Samuel David Strahan

June 19, 2002September 13, 2017
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SAM was the second child born to Scott and Ami Strahan. He was born at Placentia Linda hospital in Yorba Linda, California. Our family moved to Spokane, Washington when Sam was 2 1/2 years old.

SAM was a cute little boy full of mischief. At age four, he would ride his battery powered Harley to get ice-cream and had a habit of collecting the neighbor’s mail and redistributing their letters to different mailboxes along the way. He loved action figures and video games. In one day, he would go from Batman to Darth Vader, but always fighting for the neighborhood.

OUR family moved to a country neighborhood in 2008. He was diagnosed with Asperger's in 3rd grade. His IQ of 129 and difficulty with relationships can be attributed to the disorder but despite the fact Sam found friends at Freeman. As a teenager, his love for his Gameboy and Nintendo DS blossomed into his love for Xbox Live. His favorite game this year was Minecraft.

HE had two big goldfish and adopted his cat Bella from the local shelter in October 2016 and adored her. He and his father liked to ride motorcycles and were always on the hunt for the best root beer. He discovered his love for cooking taking classes at a WSU summer camp. Sam would often cook meals for the family which earned him the self appointed title of family chef. He volunteered with Generation Alive and Calvary Baptist Soup Kitchen. He took pleasure in these activities and was well regarded among those in leadership.

HIS father bought him his first car that Sam was so proud of. He was looking forward to getting the driver’s permit that would afford him both more freedom and responsibility.

SAM'S dad died on Father's Day in a tragic accident with the family motorhome. His summer was a challenge but he enjoyed time at Camp Swelokan and in California.

SAM distinguished himself as a hero. In an act of bravery and selflessness, Sam confronted the shooter and no doubt saved a number of lives. Hopefully Sam's loss will be a catalyst for change.

SAM is survived by his mother Ami and sister Emily. He was preceded in death by his step grandfather, Gary Singleton, his cousin Vincent Singleton, his grandmother, Elizabeth Strahan, his grandfather, William Strahan and his father, Scott Strahan, on June 18, 2017


Samuel David Strahan

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Christopher Riddle

February 5, 2018

I first met Sam in the 3rd grade at Freeman. We were both new kids and i just needed a freind. Sam was one of the smartest and real people i have ever met. i always loved coming over to his house and playing capture the flag, or just chilling in his basement and playing Minecraft. Sam, I miss you and Im happy that you are reunited with your dad! Fly high buddy

Kiley Sanchez

October 17, 2017

I met Sam at summer camp this summer. from the day i met him, i could instantly tell that he was an amazing person. i love and miss him with all my heart. even though i had only seen him face to face for a week, i considered him one of the best friends i had. he is so brave and sweet, and caring. i love you Sam, may you rest in peace. the day i heard about this, i dropped to my knees. i couldn't breathe. i had a panic attack. you are so courageous and you inspire me in so many ways. i wanted to go to the memorial, but i couldn't find out when it was. now i feel terrible. i should've been there to say goodbye and thank you for being so brave. you are my hero. you made me laugh when i was down, you brought light into the world when it was dark. thank you Sam. i love you. R.I.P

Madison McCarthy

October 3, 2017

Sam, god bless your heart and soul when you entered eternal life! You are safe even more now. God bless you!!

Bonnie MacDougall

October 2, 2017

What a wonderful young man you and your husband raised. No words can comfort but know that your sweet Sam will be remembered. Thinking of you and your daughter.

Tamarra Tappe

October 1, 2017

You are a wonderful boy. Thank you so much for showing everyone in this world how little acts of kindness and bravery go a long way. Every day I have been thinking about you. I will continue to think about you, your bravery, and the difference you made in this world in your short life.

Sam's Family,
I am so sorry for your lost. Your boy was precious and made a huge difference in this world. Everything he did in his short life will not go unnoticed. I hope you all find the peace you need.

Tamarra Tappe (Spokane WA)

nine mile neighbor

September 24, 2017

we may be strangers, but you and your family are part of MY community. I have spent countless hours this week to provide you in the ways I can. You and Emily are in our hearts, I will be working endlessly to provide help for those in need. Sam will not be forgotten. The loss of your son is tremendous, may you find comfort someday that he has started a major movement in this world. my love to you.


September 23, 2017

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss! My heart is with you, your family, and the entire freeman community! I have prayed incessantly for you and your family and will continue to do so. He was clearly an amazing human being and Gods love obviously poured out of Him in many many ways.