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Robert Gregg PATZ Sr.

January 27, 1954January 28, 2020
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Robert “Bob” Gregg Patz Sr., went to be with the Lord on January 28, 2020, surrounded by family. He was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 1993, which eventually led to a weakened heart. He was given a new lease on life with the installation of his LVAD in July of 2015, which gave him the title of “Super Bionic Papa”. He fought a long, hard battle but his life ended at the age of 66 from a hemorrhagic stroke. Bob was born in Harvey, Illinois to Gene (deceased) and Dorothy Patz on January 27, 1954. He spent most of his childhood at the YMCA where he learned to dive and continued to share this passion with his kids on family vacations. Bob is survived by his loved wife Geraldine “Deni” Patz, his two children Robert “Bob” Gregg Patz Jr., married to Hilary Patz and Nicole Diane (Patz) De Witt married to William “Bill” De Witt, and his two beautiful granddaughters, Hailey De Witt, age 5 and Savannah De Witt, age 3. He is survived by his two sisters, Judy Aigner and Shari Rubin. Bob worked for Roadway Express as a spotter for 24 years. He enjoyed an early retirement due to medical reasons and moved from the Chicago suburbs to Surprise Arizona where he spend the rest of his life. Bob loved the beautiful desert and mountain views. He loved spending time at the drag strip, especially the funny cars and rails. He would try to race others in his wheelchair at every chance he could get. Bob loved showing his 1981 DeLorean for fun and won many trophies for his car. Bob was an amazing Papa to his two granddaughters. He was often caught giving wheelchair rides to the girls, playing hide and seek, making scavenger hunts, doing crafts, and playing games. Bob was no ordinary Papa; he was a special gift to the girls. A visitation for Bob will be held at Surprise Funeral Care on February 2 at 1-3pm with services starting at 3pm.


  • Visitation Sunday, February 2, 2020
  • Funeral Service Sunday, February 2, 2020


Robert Gregg PATZ Sr.

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Bonnie Twietmeyer

February 15, 2020

As a sister-in-law to Bob, we shared many family gatherings on Holidays, Birthdays, and just for fun days. He would always arrive with a big grin on his face and was interested in what was happening with our five children. He would always tease me when I offered him too many choices for a beverage and ask "Is that all?"
Bob always shared a funny story of his phone conversations with Doctors, Insurance people and his many stays in hospitals. All of us adored Bob and my husband Bob and I will really miss his loving prayers before a shared meal and wonderful attitude in facing his illness head on. He never complained about his circumstance on not being able to do many things the rest of us took for granted.
He would chuckle when his granddaughters, Hailey and Savannah would say something funny or request a spinning ride in his power chair. He was a fun Grandpa, We have 4 Roberts' in our family, but the loss of Robert Patz will be felt by all of us and we now know in our hearts that he is resting in the arms of the Lord. Rest in Peace, Bob.
Love Bonnie and Bob Twietmeyer

Jim Samoska

February 14, 2020

Bob Patz was a man with an incredible will to live and had more fortitude than anyone I have ever met. I was amazed at what he went through medically as he continued to show personal strength through enduring one obstacle after another. In the end, I feel secure in the fact that he was a man of faith and now resides with our creator as he basks in the Glory of God.
In his early years, I will always remember him as a loving husband who took care of my sister. It was always very evident that he loved Deni as he shared his life with her. Ironically, as his health failed, it was Deni that took care of him when he needed her most.
Bob was a wonderful Husband that did a great job being a steward of their finances and a leader in the family decisions that face all of us everyday.
His influence was apparent in the great job they both did in raising Bobby and Nikki as they have both blossomed into beautiful people that care for others and are a joy to be around. A lover of cars, drag racing and his prized Delorean, he was a guy's guy that loved to witness and experience the speed of fast automobiles. He also could dance with the best of them as I have multiple memories of him discoing with Deni at the Poison Apple and at many a wedding.
It made me happy to see him get a chance to be a Grandpa as you could see his joy when he spent time with Haley and Savannah playing games.
Bob had wisdom and knowledge about just about anything you would ask him - he always happily shared his thoughts with me about many subjects.
He will be missed but only temporarily as we look forward to the time we will all see him again in the presence of the God Our Father made possible by the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.

Pamela Samoska

February 12, 2020

Bob was a faithful, compassionate husband. Proud father and adoring grandfather.
To me, Bob was a friend. A friend I could talk with ease about most anything. He was a man of many interests who shared his knowledge on subjects that always interested me. Most of all, Bob was a man who walked close with our Lord. He never once complained or asked why he would face the adversities he was challenged with health wise. He accepted his condition with unbelievable strength. Bob knew his strength came not from himself but from God our Father. Knowing where his strength came from he was able to preserve with an admirable positivity. I will miss you my friend and look forward to meeting you once again in our eternal home with God our Father.

