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Dylan Clarke Cole

August 12, 1984May 4, 2020

On Monday, May the 4th, Dylan Clarke Cole, born to Laurie Ann Holmes (Cole) and Loren Darrel Cole on August 12th, 1984, passed away. Dylan was a bright, funny, and fiercely-loyal man who cared deeply for his family, friends and all animals. He'd do or say almost anything to get someone to laugh and would be by a friend’s side in an instant if they needed him. Dylan loved teaching his nephews new jokes, cinema and recommending movies and shows to watch, and long, strong hugs. Dylan is survived by his mother and step-father, Laurie and John Holmes, his younger siblings, Andrea Haugen and Colin Cole, his brother-in-law Ty Haugen, his nephews Torben and Griffin Haugen, niece Hannah Haugen, countless aunts, uncles, and cousins, and his pets: the faithful old wolf Rufus and the cats Dodge, Dube, and Fry.


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Dylan Clarke Cole

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Becca Selin

May 17, 2020

Dylan Cole, I first became acquainted with you in junior high. The goofy guy who wore Hawaiian shirts daily and would do anything to make just one person laugh. In high school, we worked together at the Clearview Albertson’s. You were hilarious and always a bright point in my day. We had some deep discussions on lunch breaks and you were certainly a very intelligent, intellectual young man. Over the years, I saw you less and less, but when we bumped into each other, it was always with a chuckle and you always said hi. Never too busy to catch up. It’s been several years now since I’ve seen you. How I wish I could’ve seen you one last time.

My deepest condolences to all of your family and friends; I’m so very sorry for your loss.

The world will never be the same without you, Dylan.

Craig Zaro

May 16, 2020

I worked with Dylan for the last few years at the S. Morris/Gateway, he would always come find me before he left for his day and see how I was doing, not just asking but truly caring how I was doing, that was Dylan. He was never in a rush, never complained and as everyone knows, always had time for others.

We all have people come and go in our lives, Dylan I wish you hadn't left us so soon, I wish you could tell us all another joke or fun fact, I wish we could have said goodbye.....

Don't tell me the Jedi aren't real....I knew one.

Brandi O

May 16, 2020

I am so very sorry to hear about Dylan's passing. He has been coming to our clinic for years, and was always so kind and cheerful. He always remembered each of our names, and made it a point to say hello. We will greatly miss seeing his smiling face. He was truly kind to every person he interacted with.

Asia Bishop

May 16, 2020

I think I speak on behalf of all the employees at Greenwood Animal Hospital when I say that Dylan was one of the most pleasant, kind souls we have encountered not only at work but in life. He always had a smile on his face, made a point to ask how everyone was doing, and left the room better than he found it. Even in the brief moments he spent in our clinic, he brought a little more light to our days. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

mitchell parfitt

May 15, 2020

I got to know Dylan when he first started at s.morris. I remember thinking to myself who is this goofy guy that started calling me "mitchimus prime" like two weeks into knowing me. Soon enough he became dyl or d money. He would tell me about these Star Wars theories that were way over my head, but I would press him on them, halfway because he was so passionate about them and the other half to gain knowledge to drop on others.

Dylan was one of the good people in life who embraced everyone around him with genuine excitement and happiness to see them. He was rarely in a bad mood and if he was it wouldn't take much to crack him with a joke or a simple look. Even talking with him through some tough times the dude was always positive. Im lucky and thankful to have known him for the time I did.

I'll miss you dyl

Sarah Ray

May 15, 2020

I had the enormous pleasure of working with Dylan for 2 years. I have never encountered or got to know anyone more positive, genuine, kind, and welcoming.

Our roles and job duties didn't allow us to work side-by-side every day. But when I did get to see him on a workday, every single time, I was greeted with the biggest smile and enthusiasm that was incredibly infectious. And ALWAYS a big hug. Dylan was always positive, always smiling, and always willing to help. He was the kind of person that made you instantly feel better just by being in his presence.

Dylan is one of those "once in a lifetime" people that you get to meet. I'm devastated I will never get to have another conversation with him or be in his positive, smile-inducing, presence.

The last time I saw Dylan was right when social distancing measures were in place. We had to meet at a veterinary hospital. As he always did when it was time to leave, he went and gave me a huge hug. I can remember thinking, "uh... I'm not sure this is proper social distancing". But man, am I glad that our last encounter I got one more of those great "Dylan" hugs.

Dylan, you made a difference and brought many smiles. The mark you left on this world will be cherished by so many.

Sarah Tucker

May 15, 2020

My heart goes out to Dylan's family and friends. While I didn't know him well, he was a regular part of my life at the cat clinic when he would come see us twice a week. He left an impression on us, and I see from the other posts that he must have been just as animated and friendly with everyone he came into contact with as he was with us. We are in complete shock that he is gone, and the world is dimmer with his loss. Please know that you are in our thoughts.

Jessi Levine

May 15, 2020

I knew Dylan from the twice-weekly interactions I would have with him at my job. He was always kind and had a smile on his face. He knew all of our names, and would never fail to ask us how we were doing or make a joke or two. Although I never got to know Dylan on a personal level, he felt like a part of our work family. We will miss seeing him. His family and friends will be in my thoughts.

Katy B

May 15, 2020

Dylan worked hard, never complained, and really had the sunny outlook on life many of us could only hope for. He appreciated the daily interactions with all of his clients, and he spoke highly of the people in our clinic. Whenever I saw the door slide open and his smile behind the window, it brought a sense of peace in the present moment. He would often leave us with some fun facts about music or movies, and he always seemed to drop a piece of knowledge into our conversations that would bring a smile to our faces. Dylan's gift to all of us was the appreciation of each and every day...something I won't ever forget! rest in peace, Dyl...you will be missed!

Brian Sponseller

May 14, 2020

When I met Dylan on the day he started at the S. Morris Company my first thought was, "I wonder if this guy has any clue how much he looks like Qui Gon Jin." It didn't take very long with him to realize that, no, it wasn't a coincidence. Even after he'd cut his hair I would still often call him "Qui Gon," and as I look back I'm happy that it always brought a smile to his face. His smile was truly infectious.

I enjoyed the passion that Dylan always showed for the things he was interested in. Whether it was classic rock, comedy or a new film, he seemed to know everything about his interests. I looked forward to when he would come into work in the morning because it was pretty much a guarantee that he would have a joke or a movie line ready to go in order to make me laugh. And I enjoyed when I would see him after work, as these were the times that I got to know him the best.

Dylan started off as a co-worker but very quickly proved himself to be a good friend. He greatly expanded my love for music, movies and good comedy. He always showed genuine concern for how I was doing, and my family as well. When I received my promotion out of state he made sure to take me out for a drink to celebrate and give a proper goodbye.

Dylan, I wish we could have spent a lot more time together. You really were one of the most interesting people that I have ever met. Your kindness, humor and spirit will long be missed. May the force be with you, always.


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