Maxine G. Wood

August 14, 1928May 13, 2018
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Maxine G. Wood was born on August 14, 1928 in Columbus, Ohio and passed away on May 13, 2018 in Silver Spring, Maryland


  • James Gooden, Father
  • Elizabeth (Biggs) Gooden, Mother
  • Thomas Wood, Husband
  • Thomas Aldyn Wood, III, Son
  • Terri L. Wood, Daughter
  • Daryl Stevens, Son-in-law
  • Lorene Gooden, Niece
  • Amber Johnson, Great Niece
  • Mayah Johnson, Great Great Niece
  • Florine Carpenter, Sister
  • John Carpenter, Brother
  • Mrs. Maxine G. Wood also leaves behind the primary McClendon family, which includes Martha Jones (McClendon), Sherman McClendon, Ruth Royal (McClendon) and Lloyd McClendon and their offspring's. As well as countless friends and neighbors.


  • Visitation Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Maxine G. Wood

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Dawn Badolato

May 22, 2018

I'm thinking of you today, Terri. And remembering your Mom. I'm so glad I got to spend time with her in 2014 the day we had lunch at red lobster. She was so much fun to be with, so straight forward & intelligent. I will miss her. I'm really glad I got to know her over the years.

Edna Ogbonna

May 22, 2018

Dear Terri,
You and the rest of your family be comforted in this time of lost, hurt and confusion by our God Almighty. For sure, you tried your best to make sure she was cared for by bringing us all to take care of her. I enjoyed the few overnights I spent taking care of her, my first Wednesday night with her was the hardest for me to find out that she didn't allow you to get some rest because she was constantly out of breath and she wanted you to be called every 5 minutes I said to her mama Maxine as I called her for the fact that I'm here with you that wasn't going to happen she didn't like it but she tried to respect that. After, we became friends she was comfortable with me to ask for prayers those several night at the facility. The second to my last morning with her she fired and thanked me for all I'd done for her including the prayers. So Terri, we'll miss our mama Maxine but for sure you'll miss her the most, may the Lord comfort n console you in Jesus Amen! Edna

Vera Thompson

May 21, 2018

Terri, always remember I'm here for you! A Mother's love is something that no one can explain, it is made of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain, it is endless, unselfish and enduring! Nothing can destroy it or take that love away. May God comfort you during your moment of sorrow.
Vera & Valerie Thompson
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Karen Fletcher

May 21, 2018

I met Ms. Wood and Terri last July, I became the caregiver for Ms. Wood. It was a match made in heaven because she, Terri and I got along right away. Ms. Wood told me that she did not talk a lot, but I could not tell, she started talking to me on the first day, as though we had know each other for ever. Terri liked me also, so that made me extra special to Ms. Wood, she and her daughter had a new friend. Ms. Woods favorite meal that she wanted me to fix was breakfast. She wanted soft scrambled eggs with cheese, garlic and a slice of spam, she would put some jelly on the plate, and then squeeze lemon all over the eggs,( I thought yuck), but that's the way she liked them, and she always said mine were the best. Ms. Wood and I would watch movies, play cards. and we did puzzles. She enjoyed the outings that we did with Terri, after a doctor's appointment, whether it was shopping or a restaurant. Ms. Wood could also be a little salty with you, if you tried to make her do something that she did not want to do. She would roll her eyes and tell you how she felt about what you was asking her to do. Most of the time she would do it, if she was not being stubborn. I am going to miss her and the conversations that we had. tThere will always be a special place in my heart for her.

Jennifer Czuprynski

May 21, 2018

To Cousin Terri Wood,
Your mother, Maxine Wood enjoyed being around her family and friends. She always welcomed us into her home for delicious food, fun and fellowship. We were blessed to have had her in our lives. She will forever live in our hearts.
Love your cousins from Ohio,
Martha Jones
Jennifer Czuprynski
Sherman McClendon
Lloyd McClendon
Ruth Royal

Amber Johnson

May 18, 2018

I am very sorry to hear of Aunt Maxine’s passing and wish to express my sincerest condolences. I wish that we’d had an opportunity to spend more time together, but I know that we cherished one another even with great distance between us. Seeing her pictures brings back fond memories of my Grandfather Lloyd. They had a strong sibling resemblance. Aunt Maxine was always so sweet and thoughtful. I remember receiving Easter cards and Christmas cards from her every year. She will be missed, but she now rests in the arms of the Lord.

