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Katja M. Krumpelbeck

Passed away on July 22, 2019

Katja Marguerite Krumpelbeck, beloved Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt , Godmother and friend passed away on July 22nd with family members by her side.

She was born on September 17th, 1985 in Greenwich, CT to Karin and John Krumpelbeck of Stamford, CT. Katja worked as a speech and cognitive disorders therapist for the New York City school system. Katja loved helping all people and especially enjoyed working with children.

Katja loved New York City, Broadway shows, all kinds of music, Cape Cod, Fine Art and Nature. She loved to travel and enjoyed experiencing new places and cultures and would go on any adventure anywhere. She loved her cat and all animals.Katja was a very special Godmother and loved the little children.

Katja is survived by her father, John, her brother, Steven and his wife Kari and her nieces Olivia and Kirsten, as well as many other family members in the US and in Austria.

Donations in her name can be sent to: Compassionate Care ALS P.O. Box 1052 West Falmouth, MA 02574


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Katja M. Krumpelbeck

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Kirsten Ziotas

July 27, 2019

Remembering Katja’s youth....

Katja was one of those young people who just sparkled. That’s why on the one day I saw Katja cry, it was like the sun went down during the middle of the day. Someone she cared about had disappointed her and she felt unlovable. In that moment, she seemed to have no idea how incredible she was no matter how much I tried to tell her. In time it passed and soon it was the Christmas holidays. When we got back to the office she showed me the exquisite and enormous gemstone ring she received as a gift from her parents. I remember thinking “well played parents!”and that maybe the ring would be a constant reminder that her worth was measured in many, many multiples of that huge gem.

Remembering Katja’s motivation....

While working full time, plus many Saturdays, Katja started taking a few classes in preparation for the MA program she wanted to start the following year. She would bring her books to work to study in the few lulls that we had. Katja was always organized and ready to go with the highlighters and the sticky notes!

Remembering Katja’s love for her mother, father and brother....

Katja talked about all of you a lot. She talked about mom’s cooking and would be very excited about family get togethers around a meal. She talked about dad’s knowledge of nature and loved to collect honey with him. She would get a big smile talking about times when she and Steve were little. It was obvious she loved and admired you all very much.

Kirsten Ziotas

July 27, 2019

Some memories of Katja....

Remembering her generous spirit....

One day at work, with just the two of us in the office, right around the time Katja got a new car, I spilled something sticky all over me. I was literally dripping. I had walked the 1.2 miles to work, and was puzzling out what to do, when Katja immediately offered to drive me home so I could get new clothes. I told her I didn’t want to mess up her new car, but she said it would be fine. I suggested that she go to get the clothes alone, but she said she wasn’t worried about the car. I eventually agreed to get in the car provided we cover the seat. We gathered up plastic and cardboard around the office and away we went....Me nervously trying to keep my butt off the seat and Katja the picture of calm and grace.

Remembering her beauty....

Everything about Katja was beautiful, but the thing my 6 year old son loved was the sound of her voice. He would call the office just to hear her say “Greenwich Education and Prep, Katja speaking”. Then he would walk around the house trying to imitate what she said and how she said it.

Remembering her guilty pleasures...

We once went to a boy band performance at Jones beach with my 13 year old daughter and ate hot dogs and french fries.

Cookies at Christmas....Lebkuchen

Remembering her hyper competence....

We were usually crazy busy at the office with just the two of us, but once in a blue moon we’d have a day when the phone mysteriously didn’t ring. On one of these days we decided to do some exercises in the big space at the back of the office. I had recently spent a few months trying to master the “freeze” which is sort of a sideways headstand. I figured getting Katja started on this was good for at least a 20 minute diversion. I showed her in slow motion how to do it, telling her not to be afraid to fall, etc, etc. Then she just did it, game over!

Cynthia French

July 25, 2019

The strife is over for Katja. She fought valiantly and chose to live as full a life as she could helped by her Dad John, her brother Steven and his wife Kari, her boyfriend Matt and her many relatives - Aunts - Mary and Jane and cousins especially Amanda. There were her nurses Gerta and Tanesha, her doctors, Rachel, her visiting nurse. And a cadre of others who I heard about but not met. Matt’s mother Genny worked very hard to get the eye operated computer system up and running so Katja could still communicate after she went on the respirator. The care of a friend or a patient with ALS requires as many people in the community that
Can pitch in and Katja luckily had a wide network of friends , Friends from her early days at NCCS onto St Paul’s , Wellesley, Johns Hopkins- Katja was a diligent and bright student. She increased her circle of friends when she continued her education studying speech therapy at NYU. What a proud day to see pictures of Her in her purple and gold academic robes surrounded by proud parents. Not only was Katja a successful student, she was a traveler and went to Africa to study traveled with family to Austria and had special trips with John to China and Russia(?). Katja’s strife is over but the battle against ALS continues . Sending love to her family and to her caregivers that made one feel welcome on visits and helped us visitors communicate with Katja as it became more challenging. Katja you were amazing, you had a big impact on all of us and we will miss you greatly
Cyndy French