Jessica C. Vega

December 9, 1968January 19, 2018
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Eulogy for Jessica Vega We would like to thank everyone for being here today; family, friends, co-workers, clergy and community friends. Your hugs, laughs and friendship have kept the family strong during this heart breaking time of grief. We often think of death as something way down our path of life. We never thought we would be thinking of Jessica as a precious memory at this time of her life. It was a shock and still seems unreal. Death came way too soon. Jessica was born into a loving, close knit family. She was an only child and cherished from the beginning. Her mother, Barbara, brought her up to have strong values and integrity. Growing up, Jessica and her mother shared an unbelievable bond. A bond that was never broken. Jessica had a wonderful childhood and a zest for life. “She loved life.” She was a good student and had great plans for her future. She loved going to the beach and getting “that summer tan.” She loved hanging out with her many girlfriends, the arts and going to museums, she loved travel and going to family gatherings. Jessica attended college at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and then graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors in Marketing. Jessica married the love of her life in 1995. She had an unbelievable love for Felix. They were perfect for each other. Both were kind and generous, both loved their families and they shared so many common interests. Jessica loved her new family; the Vegas. She very quickly came to admire and love the family bond the Vegas shared with each other and the loving, welcoming way they brought her into their family. They were married for four years when Felix the IV was born and then in 2002 Alexander was born. Together Jessica and Felix taught their sons to have a strong family base and to always be respectful going forward in life. The love she had for them was amazing. Her sons, husband and mother were always her first priority. It was an extremely proud moment when her son Felix started college this past fall. She was so impressed with his mature decision on which college to attend. Education for her sons was very important to Jessica. She was so proud of Alex and his many talents and his projects which amaze everyone. She felt there were no limits to what her sons could do. Jessica was a professional business woman and had a wonderful career in marketing. She worked for Legend Property Management. She was the Director of Marketing and Property Management. She was very fortunate to be able to work from home. This enabled her to donate more time to her family. We all have different memories of Jessica but one thing we all have in common was the love she had for everyone around her. She had a calming way and knew the right things to say during trying times. She was strong and her generosity was remarkable. In closing, we are so grateful for the brief time we were able to spend with Jessica and to know the angels are rejoicing because one of their own has rejoined them. So, we bid our Jessica a farewell and say goodbye to her physical body but we know her spirit will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Lady Bug. Written by: Aunt Judy


  • Visitation Hours

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018

  • Funeral Service

    Thursday, January 25, 2018


Jessica C. Vega

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Marina Dorfeo-Connor

February 6, 2018

Jessica was the most beautiful person in my life. She was my dearest friend. She was the kindest, loving person I have ever known. My life has been enriched by her presence. Jessica had a light and a warmth that would make you feel that you were so special. I can only hope to be half the woman she ever was. I am and will miss you dearly my friend. Jessica, you most definitely have an evolved soul, I hope you are soaring high into heaven. Until we meet again...I love you dear friend.

Diane Chandler

January 31, 2018

When I think of Jessica, I see her beautiful smile and heart. She is the kindest and most genuine person Ive ever met. I always saw her as a gentle soul, which I adored about her, but I never mistook her gentleness for weakness. Ive seen her experience both good and challenging times, and she will always be one of the strongest women I know.

Lots of love to you and your family. May you Rest In Peace.

Ruth Eisenhauer

January 29, 2018

Jessica brought her special brand of enthusiasm and passion for Customer Service and made it part of the DNA of Legend Management Group. It was a privilege to work with her as she helped to create The Elms brand. She trained us all to provide the exceptional customer experience that made Legend nationally recognized. She modeled how to "Make the Legend Difference". Jessica will always be a part of Legend.

Heather, David, Amber, and Connor Peters

January 27, 2018

Our hearts are broken at the loss of such a dear friend. Her beautiful smile and warm heart made us lucky to be part of her life. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Wilmarie Amaya

January 26, 2018

You had a beautiful aura, positive spirit and kind. I am glad to have met someone as kindhearted as you, where your glow showed how genuine you truly were. My prayers are with your family and loved ones. Rest In Heaven...

Kelle Bertagnolli

January 26, 2018

Jessica had a tremendous light inside of her. She was truly a pleasure to converse with. My deepest sympathies go out to her family. It was a privilege to know Jessica. - Kelle Bertagnolli

Kelle Bertagnolli

January 26, 2018

Jessica was such a tenacious and extremely warm individual. It was a pleasure to work with her and always had such wonderful cheery correspondence. She will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathies go out to her family for their loss.

Mac Moxley

January 26, 2018

I worked with Jessica and Felix and fondly remember their beginning, everyone knew right away that they were meant to be and it was an honor to be a part of that. Jessica was one of a kind, she was a bright star and will be sorely missed. Felix and Family, I can think of no words that I can express how sorry I am for this loss....

January 25, 2018

The Remembrance of Jessica Christian Vega
Written & read at the funeral by Jill Muniz

I've had the privilege of knowing Jess since late middle school but we truly became the best of friends as soon as we hit high school. One of my favorite qualities of our friendship is that we loved each other so much once we became instant friends. Like the world was just waiting for us to cross paths, so we could pick up where we left off in another lifetime. It was that familiar, that genuine and that beautiful. Jessica always radiated her positive and happy outlook, even as a young teenager.