Cousin Amber Johnson

anita jenkins

May 17, 2018


I was very sad to hear about the passing of your Mom. I have nothing but great memories as a child and adult with our family visits. She always had a beautiful spirit, a kind heart, and was a gracious host when we would visit. Just a virtuous woman! So we should celebrate the life of Maxine, although it may seem difficult today to see beyond the sorrow. But looking back on memories of her can be a blessing and help comfort us all tomorrow and the days to come. I'm just excited that your Mom and Dad, my Mom and Dad are once again joined with our heavenly Father to rejoice and fellowship once again!

Cousin Anita


May 16, 2018


Karen Coles

May 16, 2018

Overcoming Life's Hardships
O Lord, we call upon You in our time of sorrow, that You give us the strength and will to bear our heavy burdens, until we can again feel the warmth and love of Your divine compassion. Be mindful of us and have mercy on us while we struggle to comprehend life's hardships.

Keep us ever in Your watch, till we can walk again with light hearts and renewed spirits.

- Author Unknown
From the Coles family.

Lorene Gooden

May 15, 2018

My heart was filled with sorrow upon hearing about the passing of your Mother. Losing someone we love is never easy, but knowing that we have been able to be a part of her life, we can realize that we are blessed to have been able to share in her life before she went to rest in eternal salvation. May my condolences bring you consolation and peace during this painful time.



Mrs. Maxine G. Wood was born on August 14, 1928 in Columbus Ohio where her aunt and uncle raised her and their names were Elizabeth (Ainne) and Arnee, respectively. Ainne and Arnee also raised her brother named Lloyd Gooden. Maxine attended public schools in Franklin County, Oh and graduated from East High School in 1946.

Maxine had quite a social life during her young adulthood and finally ended up leaving Columbus O and moving to Washington D.C. to marry a guy but when that relationship didn't work out she decided to stay in D.C. Maxine had a friend named Mattie Jean who talked her into taking a typing test to obtain an entry level government job, which she successfully did.

Maxine shared an apartment with a girlfriend named Jamison, and one night they decided to throw a party. A friend of Thomas Wood (my dad) named Mr. Rice, heard about the party at the local barber shop and he told Thomas about it so the two of them decided to check out the party. According to Maxine … Thomas came in her apartment, went to the kitchen and took some food out of the fridge without asking … so of course she got angry and threw him out. However the couple made up and eventually they formed a relationship. During that time Thomas was enlisted in the service and was also attending Lincoln University in Pa. so he would come down to visit Maxine on weekends. Once Thomas graduated he asked Maxine to marry him and she said yes. In 1957 and 1960 they had 2 children named Thomas Aldyn Wood III & Terri L Wood, respectively.

Then Maxine begin to advance her career by taking numerous budget and accounting classes which allowed her to transition from a clerk typist to budget analyst during her 30 year career with the Federal government. She retired from the Navy Department at the Pentagon in 1983.

During her early retirement years she enjoyed volunteering at Colesville Presbyterian Church to sort out donated clothes, cooking exotic meals, assembling puzzles and listening to classical music. In her later years she enjoyed watching numerous TV evangelists including Fred Price, John Cherry, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, etc. Mrs. Maxine G. Wood leaves behind her Daugher Terri Wood; Terri’s husband Daryl Stevens; niece Lorene Gooden; great niece Amber Johnson; great great niece Mayah Johnson; the primary McClendon family and which includes Martha Jones (McClendon), Sherman McClendon, Ruth Royal (McClendon) and Lloyd McClendon and their offsprings; Sister Florine Carpenter; Brother John Carpenter and countless friends and neighbors.