Alejandro "Alex" Pastor Soria, Jr.

August 23, 1946September 16, 2020
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Alejandro (Alex) Pastor Soria, Jr., 74, passed gently away of natural causes the morning of Wednesday, September 16th, 2020.

Alex is survived by his life partner, mother, sister, brother, three daughters, two sons-in-law, one son, one daughter-in-law, six grandsons, three granddaughters, six great-grandsons, and one great-granddaughter.

He is predeceased by his father, sister, and baby daughter.

Alex was born in Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines. He took his first airplane ride at the age of five, when his family emigrated to the U.S. and settled permanently in the farm town of Stockton, California.

It was then he was challenged with adjusting to a foreign land. Not only did he look and act different, Alex WAS different.

As a young boy he was a little star. He grew up and became, Bionic Superman.

Always the smartest and most handsome in the room, he could do anything.

He could write beautifully, speak eloquently, speed-read. Belt opera, dance the cha-cha, do splits, win karaoke. Run up a wall, flip over, land on his feet like Bruce Lee. Drop beats on a conga with deep spirituality, like a voodoo priest. Riff jazz on a piano though he was never taught to play. Sketch like an artist, design clothing, invent technology like vacuums and portable microwaves.

He had his own catch-phrases, and the most memorable was, “Be Cool”. He could say this because he was cool, and you just knew. He was cool yet energetic, unflappable yet effervescent, smooth yet quick. He could talk to anyone, roll in every situation. Alex was a chameleon!

He could throw a football in a perfect spiral, land punches like Sugar Ray Leonard. He was such a hilarious person that he had his own jingles. He’d sing about himself, to himself, as he looked in the living room mirror.

Told stories and jokes, and laughed the loudest at them. Laughed with you but never at you. Laughed at himself, too.

He’d drum beats on the steering wheel, the kitchen table, everything in sight. Alex was rhythm personified.

He knew everything about anything, remembered all he read, understood what was said. Overflowed with generosity, gave away all that he had without question.

He was a YES person. Said YES to us, YES to the world, YES to life.

Had willpower that pulled him through unimaginable pain. Never once did he complain. Never once did he change. Saw beauty and possibility in the world the way it was, for all of its dark-light, day-night, joy-pain, loss-gain.

He was an extraordinary bright light, a diamond who ate life.

He is loved. He is missed. He is remembered. He is cherished.

There will never be another Alex Sori-“A”, and it is okay. He sprinkled enough magic everywhere to last the rest of our days.

(He did regular things, too. Graduated with an AA from Delta College, a BA from San Francisco State. Fought hard for Civil Rights with P.A.C.E. Served as a GS-15 Director of HUD where he managed 400 employees and built Bay Area Public Housing. Married, had four daughters, and one son. Kept trying for a son until he got one.)


A Radio Show Tribute honoring Alex aired publicly on Wednesday, September 30th! It lasted one hour and featured his favorite songs! It was a musical celebration of his life!

Copy and paste the following link into a new browser and listen for yourself!


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Minimize your exposure by staying home as much as possible prior to the services.

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Temperatures will be checked during the Visitation only, since this is the only indoor portion of the service. Church ceremony and burial are outdoors.


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  • Edgar Espanola


  • Visitation

    Thursday, October 8, 2020

  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Friday, October 9, 2020

  • Committal

    Friday, October 9, 2020


Alejandro "Alex" Pastor Soria, Jr.

have a memory or condolence to add?

Maria Olaso

October 24, 2020

Alex was forever extolling to never stop pursuing your dreams.

He needed someone to practice throwing and catching so in our youth and under the blazing Stockton skies, hours upon hours we would throw and catch and he instilled in me the love of the game. His strong athletic genes extending to his only son and now his grandson. The love of playing and excelling in sports kept his juvenile diabetes under control until miraculously he received a dual transplant. Type1 diabetes a distant memory.

You could say he was effervescent in his approach to life and sometimes you were often drawn like a moth to him. He loved everyone and life with abandon. ...except Trump. He hated bullies. He never forgot his roots. Born in the Philippines and visiting several times he would often tell me if he ever made enough money he would build a hospital and schools back home in the provinces because the need was so great. It would have been his crowning achievement and unfortunately he ran out of time.

