Leonor Camaya Layug

February 20, 1933January 7, 2021


Father: Maximino Camaya (deceased)

Mother: Leonor Songco Camaya ((deceased)

Sisters: Cecilia (deceased) and Ana Camaya-Capati

Spouse: Jose Layug, Jr. (deceased)

Children Sons/Daughters In-Law Grandchildren & GreatGrandchildren

Net-Layug Panlilio Fred Dang, Tonirose

Joy Layug-Roth Tony Marc, Angela, Tommy, Hayden

Pinky Layug-Ocampo Philip Jari

Alex Layug Tyrone, AJ, Winter, Skye, Ella

Rose Layug-Driodoco June Julius, Anne

Benedict Layug

Paul Max Layug Rowena (partner) Mm, Mc, Mai

Chito Layug Gervi Gabe, Iya

Eulogy for My Sister and Best Friend


My sister, Ati Luring was born on February 20, 1933 and the Lord took her to her permanent home on January 7, 2021 in the arms of Alex, her constant caregiver.

My sister had 3 main characteristics which were KINDNESS, HUMILITY, AND LOYALTY.

KINDNESS to everyone especially to me and my children Anne Marie and Kine while they were in the Philippines. She and her husband, Ge, gave Anne and Kine extra love and care as I was in the US. Kine was in her arms after she passed away in Infant Jesus Clinic Manila on the way home to GuaGua. Ati Luring and Tatang were with Kine and they buried her together with Inang and Ati Celing.

KINDNESS to me when I started college in Manila, and she oriented me to the mode of transportation and the directions in the city. She managed, despite having little money, to buy me a corned beef sandwich bun when she was going to dental school in Centro Escolar University.

HUMILITY, she had a big heart and tolerated verbal and emotional abuse without complaints. “Maragul ya canu pilulanan, ing pilulanan na busbus ya pa.”

LOYALTY, she served Tatang and Inang to the end. She took Tatang for his appointment for cobalt treatment for lung cancer. To Inang she spent quality time on the weekends; and she learned her culinary skills from Inang. To her husband, Ge, love and loyalty without any complaints although she did make the remark once, “Ing canung Apung Guinu apibilibili neing canung curus na, pero aku ike abili ing canakung curus.”

Ati Luring, I did not cry when you left this time as I know that Joji, your angel and mine, Kine, will meet you when you get there to see Jesus. But Tatang and I cried for at least a day and at every mealtime when you got married.

Lastly, THANK YOU for all your kindness to me and my children and your care for Inang and Tatang and for leaving your legacy, your caring sons and daughters: Nette, Joy, Pinky, Alex, Rosy, Benedict, Max, and Chito.

Forever grateful,


Dearest Mommy, thanks for all the memories u left to us. When I was in HS, looking forward for you and dad to pick me up always had chocolate candies and share it w my brothers/Sisters. I remember those days when u took me at Baclaran church every Wed.The days at the basement In Riverton I used to sleep w/ you and dad, in the middle of the night you or dad will check on me and see if my comforter is over me.It will never be the same here in Riverton. Those days are gone when I used to call you when I get home after work chitchat w/you, ask the recipe for ur Leche flan, how u cook ur estofadong dila. Mom , I will dearly miss you. All of ur dreams were fulfilled seeing the twins, Hayden enjoyed playing, talking w/them,looking at you w/ur smiling face.Thank you mommy for giving so much of yourself. We were so blessed to have you in our life.I love you mommy.Till we meet again.

Love you, Net

Hi mommy, daddy and you are together again, balu mi beginning ngeni masaya kayung adwa , although keni king Riverton its not the same anymore. I miss your smile potang darating kaming Tumas keni , dening sinelas ku parati kang makasadya for me, Joy misulud kand sinelas bang ali la madinatan deng bitis mu! I will miss our conversation at night , i will not see you any more sitting in your chair in the morning before my morning run sabi mu mag jacket and magkupya ka marimba pota magkasakit ka, I will always remember your sweet smile and thoughtfulness, we love you mommy till we see each other again.

