Robert Amos Campbell

November 16, 1930January 5, 2014

CAMPBELL, Robert Amos, 83, of Seminole, FL passed away peacefully on Jan. 5, 2014, surrounded by family. Born in St. Petersburg of a pioneer Pinellas County family, he grew up here, in Apalachicola, FL, and Macon, GA. in the family hardware business. He graduated high school in San Antonio, TX; attended college in TX and FL, then entered the Korean War where he was a lieutenant in the Army Corp of Engineers. He studied for and became a registered land surveyor opening a business in St. Petersburg in the early 1960’s. He held land surveying registrations in 5 states. Bob joined Geo. F. Young, Land Surveyors where he stayed for many years throughout the 1970’s and 80’s until once again forming his own business, Campbell Consultants, Inc., where he surveyed Pinellas Co. from one end to the other until his retirement in the late 1990’s. He was familiar with most of Pinellas County and could tell many stories about it. He was a well-respected surveyor throughout West Central Florida often testifying as an expert witness. He was past president of the Fla. Society of Professional Land Surveyors, taught at PTEC, and was a mentor to many within the land surveying field. He was a member of the Sertoma and a volunteer fireman. Upon retirement, Bob and Barbara traveled the country until he was afflicted with Parkinson’s. Bob is survived by his loving wife of 57yrs, Barbara; children, Karen (Roy), Kathy, Judy, and Rob (Debby); grandchildren, Christopher (Lee), Carly (Chriss), Samantha, Natalie, and Robby, and 4 great grandchildren, Jared, Alexa, Emma, and Sadie. A true southern gentleman, he was instrumental in influencing and rearing family members, from nieces (Wee and Tee), to nephews (Buzz, Terry, Jerry, Ted), and grandsons (Chris and Robby), sharing with them his classic southern style and love for the great outdoors. Bob was beloved by by his wife and family leaving them a rich legacy. He was an expert marksman, avid fisherman, hunter, and camper, he loved Apalachicola oysters, smoked mullet, and the cabin he built on the Withlacoochee River where he taught his family to appreciate and love it as much as he did. Bob was a devout lifelong Episcopalian and member of St. Giles Episcopal Church since 1960, where he was very active throughout the years. Well done, good and faithful servant! Memorial service Friday, Jan.10,2014 at 1:00pm at St. Giles Episcopal Church, 8271 52nd St. Pinellas Park.


  • Memorial Service Friday, January 10, 2014

Robert Amos Campbell

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Samantha Johnson

March 12, 2014

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I wish I would have visited you more in Freedom Square, it was just such a difficult place for me to sit in. It left me with many feelings I couldn't shake for the rest of the day. I hope you can remember some of those visits. We brought Emma often, she loved you and asks about you in Heaven every couple days, she knows you and Gracie are keeping each other company. Say Hello to Ellie for me please!! I think about the gingy crab often, that I will never forget. XOXO All my love.

Karen Campbell

March 8, 2014

Dear Dad,
It's me, Karen again. I love you and think about you everyday. I miss you so much. There is a new show on television called "Resurrection" and the advertisement says, "Who would you bring back." I would bring you back. Free from pain and illness. And I would enjoy you for a lot longer. I love you.

Sandy Collum Sandmeyer

January 24, 2014

Mrs. Campbell, Judy, Samantha, and Natalie,
I am so sad to see of Mr. Campbell's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Karen Campbell

January 19, 2014

Dad, I told you I would be coming back this book often over the next year. I miss you more on January 18th than I did on January 17th. I hope you are enjoying your loved ones up there. I am sad that I will never see you on earth again. Dad will you do me a favor? When I cross over will you please be the first one to put your hand out to hold me? I love you now and forever. Karen Lee

