Roy Hoggard

July 13, 1937December 31, 2018

Roy Hoggard was born on July 13, 1937 and passed away on December 31, 2018.


Roy Hoggard

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Cleta Hipley

January 19, 2019

I'm sorry, I put the wrong person on mine as Roy's mother. I've tried to change it, but can't. His mother's name was Myrtle, not Gertrude.

Pat Adkison

January 14, 2019

Roy is a distant cousin of mine. I didn't know he existed until about 10 yrs ago when I called his mother in hopes she might have some answers about family genealogy. She later put Roy on the phone because he wanted to talk to me too. That conversation began years of emails and friendship. We never met each other in person, he being in CA and me in FL, but Roy began to randomly send me quirky little short stories about his life. These were wonderful tales with famous names and places, not in chronological order. I saved them all. He was always thrilled when the Stockton Record published his frequent letters to the editor. I loved and admired him for his unique writing style, his openness, his kindness, his artistic genius, his civic mindedness, his inventions, and his humility. I will miss him dearly. I'm going to print out his email memoirs and put them into a binder so that I can have a little bit of Roy to enjoy whenever I find myself missing him.

Cleta Hipley

January 14, 2019

There are so many things I want to say, but right now I want to share that Roy was a relative of mine.
I never met him but I knew his mother, Gertrude, and she was a lovely woman. Roy was so talented and a man of concern when it came to his home, his local area and his state. We really enjoyed sharing things about where his mother was from and some of the things he did while living in Oklahoma. He was young when they moved to California. We shared a lot by e-mails. He shared much of his art and it was so beautiful.
May he rest in peace.

Lou & Barbara Mazzera

January 11, 2019

Roy was a dear friend for many, many years who enhanced our life with his quick wit, great sense of humor and of course, his phenomenal storytelling! He had s passion for life, was well read and versed in many subjects with a wealth of knowledge in history and the arts, as well as an immeasurable artistic talent - his paper lanterns were breathtaking!
Roy was an "idea" man and the wheels never stopped turning. When he supported a cause dear to his heart, and there were many, he was unstoppable! Rather conducting a meeting, working on a project, or sipping a glass of wine, he worked tirelessly bringing people together in
the interest of better, safer neighborhoods and communities.
Roy was a kind, compassionate soul with a big heart and a will to help in any way he could. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him and will remain forever in our hearts.

Lou & Barbara Mazzera

Maria Flumiani

January 11, 2019

Roy displayed his incredible handmade lanterns at Stockton Art League gallery. He was a gentle soul, extremely talented in a variety of media, and also humble. His vast and interesting background is something, I hope, will be brought to light by family and/or friends. It was a privilege to know him.

Denise Jefferson

January 10, 2019

Roy will be sadly missed by many in Stockton. We will miss his many stories, his beautiful art, and his crackling laugh. A friend to many, and a friend to all who knew him.

vanessa pimentel

January 9, 2019

Learned a lot from him'he helped my kids david;michael'travis a lot.just want to say thank you.may you rest in peace.