Betty Louise Bodor

December 6, 1955January 22, 2021
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Betty Louise Bodor passed away on January 22, 2021. She is survived by her beloved husband of 46 years, Ladislaus Bodor; children, Cheryl (Anthony), Nicole (Inocencio); grandchildren, Taylor, Christopher, AJ, Isabella, and Antonio.

Betty was a rare breed in a world full of selfishness. She was a guiding light whose bulb never dimmed. She was righteous and whole, giving her survivors a beacon of hope into what they strive to become. The moments are plentiful and her memories will live on for eternity.

Here a few……

A city girl who always knew a move to the suburbs would be here From city bricks, to mountain sticks, to an RV filled with cheer Tears of joy for what would become A path of travel with her family that would never be undone…..

Her love of nature was never a secret While fear of roller coasters was always real Both of which she enjoyed at one time For her grandkids sake she would deal…..

Holidays were where she shined The joy of giving was her brand Getting her fill of Fosters and Baileys over the years Even if it meant a controller slipping from her hand…..

Her nicknames gave her laughter and joy Even when the moments were severe Those unique grins and smiles will be missed Though they will be everywhere we look even as you’re not here…..

A purple rose may at one time droop A footprint in the sand may fade A perfect roll may not always be a strike But, Betty will never waver and give you life for the following day!

A private memorial is scheduled for Friday, February, 5, 2021 at Wm. Rowen Grant Funeral Home (659 Street Rd, Southampton, PA 18966) from 11:00am - 1:00pm.


  • Ladislaus Bodor, Husband
  • Cheryl (Anthony), Daughter
  • Nicole (Inocencio), Daughter
  • Taylor, Grandchild
  • Christopher, Grandchild
  • AJ, Grandchild
  • Isabella, Grandchild
  • Antonio, Grandchild


  • Memorial Serivce

    Friday, February 5, 2021


Betty Louise Bodor

have a memory or condolence to add?

Christopher Cutillo

February 4, 2021

I will always remember you walking up the hill in Virginia and struggling to reach the top. If we went any further we would of had to get you a scooter or even carry you.

Antonio Rivera

February 4, 2021

Dear Mommom,
We know you fought hard, but God called you home. We all love you. We will miss you.❤️

Isabella Rivera

February 4, 2021

You are loved and missed. We all wish you were here but we will always keep you in our thoughts and I love you mommom! 💜

Ino Rivera

February 4, 2021

What can I say about my mother-in-law, to be truthful I never seen her as that. She was a mother to me. Not too many people in this world could say that they have 2 mothers but I can. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. She loved all her kids and grandkids unconditionally no matter our faults.

I will always remember all of our conversations about her past and her future plans. She was so excited to pull off in her RV and head to a new camp ground or as she would call it “glamping” with style.

As I sit here and think what will I miss most of all.... probably me picking on her, then the way she looked at me and smile as she said.... “ you AH ” If you don’t know Betty, that meant “ I love you”. Trust me.... Me, Tony, and Dad heard that on a daily basis!!!

I never got a chance to let her know how much she meant to me. But until we meet again I would love to tell you:

“I love you like you were my own mother. How you took me in as one of your owe. I will be forever thankful for what you did to help me and my family and the sacrifices you made. You are truly an angel and I will always remember you until my dying breath....I love you Mom”💔

Ladislaus Bodor

February 4, 2021

To my Wife and Best friend for almost 50 years. I'll always love you and cherish our memories of our marriage for the last 46 years. We had a great marriage and a lot of good memories. I'll miss you sweetheart, love hunny, rest in peace.
I know you will always be with us and watch over us.