Joy,Tony,Tommy,Mark and Angela ♡♡♡

Mommy, I remember when I was in elementary and high school I was very very sad on Mondays when I see you leave with Daddy for Manila for work. It is the same feeling now but no Fridays to wait for your arrival and a plastic of chocolate to be divided by 8. Anyapin anaku ka excited mag College ba da kang akayabe Manila. Ikwa kung metaba in College with your luto. A miss kurin atad te y Anne AUF inyang magbakasyun ka kekami. Makanyan man I know you are now at peace with Daddy, Auntie Celing, Lola Anong and Tatang Kitu. Dakal dakal a salamat for all the love and caring, we will miss you so much.

Love, Rose

Hi lola Me,

Thank you for everything! Palagi mu kaming gaganakan even if achu ka America. You always send us greeting card on our birthdays or christmas.You never missed hanggang ngeni achu naku Ireland..I will miss pag mag bakasybun kayung lolo pilipnas. Everyone is delighted and excited. I'll miss picking you up in the airport and magovernight ka bale tapus mamasyal kata with the whole Layug family... I will miss those happy days with you.. Amiss ke din tang leche flan mu kanyan lola . I MISS YOU SO MUCH LOLA. Hugs.You can rest now with Lolo. I LOVE YOU! Till we meet again.

Love, Anne

I'm 53 years old now and still I'm infatuated with 2 ladies which exactly have the same characters. Just to mention a few qualities that really caught my attention-They are both very simple but adorable.

They were the most reserved and respected by people who knew them by heart.They both don't involve themselves on any high standard lifestyle but value people of their similar decent image.

They both prioritize love over Wealth. They were both the same ladies who gave life and compassionate love to me and my family and the same ladies who taught us how to thank God for our everyday existence. And now i came to realise why they both were vaguely named LEONOR, IT WAS BECAUSE THE MEANING OF THEIR NAME IS COMPASSIONATELY MERCIFUL AND A STANDING BRIGHT LIGHT TEACHING US THE WAY TOWARDS GOD THROUGH FERVENT PRAYERS. I'M BLESSED TO BE A GRAND SON OF LEONOR SONGCO CAMAYA AND LUCKY TO BE 1 OF THE CHILDREN OF LEONOR CAMAYA LAYUG!!!!! I LOVE YOU LOLA AND MOMMY, BRING MY LOVE UP THERE TO DADDY, AUNTIE CEL AND TO ALL OUR LOVED ONES...... TILL WE ALL BE TOGETHER AGAIN...…

Love much, Max

I will remember my lola as the embodiment of a strong, selfless, and independent woman through the things she did as a wife, mother, and grandmother. I didn't have as much time with her, but each time we spent together; she would always be sure to show her love and concern for me and my sisters. I am happy that you're with your lolo now lola, but my only regret is not having the chance to chika with you even more than we already have about anything and everything; from the smallest life updates, to your wishes in life, and even advice for times you knew I would need in the future, while helping you curl your salt and pepper hair because those truly are the fondest memories of us that I will always keep in my heart-


Lola Mommy has shown us more kindness, love and generosity than we could ever deserve.

Not only did she teach us the importance of family, prayer and sacrifice in our lives, she also blessed us with a kind and loving father who has plenty of brothers and sisters who have been guiding us and taking care of us through the years. Just like when she came to visit every year when we were kids, I had hoped Lola Mommy would have stayed with us a little longer. It always warmed my heart that she never forgot about us on our birthdays or when she comes home on holidays, but I wish I could have told her that the greatest "pasalubongs" and "gifts" for me have always been the moments we were able to spend with her in Guagua. Rest in Peace in heaven, Lola. Your incredible story, simplicity and warmth has always inspired me.

