Cynthia Lynn Blakeslee

September 16, 1951November 3, 2018

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Cynthia Lynn Blakeslee

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Evelyn Agostinelli

November 25, 2018

I was privaleged to hear Cynthia’s music at two churches, most recently at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Snohomish.
One Sunday I had a guest who waited to speak with her after the service. She told Cynthia “some people play the notes but you PLAY the piano.” Cynthia said that her father taught her to play and told her to always think about the music and what it means. The first piece she learned was I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair.
Well that is one of my memories of Cynthia; a wonderful and talented human being.
Love to family and friends,
Evelyn Agostinelli

Diana Lawrence

November 23, 2018

I first met Cindy my second year at Granite Falls High School. We struck up a friendship right away, as I was the choir instructor and she a church organist and choir director. We should never have been friends, because in the world of singers sopranos are near-mortal enemies! Ha!

I am so lucky to have called Cindy one of, if not the only, best friend I have had. We could talk and laugh for hours and not realize how the time had flown.

Her students were lucky to have her as their most staunch supporter. She offered them hope and alternatives when no one else seemed to care.

Your friends, students and family mourn your loss here on earth, but I know Heaven is richer to have you among its Angels, and you no longer have to suffer the cruelty of your body’s afflictions.

I love you,
Diana Lawrence

Lisa Pingree

November 14, 2018

I worked closely with Cindy for many years. As time went on and we shared our stories, I was struck by just how many lives she had led, and how accomplished she was. She was so multi-talented. My life is richer for having known her.

Julie Lapham

November 9, 2018

I worked with Cindy at Granite Falls High School. She wasn’t just a co-worker but a good friend. I could always count on her for help and I would do anything to help her. She was sweet, caring, considerate and had patience of steel. She had most of the ‘favorite friends’ of the office in her classes, yet she was always positive and kind. Her passion for teaching and zest for life made a real joy to be around.
I remember how excited she was when she told me her daughter was going to have a baby. She couldn’t wait to be a Grandma. She really loved her family and we would share our pictures together and talk about the kids. I so enjoyed going down to her classroom to chat. Even after I was not working with her I would visit and we still would pick up right where we left off, sharing pictures and stuff.
I will miss you Cindy!
Julie Lapham

Nancy and Tom Matlack

November 8, 2018

Loved... just loved working with "Cindi Lou Who" at Granite Falls High School! She was always the one with a twinkle in her eye and a story or email pick-you-up right when you needed it. She worked with some of our toughest clients and always kept her sense of compassion, social justice, and most of all humor! We were in a book club for awhile years ago and she was often the only one that actually read the book! She was so smart and insightful. Most of us were more into drinking wine and pretending we knew what she was talking about......she was onto the shenanigans, but put up with us anyway.
We once took a group of her students to the U.W. Seismology lab together. She whispered to some of our 'too cool for school' kids lingering out in the hall to jump up and down to see if they could get the siesmograph to make some lines! It drew them into the lab without any of them knowing she was in charge....a real pro!
She often shared pictures, from Holly, of her grandkids . Cindi was a doting grandma and rightly so! I know you all are hurting and missing her terribly. Please know, she was loved by many and her contributions to greater humanity live on in all of us... but especially you, her beloved family.
Nancy and Tom Matlack