We were roommates during our first year of college pursuing art and fashion merchandising in Philadelphia. By far, that year together solidified our loyalty to one another. I laugh thinking about her mom and my dad driving us to our 1st apartment and Jess and I were sobbing, absolutely hysterical that we were about to leave our parents, & be alone in a big city. All of a sudden, we could almost see each other thinking the same exact thingwe are alone, in a big city, with no parents-OMG that's amazing!!!! I don't think our parents had even hit I-95 before we gathered ourselves up and started screaming OMG we are alone in a big city with no parents, YAY!!! We never looked back. I think that's part of the reason we both loved the fall. We got to experience such a monumental point of our lives together, starting college and living on our own, during the fall in Philadelphia!!

We held terrible part time jobs, worked hard at school, even took on cleaning apartments in our building to pay our huge electric heating bill all winter long. Some days we were thrilled to scrape enough money together to share a hamburger at Burger King. We dined on the famous Philadelphia pretzels as our dinner more times that we'd like to admit. But we grew stronger in our friendship and she grew firmer in knowing where she wanted to go.

Jessica knew that she wasn't in the right school for her so she started at Maryland the following fall. She has always had this incredible ability of self awareness and laser focused determination to know what she wanted. She was never afraid to go for it!!! It almost counteracted the fact that she could be a big ol' procrastinator at times!! It didn't matter the amount of work needed to achieve her goals, she got it done and reached those goals. That was an impressive quality at such a young age that I always loved and then grew to respect about her.
In fact I know that she was such an inspiration to her friend Megan over the 14 years they worked together at Legends. Megan told me Sitting in traffic on the way to our corporate office never sounds like fun, but I looked forward to it because I could carpool with Jessica and it gave me an hour each way with one of my most favorite people. So many people from our industry have reached out over the past few days, and each of them have such similar messages that truly speak to who Jessica was; "she was an amazing woman, beautiful inside and out, everyone loved her and her special spirit.
Her friend Michelle shared I suggested a few books on tape to make her long commute easier & she said she was using that as a time of prayer. Her faithfulness was inspiring but also her humility as she had no idea how adored she was.
Jess was a natural and generous giver of her time, of her ear to listen and her talents professionally. I think thats why she quickly rose to become a highly esteemed professional in the sales and marketing fields. Again sharing her natural love of life and for helping others as a mentor and leader then a trainer and talent acquisition recruiter. THE perfect job for her!

My friend has always had a gift. Jessica treated everyone she would meet in such a special way, that she left them feeling like they were THE most important person to her. Her neighbors would become her friends & some like family, and some were so beloved like Craig & Marina and Kenny & Soco, that they became Godparent's. Every community she lived in she touched people's lives. Taking walks together & talking while they supported each other, celebrating each other's children's milestones and birthdays. Jess made everyone a new friend. Her friend DeeDee shared that they went from enjoying happy hours to morning coffee in their pj's together when she would drive over to Jess's house & she always appreciated that Felix let her be their 3rd wheel when they would all go out.
Her cheerful optimism & quirky little nick names for everything always made me smile. My most favorite nick name she used was snicky snacks,' those were quick, happy, cheerful little snacks that made you smile as you ate them. And her sweet Mama knows that I have ALWAYS loved her nickname for Jessica, which is LADYBUG.

Meeting Felix who truly was the love of her life was the marriage that everyone seeks out. Their love and respect for one another, coupled with their strong faith and sense of humor was the perfect combination of every quality I just listed. They both worked hard at it, like they did in their careers, so that their foundation was strong, mighty in fact. Their marriage was blessed with 2 amazing boys Felix and Alexander, who were the loves of their lives. She spent all of her time to become an amazing mother to her boys, never giving them doubt of how much she loved them and how proud she was to be their Mom. She learned from the best because her Mom is one of the most caring, sweet, strongest women I know. She and Jess were always especially close and really enjoyed each other's company; even doing sleepovers together! Family meant everything to Jessica and again she knew it and wasn't afraid to thrive in that life.

Jessica and I watched each other grow in all areas of our lives over the years of our friendship. Even though we never again lived in the same state we never stopped talking, calling, texting little happy messages to each other, visiting & enjoying our most favorite season togetherthe FALL! For the past 20+ years, I have been sending Jess beautiful fall leaves in the mail. It was the highlight of my fall season to know how much it brightened her day to open that envelope! She recently told me that she's kept almost all of those leaves. Her kindness showed in every little thoughtful thing she did or said. Always loving, Always encouraging, Always the person I would turn to when I was feeling a little lost because talking to her was like pressing my re-start button. We would hang up and I realized that we had just shared our energy and love with each other & we both felt better.

Knowing I won't, WE won't get the chance to do that again here on earth, just crushes my heart-I know ALL of our hearts. She was loved by so many and she will be missed and never forgotten by so many as well. This year we would have both turned 50 y/o. On December 30th we ended 2017 with a 2+ hour phone call. We promised to get together in person since we didn't in 2017 and make our 50th year together amazing. Well, my dearest and most treasured friend we WILL keep that promise because I will take you with me on adventures & every way that I celebrate our friendship and US turning 50 together.

I love you Jess, we ALL do and I'm blessed to have had your beautiful soul in my life. I dearly wish it were for longer, but I know that one day we'll be able to finish our fun and enjoy the fall leaves together again.

Tammy Cole

January 25, 2018

I have known Jessica since her son Alex was in St. James with my son Spencer. she was truly a beautiful person inside and out. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.


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