the street name “Pupilz”. Many knew him as that. He was about to start a new chapter in his life. I guess he really still did start a new chapter. Maverick had more friends and acquaintances than anyone I’ve ever met except for his dad. He liked to think when he made friends, he made them for life, and often referred to his closest friends as family. There were so many times that he would bring people that were facing difficulties into his life so that he could help in some way. Even though he did not have much he been willing to give. He had a kind heart. Maverick loved basketball and when he was very young wanted to become a pro basketball player. He idolized Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He especially loved the Seattle Super Sonics and would always wear the attire of green and white with anything he could find that represented the team. But most of all he loved and cherished his family. He was considered by some to be a” mama’s boy” and he did not care, because he was, and damn proud of it.... Maybe he was. His father died while his mom was pregnant with him, so he never got the chance to meet him, Until now. I like to think they are kickin it right now in the Heavens together, catching up and writing music together. Mav loved his Dogs Penny and Dozer. But most of all his Niece and Nephew. He was a fantastic Uncle and was great with them. Maverick had so many relatives and was preceded by his father Maverick Dean Gibson Sr. RIP He was survived by his Great Grandfather Sam Hallenbeck Mav's mother's Grandfather of 103 OF Palm Springs Cal. Mav's mother and stepfather Rob McGarry and Shauna (Rider) McGarry of Gig Harbor. Her Parents Dennis Rider of Seattle and Saundra (Florey/Hallenbeck) Cloo of California. His siblings Sisters; Nichole Vincent of Seattle and her two kids Maliyha and Malakai. His sister Jocelyn (Gibson) Monin of Snohomish County. His Brothers Colton Vincent of Bellevue and his Brother Tanner Hofferber of Montana. He also had 5 stepbrothers and 1 stepsister from his mother’s marriage to Rob, of Snohomish County. His father’s side: both of his grandparents are still with us, Wayne and Ellen (Bolin) Gibson. Their Kids Uncle Mike Gibson formerly of Fairbanks Ak. and his two daughters Meriaha and Tiffany both live in Washington state now. LaQuita (Gibson)Poland and her husband John. of Fairbanks and their two Chris and Hess Poland of Fairbanks too, Then Aunt Laurel (Gibson) Carlin and husband Gordan with their kids and grandkids Latisha, Dustin and Devin all of Fairbanks as well and there are many many cousins all over the states of Washington and Alaska and some spread from one end of the USA to the other. Please forgive if anyone is not listed there are so many. But each one of them held a special place in Mavericks heart. You will be missed Young Maverick. Your life was taken too young, But your memory will be alive for generations to come, We loved you and will unite one day to the place you will provide for us and welcome us with open arms as I’m sure your father did with you. Love you baby.


  • Memorial Service

    Saturday, September 19, 2020


Maverick Dean Gibson Jr.

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Kerryanna Hutchens

September 16, 2020

Maverick was a sweet young man. He absolutely loved family. I remember seeing him at a family get together, as he broke through our group of family, ran up to me and hugged me for a long time. While he hugged me he reassured me that he's doing good and things are going good for him and he was happy. I was so proud of him. I would always tell him how proud I was. And he loved to hear it, and he didn't want to let me down. And he didn't.
When Maverick was staying with us around age 18. We had told him that if he did good he could have this old Datsun lowered truck that was on the side of our house. He was so excited about it. He used to go outside and sit in this truck for hours. He brought my phone with him so he could take hundreds of selfies in it.
During the day when he was bored he'd play grand theft auto in the living room. He would be so into his game that while his car was drifting Maverick moved his body like he was actually in the car. His feet went down as he accelerated. I used to watch him, mainly Because he wanted me to. He always said "hey check this out. I'm gonna be such a good driver. I can't wait to get my truck going".
Maverick had dreams. He wanted so bad to do good things and go places. He was a good kid. And I will miss him dearly.
Love you little cousin.

Chris Fiorito

September 11, 2020

I met Mav Through his Sister, and I can say he was one of the most unique and funny guys I have ever met, He had a skill that very few posess, he could drum up the most off the wall creative words to decribe a situation that his sentences would hit you in the side of the head with funny. He had delivery, and wit way beyond his age. I met him when he was just a kid, and witnessed alot of his ups and downs, and he had not changed whether I was visiting him in the luxury of a humble home, or the hard times he had nowhere to call this. No matter where he was, he was so excited to see me, that I was excited to see him. He made everyone feel like they were important. This is why I think he had so many friends. I think one of his only weaknesses was that he was so generous to the point he had nothing because he gave it to others. There were a few times where I ended up somehow walking with him for several miles after some sort of wild or wacky thing happened with his sister and we got stranded, we walked for hours and I beatboxed and he rapped. We must have REALLY looked the part. 2 white dudes swagging down the suburbs being our own entertainment. His death has hit me in a way that I did not expect, and I think there will be many like myself...who didnt spend years with him, but feel like we did. He was so open with family friends and told the truth about things that noone would normally ever talk about, and fibbed about things that rarely mattered as a joke. He was an open book and everyone who knew him; read a chapter. I am very saddened that this book did not have the happiest ending. But with most amazing books, it will not be forgotten. Infact, I will probobly think about his passing more then members in my own family, because he made such a power impact on everyone he ever met. Theres no forgetting Mav. Theres no replacing Mav. And there will never be anyone that will ever come close to Mav. I miss you Mav and I will continue to pray to you for guidence.

JJ Searle

September 10, 2020

My condolences go out to Mavericks entire family he was an amazing kid with and kind heart. Maverick and I became friends quick .He was joking with me at evergreen and asked if i wanted to come play video games and I did . The funny thing is we talked about music and little did he or I know is I had met Mavericks dad years ago at the Offramp we were blown away and talked about recording some stuff but never got around to it, I will miss hanging around and just chillin out with you bro I miss you dearly my friend. I love you and see you some day ... JJ


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