Richard "Dick" Martin Newberry

October 2, 1943June 23, 2018
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Richard Martin Newberry was born 10/2/1943 to Harold and Betty Newberry in Decatur, Illinois. He enjoyed a happy childhood with his brother Dan spending summers at their granddads family farm.

While attending College at Ohio Wesleyan University, a fateful encounter with ROTC changed his life. The ROTC were offering flight rides and Dick accepted. By the time the flight had landed, Dick’s life was forever changed. He knew from that moment that he wanted to become an Aviator. He enlisted in the United States Air Force and was accepted into Flight Training School at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta Georgia in 1966.

In 1967, First Lieutenant Richard M. Newberry was sent to Vietnam for combat duty. During this tour of duty, he was assigned the “Red River Valley of North Vietnam”. A geographical area that was the strong hold and most heavily defended by the North Vietnamese Military. Flying F-4 Phantoms in the Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, he and his fellow pilots through their numerous offensive assaults, rendered the defenses of the “Red River Valley of North Vietnam” useless. These missions were the cause of his and other contributing units to be known as the Red River Valley Pilot’s Association AKA “River Rats”. An association made up solely of those who have flown into combat over the valley itself.

Over the term of his military career, he spent 3 years in Vietnam and flew over 400 combat missions. He was known as an expert pilot and for his aerial acrobatics. Flying the F-4 jet was the greatest joy of his life. He was known to his squadron as “Tweeter” and the “Night Owl”.

During his Vietnam years of service, he earned:

Republic of Vietnam campaign Medal, Small Arms Expert Marksman Ribbon, Air Force Longevity Service Award (2), Vietnam Service Medal (2 campaign stars), National Defense Service Medal, Combat Readiness Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Presidential Unit Citation, Air Force Commendation Medal, (2) Air Medal (w/3 Oak Leaf Clusters) and Distinguished Flying Cross (w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters).

After leaving Vietnam in 1972, Dick was stationed at Lakenheath Air Force Base in England. Once leaving the military he made a request to open a pizza parlor on the military base. He loved being able to bring a piece of America to the Air Base through the daily baking of pizza. Military personal would enjoy playing pool, having a beer and pizza with military friends and family for many years to come. This idea was born of the many profound memories of sharing a drink with his fellow fighter pilots in Vietnam never knowing if each night would be their last. “The Great Little Pizza Place” as it became known was also the rehearsal space for a band that became famously known as the band “America”.

Dick enjoyed living a quite life in the Village of Barton Mills, England. During these years he met his future wife and daughter, Julie Federico and Danielle. They became a family and enjoyed living in the English country. He loved the serenity of the countryside and enjoyed playing golf.

In 1976, the family relocated to San Jose, CA where Dick earned his Real Estate Brokers License. He enjoyed several years selling Real Estate in the Silicon Valley and in Rancho Tehama Reserve in Northern California.

In 1980, the family relocated to the Tacoma/Puyallup area of Washington State where Dick and his wife Julie opened a Real Estate Company. Their business expertise included Real Estate Sales, Property Management and Development.

The desire to fly was never far away and in 1987 Dick became recertified as an aviator and thus began his second career flying for multiple airlines. He was selected to fly the first American plane into Hanoi Airport since the Vietnam war ended on a humanitarian mission.

He made his largest contribution while employed with Emory Worldwide Airlines. He was one of their fleet pilots and flew routes all over the world for many years. In addition, he was as an instructor pilot and became the director of training. He wrote many flight instructional manuals and found great enjoyment in sharing his love for flying. Being able to contribute this way was his aviation legacy. He was known to say that “Flying was the most fun you could have with your clothes on”.

He enjoyed working at Emory and made many friendships that lasted throughout the remainder of his life.

While residing in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area in Florida, Dick enjoyed the beaches, trips to Disney World, family dinners, playing with the family dogs Toby-Two & Misty and attending various events.

He is survived by his wife, Julie Pybis-Newberry, daughters, Danielle Federico and Claire Voyant and brother, Dan Newberry.

Dick always had a smile on his face and was happiest when he could help others. He was a kind and giving person who was respected and loved by those who knew him. He leaves big shoes that cannot be filled. He was greatly loved and will be deeply missed by his family.

Arrangements were made under the direction of Garden Sanctuary Funeral Home, 7950 131st Street, Seminole, FL 33776 / 727-391-0121.


