John Castellon, Sr.

May 14, 1949September 30, 2021
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John Anthony Castellon, Sr. was born May 14, 1949 to his parents, Salvador P Castellon and Francisca L Castellon. He would never leave this town because his family was here, and his mama and papa are buried here. He graduated from Franklin High School, attended Delta College, then transferred to the University of Pacific in Stockton, Ca. where he graduated with a BA. He taught at various schools throughout the valley for over 15 years before moving on to a new career.

From his own words, he was born a true 49er and proud of it! He was a man who loved life even when life was tough. He loved taking walks, spending time in nature (mostly fishing!) enjoying God's beautiful creation, talking with his neighbors (he would talk with anyone!) and making any and everyone smile. He was an incredibly joyful man despite his challenging health circumstances. He had an infectious laughter and great sense of humor. His smile would light up a room, or a stadium (he was a devoted 49er and Giant’s fan). He loved his sports! He played basketball and baseball for Franklin High School in Stockton. He loved playing baseball so much that he played hardball, then fastpitch softball for over 40 years combined. Most of these years he played with the phenomenal Castellon fastpitch softball team which was a brotherhood that consisted of his brothers, several nephews, and his pride and joy, his son, John Jr. Truly a unique family entity! As told by his teammate (and older brother, Jesse Castellon), "My little brother anchored the Castellon team for 40 years as a catcher. He was known for his home runs and defense abilities. He earned numerous softball championships in the city of Stockton." He was also played a vital role, assisting his brother Jesse who hosted the Cal-Mex tournaments in Stockton, as well as the Castellon tournaments, for 20 years. His three children, Victoria, Denise, and John Jr. are everything to him. They were his prized possessions of which he always spoke proudly about. He would help them with their education and sports (of course, they all played baseball or fastpitch softball which he helped coach and train them), and when his son was old enough, they played on several fastpitch softball teams together. The dynamic duo! He has three grandchildren, Reuben Moos, Peyton Rose and Quinn Dahlia Castellon (sisters), he loved them to the moon and back! Grandpa John never stopped talking about these three. Reuben was his buddy, amigo, mijo and his 'business partner'. They would have 'meetings' over the phone to discuss their plans. Grandpa loved these times with his grandson, and so did Reuben. Peyton and Quinn were his beautiful princesses whom he loved to play with, hug and kiss. These three were the greatest joy and happiness to him, he treasured every second he had with them. He also deeply loved Bob, Victoria's husband, whom he called, "My son, not my son-in-law!" John greatly admired and appreciated Pete, Denise's boyfriend, because Pete took care of his 'precious' Denise. He loved talking with Pete the moment he would walk in the door coming home from work, creating great memories of meaningful conversations. And he adored Nikita, John's wife, whom he would share, "She's so sweet and beautiful. And so good for John." His children share many fond memories of laughter, Giant's and 49er's games, listening to music together, incredibly fun Castellon family events and Castellon softball team celebrations, along with being on the softball diamond with him. As his children have said, "We were raised on a softball diamond!" They have treasured every memory with their papa and his family/their family. John also has 10 siblings; he was the youngest. He loved his siblings very, very much. In memory, Esperancita Castellon (passed away as a young child), Raymond, Erlinda. Survived by- Aurora, Esperanza, Roy, Ben, Salvador JR, Jesse, Rick (Joe). He loved playing 'ball' with his brothers, nephews, friends, son (and daughters). He also loved 'casino nights' in various brother's homes and being at all family functions. He especially loved going to the casinos with his sisters Aurora, Esperanza and Erlinda, his brothers, and his parents. He would say, "We just tell stories and laugh the whole time." He genuinely and deeply loved his siblings and enjoyed their love of life, humor, adventures to Jackson, the many softball games and softball tournaments. He especially loved just spending time with them, treasuring stories about growing up together and sharing memories about their parents. He was the youngest child, and his siblings have deeply felt the recent loss of their baby brother.