January 11, 2014

Dear Dad, this post will be available to post in for thirteen months and believe me I will take advantage of that time to post memories as I recall them. I remember everything back to the age of 3 it seems. I remember you being very strict and I always felt very loved. When I was walking to Skyview Elementary School one morning the neighbors pit bull dog chased me and I was afraid. The only way I could prevent that dog from hurting me was to throw everything in my lunchbox at him. When I told Dad that night at the dinner table he said to me, "If anyone or anything ever hurts you I will hurt them or it. If that dog hurts you I will kill it." So I felt very protected. Until I learned in the third grade that gorillas could turn a tire inside out and then I figured I was in a lot of trouble if a gorilla came after me because I realized Dad couldn't take on a gorilla. In my teens I was oppositional and rebelled. In my early twenties I tried to hide so much from him. Now at 56 I realize I could have taken anything to him and he would have helped me. No matter how bad the problem I mired myself in my Dad was there for me. He and my Mother taught me right from wrong. How to behave. How to love, be a good student, do my civic duty, and be a good person. I didn't always do what I was taught but I always knew right from wrong. Dad helped me with my Girl Scout Badges, swimming, camping, skating, cooking, first aide, community service, photography, etc. I could go on and on. He had his work cut out for him when he tutored me in Math. He could see the solution and I never could. "Can't you see that?" "No sir", I replied. I became a flipping whiz in multiplication problems because he made flash cards and tested me daily. When he found out I had flat feet and wouldn't be able to march in the Army or be an Army nurse he soaked my feet in water as hot as I could stand it (Per a specialists orders) rubbed my feet with wintergreen oil and made me do hundreds of exercises daily. He bought me ugly saddle shoes for support. I still have flat feet. When they found I had Amblyopia, "Lazy Eye" Dr. Updegraff patched my good eye and Mom and Dad made me do exercises for my eyes daily. I'm still blind in my left eye. When I left The Keys and was living in the cabin, I was crying to him one day, and I told him I wanted to go back there. My Dad told me, "You can never go back, only forward." That lesson has been invaluable to me. He was the father figure to my son, Christopher for almost eight years until Fidgie took over and still was the most important man in my son's life. My Dad had a strong sense of family and like his Mother Goggie impressed on us all that family was important. I didn't even know that I always picked men like my Dad until my sister Judy told me that I always pick 'outdoorsy guys'. I love my Dad and I will miss him. I love the way he loved us and my Mother. He was kind, dignified, respectful, and funny. He was intelligent, had a wonderful work ethic, good values, and morals. He loved to teach and he helped people. He always corrected my grammar and it irritated me but I am glad he did it. He treated everyone with respect but if you messed with his family he would kick your butt. My Dad was a man's man. The last of a dying breed. A true Southern gentlemen who treated ladies with respect and always allowed the other person to save face in a dispute. I learned a lot from my Dad. The most important thing my Dad taught me was how to love. Dad, one day I will be with you again. PS: I slept with your shirt today. I wont wash it until your scent is gone. I just might keep it in my pillow case with my favorite down pillow. Thanks for teaching me how to live, to laugh, and to love. You were the best Father a girl could ever have. I love you, your Peanut, and Number One Monkey...Karen Lee.

Bill De Long

January 10, 2014

I have so many memories of times spent with Bob too many stories to list here. I will miss Bob in person but will always have these memories here in my heart.

John Diehl

January 10, 2014

Bob hired me in 1981 before I even had a place to live in Florida. He helped me register and pass the Land Surveyor's exam in the state of Florida. I worked for him for 5 years and learned a great deal from him. He was a true Southern Gentleman. The world lost a good man when he passed. I will never forget him.

John O. Diehl, P.L.S.

Kathy Campbell

January 8, 2014

I loved my daddy more than any man on earth. Christians don't die. They just change their address to Heaven. Have a blast with all your friends and family there who you've been missing for so long, Daddy, and I'll see you in a while, forever. I love you so. Your loving daughter, Kathy Lynne

January 8, 2014

I loved my daddy more than any man on earth. Christians don't die. They just change their address to Heaven. Have a blast with all your friends and family there who you've been missing for so long, Daddy, and I'll see you in a while, forever. I love you so. Your loving daughter, Kathy Lynne

donna (sands) farries

January 8, 2014

good-bye my favorite uncle. you had such grace and style, an amazing gentleman, i will miss you