  • Julie Pybis-Newberry, Wife
  • Danielle Federico, Daughter
  • Dan Newberry, Brother

Richard "Dick" Martin Newberry

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Ed Tanza

July 14, 2018

I want to share something about my close friend, Dick Newberry (who I always called "Captain Blueberry"). All my Emery friends referred to him as caring, witty, and a great pilot/instructor. It's nice to read each of your thoughts and feelings. Dick was like a brother to me! Not just on the job, but off the job, too. We knew each other's family and personal lives. But even with his passing and his family's grief, I'll always treasure many good memories of Dick, and pray that he rest in peace in heaven (where we'll meet again). Respectfully, Ed Tanza

Lee Dunkelberger

July 11, 2018

I first met Capt. Newberry at Emery World Wide, It was always a great pleasure to fly with him. Then after Emery again at Arrow and a short time at National. He was always up to some thing " ) I remember on one trip I went to check to see if he was going to eat later and he was day trading in the Hotel room. He turned me on to candle stick charts and in just the short time I spent with him there taught me the basics of every thing you need to now about charting. He will be missed

Jon Del Turco

July 11, 2018

Dick was a great instructor and check airman. I've lost count of how many check rides he had given me at Emery over the years, but I can say I enjoyed every one of them and walked away a better pilot.

Dan Newberry

July 9, 2018

I had the pleasure of growing up as Dickies little brother. It was quite a time as we were sized as different as two brothers could be. Dick was "husky" and I was extra thin. Today they would never use those terms. Dick was such a great brother as he never minded having me around and with the relationship we had with our father, I would later realize what a true blessing he was.
One of our biggest joys was our Mom's chocolate chip cookies. As adults, when he was able to get home to mom's, it never failed that my phone would ring and the voice on the other end was moaning in delight in my ear. After the first time I knew he was eating mom's cookies. Those same cookies had quite a following in The Vietnam years, as the care package would cause a ruckus once they knew "tweeter" has mom's cookies.
After mom passed, his daughter Danielle took up the task of being his private cookie baker.
We were often separated by large distances but were as close as two brothers could possibly be.
The memories we shared growing up are precious to me and the loss of my Big brother is a void that will never be filled. I was truly blessed to have him as my brother.

Riad M Naboulsi

July 7, 2018

Dick was my DC-8 type rating instructor where I found him as exceptional instructor and a gentleman
May God bless his sole

Jack Langelier

July 7, 2018

A Friend and respected aviator who will be remembered for his character an integrity by all who knew him.

Richard Woods

July 7, 2018

What a great gentleman,and the best instructor I ever had. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Michael Glanton

July 7, 2018

Consummate instructor. A good friend and mentor.

David Sava

July 6, 2018

If you wanted to know what time it was, ask Newberry. He could teach you how to build a watch in 3 easy steps and you would never have to ask that question again. That was Dick's gift. He was a master at taking something really complicated, breaking it down, and putting it in terms you could easily understand and NEVER, EVER forget it. That was his gift to me and many other fellow pilots he trained. In all my years of flying and learning how this industry works, Newberry was always the one person who could find a way to take something hard and make it simple.

In 1987 I was hired by Rosenbaulm Aviation and there's Newberry up on the stage in a hotel auditorium, conducting indoc to a group of about 35 new-hires, somewhere in Ypsilanti, MI. The whole thing was like a big joke and one continuous party. Newberry knew he had lost control of the class by about day two. We were only there for the cash and prizes (not many) and it was pretty obvious to him that it was better to join us than fight us. What a blast! I didn't realize that I was in the middle of creating a friendship that would last over 30 years and span three cargo airlines, one of them being Emery World Wide Airlines.

The chief pilot at Emery hired me over the phone, but I told him I had someone I really wanted him to also consider for a pilot position, Dick Newberry. He told me he had all the pilots he needed at the time and was only hiring Flight Engineers to complete the roster (I was an F/E). I went on and on about Newberry and what a great asset he would be with his quick wit and teaching ability. I convinced him to give Dick a call and the rest is history. Newberry went on to become the top instructor on the DC-8. Newberry is the one who really taught me how to fly it well. He said he wouldn't let me fail. Newberry had this gift, not one that was given to him, but one he was eager to give to others. Dick will always be my friend; I think of him often and always will.

Craig Sandman

June 25, 2018

Dick was a great friend and mentor. He had an ability to reach out and find good in everyone. Dick was the best Pilot, Instructor pilot I have ever encountered. He was able to break down every maneuver to the most simple and easy to understand and follow direction.

As a person he would always reach and help those in need of help. Dick never passed a homeless person without giving a little to help the person out. Dick had a great heart and it showed at these and other times.

Best of all for me was Dick’s ability to tell a story. Dick’s ability to appreciate life was seen in the details he brought forth in each story. I am sorry my friend has passed and while I will miss him greatly I will smile often when I look back of our time together. Rest In Peace Captain Newberry.