Love, Mic

I miss you so much already, Lola. You were, and still are, the glue that keeps the Layug family together. I recall you and Lolo picking us up in Dila Dila to spend time with us and the sleep overs and Sunday dinners in Guagua with all the Titas, Titos, and cousins especially when mom and dad went to the US and we stayed behind. You even taught me how to say the rosary there! I will do my best to keep this family close together no matter the distance. It’s an honor to have known a gentle, caring, and beautiful person inside and out. I will surely miss visiting you in Riverton. It didn’t matter how early or late we arrived or departed to/ from San Francisco. You made sure you were awake to welcome us there or say goodbye and “Mangan na” always followed. I love you so much, Lola. May you peacefully with Lolo and Lola Celing in heaven.

Love, Dang


Its hard to believe that you are no longer with us. I want to thank you for all the unconditional love you showed your children, as well as your grandchildren and great grand children. You were a very kind and humble person with a lot of confidence. You lived a simple life, but was surrounded with a lot of love. I understand where my mom got hers.I know that we didn’t talk as much on the phone, or saw each other as much in person, but when we did, it was always full of laughter, even when you were unintentionally funny. I will miss those random and funny conversations, and your laugh.

Although it’s going to be different when we vacation and go back home to the Philippines, I know that you will always be with us in spirit and will always be looking over us. Lola Nora,thank you for being the best grandma. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I will forever cherish. I miss you much. Please give Lolo Ogie a big hug from me.

I Love You, Toni Rose

Lola Mommy, I wish you could see us and hear us and feel how much we grieve your loss. I hope you can hear our silent wishes and how we are now craving for your presence if you were only here. I wish you can hear how I want to tell you all about the things only the two of us could talk about while we're "mipagsitsitan".Now, we can only hope.We are thankful for a gentle soul like you to have been our Lola. We can only hope to have had more time with you. When I was little, I was sure I would see you every single year for the holidays and I always looked forward to those days when you and lolo would come stay in Guagua. I remember you teaching me how to sweep properly using the floor tiles as my guides. How you would let us pluck out your white hair and gave us money for every hair strand we got but when you had too much white hair, then we would just help you style your newly permed hair everytime you got back from the US.

"The Queen" we would jokingly call you. I can still see your shy smile everytime I called you that and then you would pinch me secretly or lightly "tampa" my hand or arm for me to stop calling you that. I would like to let you know that we called you that because you deserved to be treated as a queen. We always wanted you to feel special because you made us feel special and loved. We were never forgotten even if you were on the other side of the world. I have too much to say!

But it all boils down to one thing. We love you and you will always be alive through us for you are the miracle vessel in which God has given us life. Thank you Lola Me, may you rest peacefully and joyfully in paradise until we meet again and I can call you "the Queen" again.


Mommy, cant seem to believe that you are no longer with us. It hurts so badly that I wont have phone calls with you anymore to check how you’re doing-if you ate or if you bathe already, if twins are there with you, if Alex is well, if you’ve heard your daily mass and I would share with you the homily of the priest which I attended, etc. My most treasured memories with you were during my most recent trips in Riverton, most esp when you were sticken with Bells Palsy and I would massage you from head to toe after giving you a bath, and then curl your hair which you like so much. I always look forward to another day to hear mass with you at St. Williams of York because we both like going to mass and then we go Dunkin or Mcdo for breakfast before coming home. Our trip to San Francisco is another memorable trip I had with you seeing lots of places there courtesy of loving and sweetest Dang and Toni, non-stop eating and just relax the rest of the day.Ohhhh Mommy, please continue to give us strength each day esp now that we are grieving and please watch over us 24/7, okay?