Family and close friends have always been touched by his unconditional love and concern showering us with his positive outlook on life. He would jest with others and was often quick to laugh at himself. Mom had memories of Alex exquisitely singing Ave Maria and my memories were of Alex singing Elvis’s song Surrender and the operatic Indian Love
Song…so many songs he would sing with abandon around the campfire.

Affable and sociable throughout his life, Alex was very academic and an advocate for human rights during his college years and especially now. Alex’s concern and love for his family knew no bounds especially for Mom, his siblings, the love of of his life, Sonia and always his children. His passing is immeasurable and is such a deep loss. His love for playing his congo drums forever etched in our memories. His zest for living torched our souls to reach and never give up.

We love you so much, Alex.

Your Sis,

Ethel Dayonot-Lenton

October 8, 2020

It was love at first site, when I met Alex. He was so handsome, charming, intelligent, educated, talented and debonair. And so full of life!

We were married 27 years and I have precious memories of our life together. We danced and sang together all the time and had so much romance throughout our marriage.

Alex was a wonderful father. He helped with our kids daily grooming and homework. He was strict with their education and made them all read encyclopedias daily.

With his only son Alejandro, he focused on making him a jock. They practiced baseball, football and basketball outside daily and he joined little league at 4. At 10 we let Alejandro play football and he became a quarterback like his dad. He never missed a practice or game for Alejandro.

Alex and I took the girls to Piano and tap and ballet classes. He loved to watch them practice and perform. He was so proud of all his childrens talents and intelligence and beauty.

Our childrens friends could come over anytime and spend the night.
He opened our home to everyone and shared our meals with them.

Weekends were spent with all of us having fun in San Francisco, at beaches, big family camping trips, drive in movies, birthday parties, swimming in our pool and enjoying the sun and life together. He loved playing, singing, dancing and having fun with his kids, grand kids.

Later, when our oldest daughter had children, she often moved back home with us and we helped with her kids. When she moved to Las Vegas, he followed her there and helped her with her 4 children.

He was always there for his children and grand children.

What I will hold close to my heart is that he always woke up happy, smiling, loving his children and wanting to always have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

I will always admire him for his zest for life, respect him for his intelligence, perseverance and resilience and love him for the five wonderful beautiful children we had together.

Sonia Rodis

October 7, 2020

I have known Alex for more than 11 years since February of 2009. It was fate that brought us together. When I first met him, he told me that he knows my attorney cousin and has heard about my father. Since we’ve met, we have been inseparable except for a couple of occasions. After numerous conversations, we realized that we had so many things in common. Alex had that charming personality that no one could resist. He loves telling jokes and making people laugh. He loves to tell stories of anything and everything with endless conversations. He was full of energy and full of life. He always had a positive outlook on life and would always tell me to think positive. Aside for being the love of my life, he was also my mentor. He was also a mentor to others. I will always cherish forever the wonderful memories that we shared together. He will forever be in my heart. It will be hard to live my life without him. I love and miss him so much.

Kimberly Soria

October 5, 2020

I thought that anything that I shared here would not do dad Alex justice, because I haven't known him all of my life like my sisters have. But that is the thing. I didn't have to grow up with him, be serenaded by him, be cherished by him, to feel his love as a dad and realize the lessons to be learned from his life. At our very first meeting, he embraced me as one of his own, even as my relationship with his son was in its early stages. It didn't matter what tomorrow brought. That day I was his son's girlfriend and therefore, I was family. He lived minute-to-minute you see. Unlike most of us who find comfort in the finality of the past or who are consumed with planning the future, Alex lived and flourished in the present. And I can think of a hundred proverbs that tell us to do just that and yet it is something that is very, very difficult to do. This is what I found most unique and inspiring about Alex; his ability to move through this earth with intention, purpose and passion in every minute, with every breath. If you prescribe to the belief that we forge our own realities through our feelings and thoughts, then to Alex, he never once suffered, was never unloved, was never beaten down, never weak, never unhappy, and never alone. For some reason, the power of his message, to me, shines brighter now that he is gone, So it is up to us to seize this energy and live the rest of our days in the sun, as he did.

A. S.

October 3, 2020

RIP, Daddy.
Thank you for all that you gave to me
For making me happy.
Your buddy,
Azure D.