Nicole Clark

February 4, 2021

Mrs. Bodor always had such a bright soul and she really was a beautiful woman. She was so warm and welcoming at every family party. I always loved having conversation with her and she treated my family like her own. One of the funniest memories I have of her was at a New Years Eve party a couple years ago. We all sat around playing games, eating, drinking and just enjoying each other's company. When it was her time to play Wii, she got a bit excited. She went to swing her arm for her turn and the Wii remote flew out of her hand straight into her son in laws beautiful flatscreen! That was the end of that TV. She was so fun to be around and she will be missed dearly. To the Bodor and Cutillo family, we love you guys!

AJ Cutillo

February 4, 2021

Wow, time really does fly. I remember Busch Gardens and the White Lightning jokes we would always make like it was yesterday. This doesn’t feel real, but the memories will never be forgotten. Love you Mom Mom.

Nikki Rivera

February 2, 2021

As many people have told me, my mother was an amazing strong, beautiful woman with a big beautiful smile that loved her family to the fullest. But to me she was much more than that, she was my mother, a title that means many words. To me, my mother was a leader, a teacher, a proud caregiver, a role model, a best friend just to name a few of what her title as my mother meant to me. As a leader she managed to lead her family to their best potential. She taught us many valuable life lessons. She always cared for us and made sure we were always safe. She was my role model who I always went to for advice. But she was not only my mother, she became my best friend with an unbreakable bond.
I always looked up to her in the way she cared for my father, my sister and I, her grandkids and her son-in-laws. She loved my father like no other, he was her everything. She cherished the times she spent with him planning and traveling in their RV for their adventures. She had very special bonds with each of her kids and grandkids and the time she spent with all of us meant the world to her. She loved her son-in-laws like her own and would always be there for both of them no matter what.
The day God called her home, was the day part of me went missing. There is no preparing for this type of heartache. She was adored by her family and we will surely miss her. There will never be a day that goes by that she will not be missed by all of us. I will miss my “Good morning Sunshine” every morning before I leave for work. I will miss every aspect of her.
She not only is/was a loving wife, mother and grandmother but is now Our Angel. I know she will continue to love and watch over us. And as much as it hurts to not have her here with us, I know she is safe with God and is finally with my brother.
Mom, I will never say goodbye, this is a “See you later”, as we will all be together one day! I love you always and will forever miss you until the day I see you again!

Laura Kriss

February 2, 2021

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I have so many fond memories of holidays spent together sharing cookies and playing games. Betty’s smile snd laugh always filled the room. She will be so missed but I’m so glad to have the memories. All of my love.

Cheryl Cutillo

January 31, 2021

My mother was an amazing, beautiful woman both inside & out. She not only was a proponent for her family, but her many friends as well.
Her Husband, my Father, was her rock. She absolutely adored him & always made sure he was taken care of. They enjoyed all their time together, even if it meant just being around each other watching TV. It was the simple things that made her happy.
Her children & grandchildren were her world. My sister & I had our own special bond with her. For me, she was my best friend. She & I always had our special time together from when I was a kid. Our daily game nights always included our favorite card game, 500 rummy. As I got older, we would do our daily shopping trips every weekend. As time went on they were harder and harder as sports got in the way.
Luckily, her granddaughter Taylor was able to take my place. She enjoyed their trips together, which ultimately ended up with lunch. Taylor absolutely loved her time with her & will always cherish these endless moments. Bella’s bond included watching their favorite TV shows, Christmas specials and a few funny dances together. Her grandsons Chris & AJ truly loved her, but tortured her to no end. They had special nicknames like bad luck Betty because no matter what game she would attend they would mostly lose. Let’s not forget the all-time greatest name, “White Lightning,” given based on her bright white hair & her speed. The boys loved her dearly.
Lastly, her bond with her grandson Antonio was built around special conversations only they could interpret. That’s what made them so special.
Her son in laws Tony & Ino were very special men in her eyes. Not only did they take care of her daughters, but they dropped everything for her, no matter what was needed. She considered these two as her own & from day 1 had open arms.
Her family was her universe. She was the gravity that kept us afloat. We will treasure every second we had with her and these memories will keep her alive in our hearts.