His caring heart always wanted the best for others, it didn't matter if it was a stranger on the street, friends or family, he wanted to help somehow. Also, he never forgot about his teaching. While he didn't teach after the 15 years, he always believed it was important for youth to pursue college- he was passionate about this! He was also very passionate about the United Farm Workers Association and was involved in many efforts to promote their movement. He loved listening to his music- mariachis, oldies but goodies, Vicente Fernandez, and other music. John was a faithful and devoted Catholic man who had great faith in his Father in Heaven. He and his wife Virginia Castellon were members of St. Bernadette's Catholic Church in Stockton, California. They both cared deeply about their family, friends and those around them.

John is survived by his wife, Virginia Castellon. He is also survived by his 3 children, Victoria Moos, Denise Castellon, and John Jr. Castellon, and their loved ones, Bob Moos, Pete Melendez and Nikita Castellon. He has three grandchildren, Reuben Moos, Peyton and Quinn Castellon.

I was a privilege to know John Castellon for over 20 years. He truly blessed my life. John was an important person to me and a big part of my family milestones.

John was a former educator. Middle school math was his expertise. He developed “unique tricks” in math and truly believed that any child could learn math and made it fun. Education didn’t have to be complicated and he kept it simple,engaging, and fun!! He was an inspiration to me and gave me many ideas to use with my school children in math.

He volunteered in community programs in Stockton, including University of the Pacific for all aspiring Latinos.

He loved with all his heart. He loved our family gatherings during holidays and birthdays. John greeted with warm hugs. He always embraced us with a kiss on the head.

John had a very healthy appetite. He loved my mom’s cooking, her coffee, and Mexican pastry. He begged my Godmother to visit mom frequently just to have coffee and sweets. He became a regular visitor and mom would let him just serve himself. He felt right at home!

John and I have May birthdays only 2 days apart. We got along very well and could have many fun conversations at family gatherings.

He treated me like a princess and put me on a pedestal. I was never raised to be spoiled like that and didn’t know what this was like... until I met John 😄

He had a funny joke to tell. He was a fictional storyteller with a moral to the story.

He made a huge impact on my life. While I raised my boys as a single parent, he was the babysitter. He made his presence during the most challenging times of my life. He offered good advice and gave me strength. John was a man of faith. John was proud to attend my children’s baptisms, and communions. When I made my confirmation as an adult, John was there.

John was my rock. He loved me and my boys and my extended family unconditionally.

When I struggled passing the CSET math to become a teacher, he volunteered to be my tutor. His patience and love for education was a beautiful thing to observe. He would light up a room to just talk about math strategies he created himself and to encourage anyone who wanted to learn. He was a “no-nonsense” guy. He had very high expectations and spoke his mind. If you really knew John like I did, it all came from the heart.

Before COVID, he attended mass celebrations weekly and he was known as the “ Peace be with you” guy. He would walk up to strangers and loved shaking their hands. He would attend many churches and continued to be the “Peace be with you” guy. Spreading the joy on Sunday was important to him.

John was a father figure to me and my boys. When asking for my youngest child, he would ALWAYS ask “Where’s my buddy?”

His untimely passing wasn’t supposed to happen this soon. But I know God has a better plan for him in Heaven. Heaven has a new guardian angel. I had one last opportunity to speak to John by phone. It was just 14 days before passed on. He sounded so lively and happy. He insisted on tutoring my youngest son in math as soon as my son got vaccinated. We reminisced about the good ol’ days in education. Who knew it would be the last time we spoke. I remembered saying that I loved him before we hung up. I’m so grateful I had one last conversation with my dear friend.

During family visits or holidays, my Godmother and my mom would also give John a taste of his own medicine and turn the jokes back on him. It was full entertainment! He had a thick skin and rolled with the punches. John loved all the attention! My mother especially gave him the hardest time! I teased him a little but I loved John too much. Holiday get- togethers when we get back to normalcy will be a lot quieter. Just memories of our beloved John.

You are now my guardian John. See you one day in Heaven.

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