Shirley Mae Fowler

December 19, 1929November 16, 2018

Shirley Mae Fowler

Given by God: December 19th, 1929

Given to god: November 16th, 2018


Your faith in us, Mom, has inspired us to be much more than we had planned. Had you not trusted us just knowing you expected. Courage from us in life, has helped us stand our ground. When others fled from strife. Your prayers for our success and faith we would arrive, put us deep in your debt as long as we’re alive, Mom, we often say whether we lose or win, your faith pulled up our average from what we might have been

She was preceded in death by her beloved husband Edward “Eddie” Fillmore. Fowler; She is survived by one son Thomas “Tom” Wayne & Shelly Fowler; and one daughter Patricia “Trish” Anne-Fowler Hill & and husband Randy Hill. She is also survived by one grandchild Amie Leah Fowler and one Great Grandchild: Mila Gisele B

Two Mothers Remembered

I had two mothers, two mothers I claim. Two different people, yet with the same name. Two separate women, diverse by design, But, I loved them both, because they were both mine. The first was the mother, who carried me here, gave birth and nurtured, and launched my career. She was the one whose features I bear. Complete with the facial expression I wear. She gave me some music, which follows me yet. Along with examples in life that she set. Then as I grew older, she some younger grew, and we’d laugh as just mothers and daughters can. But then came the year that her mind clouded so, and I sensed that the mother I’d known soon would. So quickly she changed, and turned into the other. A stranger who dressed in the clothes of my mother, oh she looked just the same, at least at arm’s length, but she was the child now, and I was her strength. We’d come full circle, we women three, my mother the first, the second, and me. And if my own child should come to a day, when a new mother comes, and the old goes away, I’d ask of her nothing that I didn’t do –Love both of your mothers as both have loved you.


She’s the nicest kind of person

You could ever hope to find

And thoughts of her bring thoughts of special happiness to mind…

She’s someone who will listen and will always understand

She’s someone with a friendly word a willing, helping hand…

She takes a special interest in everything you do,

She’s the dearest person ever,

She’s My Nana

She was You -


  • Memorial Service Saturday, December 1, 2018

Shirley Mae Fowler

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Jerri Steinkraus

November 30, 2018

I have beautiful memories of stories mom shared over the years about the fun (and sometimes mischievousness) that Mom and Shirley shared growing up along with Aunt Marida. The relationship between them was very special and there is no doubt that "ReeRee" loved her "Beanie" and she was always so happy when she knew they would be spending time together. Shirley was such a beautiful lady and, most important, beautiful inside with such a caring, kind and loving spirit and heart. Shirley was a wonderful and loving wife, mom and grandma.

As children, we grow up learning to respect and love our family and, as we grow older, we appreciate even more the importance and love of family. Our family has been richly blessed to have Shirley and there will always be a special place reserved in our hearts just for her. My deepest sympathy and love to Tommy and Trisha.

marida binsted

November 29, 2018

Shirley, you were always gorgeous and loads of fun to be with. I have missed you terribly since you became unable to communicate with me. We shared a great part of our lives with Marie, my twin, also as we grew up. Thank God for memories that no one can take away from us. Rest in Peace along side of your beloved Eddie. If I can locate the last picture I have of the three of us I will post it.

Tom and Shelly Fowler

November 27, 2018

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

There are so many memories that we could share. There is one that is so precious to us where she was
at one of my (Tom) gigs. She was standing on the side with her arms up in the air waving them and dancing.
That was the best moment of remembering her vitality and loving life.
Rest in Peace Mom.