Each time we go shopping, im very excited for you to fit the clothes you choose coz you love to have those bright and comfy outfits. I wish I was given another chance last December 2020 to have spent the holidays with you and Alex. Everytime we talk on the phone, you would tell me “ot ali ka pa munta keni? Baka ali mu na ku dasan”. we did plan to go there but this pandemic restricted our activities and flights were not safe…I regret it Mommy…Please forgive me for not being able to hug you last Christmas and New Year. I miss sleeping beside you and I can only hold on to these memories, Mommy. I recall last Nov. 30, 2019 when I was packing my things to go back to the Phils., I just kept on crying because I didn’t want to leave you. My last hug I had with you was last March 1, 2020 after your visit here to celebrate your 87th bday when we brought you to the airport, I never imagined and thought that it would be the last. I will continue praying for you, Dad, Acheling and im looking forward to that day when we meet again and it will be FOREVER…

I love you Mommy, Pinky♡

Lola’s one of the first people to teach me thoughtfulness. Even though she has 15 grandchildren spread out across the various corners of the world, she’s never missed out on a birthday, or a Christmas gift or card.

Lola’s the person who does everything with love. Her tsokolateng batirol was always better than everyone else’s (sorry, Mom. Maybe it’s because she taught you to make it)- it just seemed sweeter because I knew she’d cook it up whenever I was over because it was my favorite.

Lola’s a badass. Sure, she might have been 87 years old but she toughed out the 12 hour drive from Virginia to New York with Tito Alex to pick me up after my internship. She has grandchildren in all sorts of industries. I’ve got an EMT cousin, army veterans, medical professionals, those working in tourism, journalism and e-commerce (yes, I’m the lamest one). We’re a very diverse set of cousins, with our own differences and issues, that is definitely true. But the one thing we have in common is that we all love Lola. We think the world of her.

But here’s the most badass thing of all: she raised 8 kids extremely well- all full of love and compassion for the world around them. Lord knows that that wasn’t the easiest task in the world. That would never have been possible if she didn’t have an abundance of the same love and compassion to share. She will continue to live on in the kindness and thoughtfulness of her sons and daughters. She raised men and women that she, and the world, can be proud of.

Lola’s delightful. Nobody could hold back a smile when in a conversation with her. Even when the audio of the video call was choppy, her laughter and smiling face was infectious. She lived a life full of smiles and jokes, never failing to make us laugh with her witty quips and blunt comments.

I miss you Lola. I will miss carrying your handbag whenever we’re together, and calling it “Fort Knox”- because it’s so heavy, probably because of your barya. I will miss pushing your wheelchair around, knowing that you’re just right in front of me and that the day was all for us to spend time together. I will miss the weight of your grip on my arm when I’d offer to be her human walking stick, and how she’d try to slide me money before we parted ways. We’d laugh and quarrel, because I never wanted to accept- I was always glad to do anything for her. I will miss her voice whenever we call Riverton, and her smile when we present her with the pastillas my parents and I had hunted down in Taguig- only the best for her.

I hope you’re happy up there, Lola Me- you’re finally reunited with Lolo and Lola Celing. Have some pan de sal and batirol with them for me, won’t you? We’re all incredibly sad that you’re gone, but for now we’ll just have to take comfort in the fact that you’re in the best place possible with Him right now (and that your knees don’t hurt anymore).

I love you, Jars


There are many words to describe Leonor and her personality. One could say that she is kind, traditional, and loving, but to us she is also a woman of strength who revives the joy and union of her family. Leonor’s legacy lies within her family and the unconditional love and loyalty she has for each member of her family. Her love is, at times, shown unconventionally through her sassy comments that fill the room with endless laughter. Sometimes, she would try to keep a stern face after leaving her comment, but she could not hide the corners of her smile, as she makes herself laugh and seeing her loved-ones smile is something she always enjoyed seeing. Moving to the United States, Leonor gave us the warmest of welcomes in a place that is colder than what we were used to in the Philippines. She allowed us to confide in her in many ways and supported everyone in their journeys.

Leonor and Jose’s children are no carbon-copy of each other, as they raised them to have outstanding and eccentric personalities and talents that the parents absolutely adored and are very proud of. Joseph, being the youngest child of Leonor and Jose, did not get to spend his childhood with his parents who were working in the city, but that did not hurdle the love between the mother and son, because her love was holy, godly, and pure. Although Joseph was not her favorite child, he still did not feel any different to his older siblings. He still felt the same love that Leonor and Jose gave to their children. Joseph recalls that his mother has never reprimanded him, and that is one of the many things that Joseph is eternally grateful for because she never made him feel alone in his journey. Joseph always knew that he could talk to his mother about anything and feel safe.

