Celia Juarez

August 25, 1925April 6, 2018

Born: August 25, 1925

Died: April 6, 2018 in her beloved homeland of Puerto Rico.

Wife to Benito Juarez (deceased) and Manuel Lopez.

Predeceased by her loving parents, Esteban and Antolina Lopez, and 7 brothers and sisters, her loving grandson, Steve and his daughter, Alajandra. Survived by siblings Candida and Miguel.

A mega million nieces and nephews. But most important to her she was

a Mother to Raymond, Mary Lou, Victor, Vivian, Esteban, Virginia, Oneida, Florencio. a Grandmother to Dejah, Tina, Chris, Angie, Katie, Scott, Victor,

Joey, Michael, Jamie, Kevin, Julie, Rebecca, Stevie, Ben, Julie.

a Great GrandMother to Mac, Makena, Zoe, Arianna,

Raymond, MikeyMike, Olivia, Chris, Celie, Jayden,

Elysia, Isabel, Brianna, Amara, Lilly, Elijah, Delilah,

Maylinah, Isaiah, Noah, Alajandra, Joshua, Anthony, Leila,


Mom defied death so many times. I would joke that they kicked her out of ICU, kicked her out of MacNeal's Hospice rooms and made her go home. At hospitals, doctors would tell us "won't be too long now", and the shock on their faces when they would return the next shift and there Mom would be smiling and waving! Even in January when the Hospice Nurse called me aside and said to "get the family ready", I'm like why! I stepped in Mom's room and I told the nurse "She may be dying but not tonight." That was January 2nd. We would sit and wonder how she is staying alive, the odds have always been against her, cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure, her age. One day I said to Lu, "Mom is going to bury us and then go!" Mom lived for us. When she was really sick in the hospital, we always told her who was pregnant - because we knew she would not die if a baby was coming. That was Mom. Mom wanted to go to Puerto Rico and we fought it, until the good Lord made us realize that that is where she needed to go -- to her beloved "Isla de Encanta". Mom died on her terms in Puerto Rico, talking, smiling and then she closed her eyes and never opened them again. She is with Jesus! But always with us.

We buried Mom on April 17, 2018. "En Mi Viejo San Juan" played as they lowered the casket! We stayed till the end because we knew that Mom would do that for us. Actually, she would be there until the grass grew! That was how strong her love was for us!

Thank you to everyone who supported us through this trying time. Especially all the support offered to her grandchildren. To all my family in Puerto Rico, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Michigan and Hawaii that couldn't make it, don't feel bad, she would not have wanted that. Knowing that you loved her means the world to us!

We started April 17, 2018, surrounded by family and ended it surrounded by family. That is what Mom, (Celia, Tia, Grandma, Great Grandma) would have wanted!


  • Lying in State Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • Funeral Service Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • Graveside Service Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Celia Juarez

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Tommy Netzband

April 17, 2018

Our deepest sympathy to the Juarez family. I am so grateful I was able to see your mom at Julie's graduation. She was an amazing woman and you are all an amazing family.

Thoughts and Prayers,
Tommy & Larry.

Victor Juarez

April 17, 2018

May you Rest In Peace Mom knowing I did love you and my Dad very much