Leonor has always been supportive of her youngest child, even at times when she would call him “brusko”—it was always out of love. One special trait that Leonor leaves Joseph is being family-oriented. Leonor taught and showed Joseph the importance and the bond of family. Joseph has never once left his wife nor his two daughters and continues to sacrifice bits and pieces of himself, just as his mother did with him and the rest of her family.

The same can be said for Gervi, who is Joseph’s wife. Gervi and her daughters moved to the United States almost eight years ago. It was a difficult transition for Gervi, especially, because she has never been this far away from her own parents, but she found comfort in Leonor. Whenever Gervi visited Leonor they would always watch Filipino channels together and talk about different celebrities, how their day was going, and eat breakfast or some Filipino comfort food that they both delighted themselves in. Gervi saw her as a second mother and Leonor treated Gervi as her own. For Gervi, Leonor is another maternal figure to her and Leonor constantly celebrates Filipino culture and tradition with Gervi as they both sure do miss home.

Being the youngest grandchildren of Leonor, they were not able to spend more time with her, but Gabriell and Julyanna did make the most out of the seven years they have lived close to Leonor. There was a certain time when Gabriell and Julyanna’s bus stops were in front of their uncle’s house, where Leonor, their “Lola Me” lived and they would rise at the crack of dawn and go see Lola Me and have breakfast with her. At least once a week, Gabriell and Julyanna would visit Leonor with their parents and spend time with her. Leonor always made sure that everyone was eating, and would let these two grandchildren indulge in all of the food that there is. Along with the food, Lola Me always had stories to tell to everyone, but Gabriell and Julyanna would always talk about their friends and school whenever they got their turn in gossip sessions with Lola Me.

Leonor loved telling stories and listening to stories, no matter how old—or young the person is. Leonor loves love, life, and family and by telling and hearing stories, she is able to celebrate and find peace in what God gives to His children. It is evident enough that Leonor cherishes and loves her family, but the only thing that is above them, is God. She is able to be her family’s light and laughter because of her love and faith in God. Leonor is a woman of God and loves her family the same way God does. Leonor’s passing is not just sorrow, but it is an inspiration on how one can live their life because she is born to love and to nurture—she did not need to master these actions, because it is

something that comes from will and deep within. She is the strong magnetic field that attracts genuineness, love, and compassion, and keeps the family together.

I will always remember My Lola as someone who has the biggest heart, most understanding, patient, and calmest person I know. She always assures that each 'apo' is checked on how each is doing. She never forgets your birthday, at which she sends you handwritten greeting cards and requested mass to let you know she is thinking of you on your special day. Lola will never make you feel alone; she loves the company of her family. I remembered the time she, lolo, Tito Chit, Tito Max, Julius, and uncle Jun would make that 8-12 hour drive or more to the mountains to visit Mark and me in Isabela to visit us, and will always ask how our other side of the family is doing. She also took that road trip to see me graduate from high school, and even as I graduated DCO school, she would tell me that she would never want to miss her all her apo's graduations. She would even take the drive to visit me in Rochester, MN. Whenever I visit Lola in Virginia, you will always see the excitement and joy in her eyes when she sees her kids and grandkids and even the great-grandkids. Lola Nora is not your typical grandma; she is one of a kind mom, sister, wife, Lola and great-Lola. She is very understanding and patient; although we feel that we can't be perfect, Lola shows us that we can be good people, and no matter how many mistakes we make, she will always be there accepting of us. Who would've thought at 88 she is your super grandma, loves to hang out, play, talk to the great-grandkids, and do dual babysitting duties with Ella, Skye, Hayden, and Winter. Sometimes I feel that the babies and Lola have secret language conversations; the babies would giggle, laugh, wiggle their baby legs, and jump with excitement when they hear Lola's name, hear her voice, or see her. Although she can be tired and fighting her sleep at times, falls asleep in the middle of the dinner table as we tell our stories, she patiently sits with us to keep us company, and won't go to bed until everyone does. She may be the last to go to bed, but she sure is the very first person who loves to wake up early. When she wants to go to bed, she will ask us to go with her and sleep already. Then there are also the nap times where Lola would prefer to sit in her favorite chair while us kids will nap in the bed, and even when it's warm in her room, it's still the most comfortable nap being next to her. Lola can be a feisty one too--in a good way, watching her and Lolo bicker sometimes, and when Lolo holds her hand while they walk. Then there are also those times where I would go with you and lolo to sell vegetables from Lolo's garden at the base, sit on monoblock chairs, and enjoying the weather while also selling veggies. Lola Nora, I wish we can pause, rewind, and put all our times together in slow motion. Paused, as I don't want our happy memorable moments spent together would ever end, rewind, to relive those laughing moments with you talking even the random things, and perhaps wishing I visited more and have spoken to you more, and turn everything in slow motion as I think of the times we traveled together. Lots of walk or heat and being tired does not stop you from enjoying our mall trips and vacations. I will miss everything with you, from our late night TFC marathons or laughing at comedy shows, watching you holding and talking to the babies singing them Tagalog lullabies, our mini talks on how to improve cooking, missing your fantastic cooking- definitely your lutong Toyo, to talking about life and other heart to heart talks, and saying yes if our parents say no. I had such joy watching you entertain each of the twins as they go on their showers to keep one occupied. I'm forever grateful to you, and Lolo, for giving us wonderful titos and titas, for whom you instilled the importance of hard work, heavy value given to faith and religion, patience, and respect to the elderly. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about you as someone who works hard to raise your children and provide for them--food, shelter, education, guidance, love, and being the best parents for them. It was always precious hearing from my mom, titos, and titas their childhood memories with you and lolo, the stories won't end here, and we will be thinking and carrying all those memories forever. I'm so glad I got to spent Christmas with you last year. If I could only turn back the time, I will have given you the biggest and longest hand and back massage, hold your warm hands and give you a big hug. Lola, the hardest part is saying goodbye and letting you go, especially that you are a significant part of my and everyone's lives. Although this is goodbye, I know that where you are, there will be everlasting peace, happiness, calm, and joy. Our trips to the Philippines will not be the same without you. I know that there is that eternal happiness you feel being reunited with Lolo, Lola Celing, our other grandparents, and your parents. It is painful thinking we lost a big part of us, our dear Lola. But we gained another guardian angel who will always be there for us and will be forever on our side in spirit. Hayden is so

glad to have met and spent an awesome time with his favorite Lola Nora. Every day I watch those little videos when you talk to Hayden, and it's almost like he is understanding and reciprocating to you. Assure that we will always speak of good memories of you to your great-grandkids. We love you so much, Lola. Mark and I are forever grateful to have you as our Lola. We send our hugs and kisses; please give lolo Ogie a big hug from us. ---Love, Mark, and Angela


  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Monday, January 11, 2021


Leonor Camaya Layug

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Pinky Ocampo

January 17, 2021

I have some funny memories from when we were young. When she was 10 or 11, Ati Luring and Ati Celing had fun making cigars out of papaya leaves and smoking them in the outhouse. Those two were always spending time together because they were the oldest. Because I was the youngest, they thought I would tattle on them to Tatang.

When we were sick, Tatang and Inang would give us a laxative or enema if we had a fever. I remember once when Tatang tried to give Ati Luring an enema and she ran around the yard so much trying to escape that he could not catch her. She never got the enema that time!

I remember that Ati Luring was the one who was always helping in the kitchen and cooking when we did not have a maid. In the summertime, the three of us made necklaces from Sampaguita to sell. Ati Luring and Ati Celing made the necklaces and I sold them in the street. Sometimes, we would sell up to 150 necklaces for 15 centavos each during the height of Santa Cruzan in May.

Ana Capati