Rob Twietmeyer

February 6, 2020

I remember Uncle Bob being an all around fun person that I enjoyed talking to and spending time with.
I still remember like it was yesterday, when I was a kid, him showing us his cooler than cool train collection.
He was so creative and I thought he was the coolest guy, he was like a kid! His train setup was not an ordinary setup. He had a whole city community built in the basement in Illinois.
He always had interesting topics to talk about! I will miss you Uncle Bob! You were such a great listener and adviser
to me with your knowledge. A kind, thoughtful Uncle we will miss! Love you, and rest in peace.

Rob, Kira and Alex Twietmeyer,

Becky Moses

February 5, 2020

I spent a lot of time at Aunt Deni & Uncle Bob’s house while growing up. One special memory is when Uncle Bob bought me my very first Sony Walkman for cassette tapes. Nikki was a baby then & I had spent two weeks at their house. Nikki was like my very own living doll, so I loved being there. Uncle Bob bought me the Walkman because I was such a good helper with Nikki. I’m not so sure about that, but I do know that I felt VERY cool with my new Walkman!

Matt Carpenter

February 3, 2020

Matt Carpenter

February 2, 2020

Continued from Matt Carpenter
It was so sad to see the last several years Bob’s health declining, forcing him to reprioritize things, which included his DeLorean. At that time he put his car up for sale. I put together a plan to sell my DeLorean and to purchase Bob’s. Luckily the stars aligned and the plan worked, and I bought Bob's DeLorean. Bob will no doubt live on in VIN 5144, which I’ll continue to challenge myself to care for as well as Bob had all of those years under his ownership.

Over the 15 years of our friendship, Bob really was one of the best friends I’ve had in my life. He was so easy to talk with, about anything really. And he was often my sounding board about problems and ideas in my life, including my career, cars, girlfriends, health issues, the list goes on. Bob had an incredible memory, one I only wish I could have.

I recall Bob sharing with me that he’s always felt that life is about choices. Each choice has a consequence. “Don’t hurry, be patient. Make the right decision.” Another aspect of Bob was his attitude towards others that may have judged him. "He didn't care what people thought of him.." He used to say, “Who cares if people think I’m weird. The weirder the better!”

In the last few years of knowing Bob it was clear his greatest happiness came from his grandkids. He absolutely loved sharing with me how much fun it was to be with them and how smart they are. Bob loved them so much.

I’ll truly miss our friendship and catching up with my friend. But I am glad he’s at peace now, in heaven. I just wish he didn’t leave us so soon.

Matt Carpenter

February 2, 2020

'My Friend Bob'
By Matt Carpenter
February 2, 2020

I have a deep hole in my heart from the news of Bob's passing. I found it completely unexpected, since I was hoping to once again hear from Bob on email upon his return from the hospital. Bob was kind enough to periodically let me know how he was doing health wise and about life in general. No matter what Bob shared, in person or on email, he was always, always positive. I'm eternally grateful for his positivity and for my friendship with Bob.

Bob and I became friends because of all things, a DeLorean. In 2005 I posted a message on the statewide DeLorean club’s discussion page indicating I’m new to the group and would love to see a DeLorean sometime. Right away Bob responded, inviting me to a car show in Glendale, AZ where he’d be with his car. I made it out to the show and wow was I mesmerized! His car had a personalized plate that read “SO FUN”. Clearly his car was, 'So Fun' and as far as I was concerned Bob was So Cool!

With Bob’s help in determining the condition of a few car's for sale, I soon bought my own DeLorean. Bob and I spent hours and hours together at car shows where sometimes we both won trophies if the shows were competitive. The very best part of those shows was spending time just chatting with Bob and his wife Deni. By far they are the greatest couple I’ve known. I must mention how much Bob clearly loved Deni. She was everything to him, his partner in life. Two awesome people that were definitely meant for one another.

Bill De Witt

February 2, 2020

In the short 7 years I knew you, you were an inspiration. You were always positive and upbeat no matter what was going on. You so passionate about your car and the car shows you attended. As life changed, you adapted and shifted your passion to your granddaughters. The energy and love you put into them will never be forgotten. The crafts, treasure hunts and all the other things you did were awesome. We will treasure those memories forever. You were a strong, resilient man who never gave up. I am so appreciative for everything you did for me. You accepted me into your household and showed me unconditional love. You raised a beautiful daughter who I am so proud to call my wife. You were a great man and you truly will be missed.
Love you always,

Chelsea Dalton

January 31, 2020

I grew up at your house. I think I spent more time there than at my own. You showed me love when I probably didn’t deserve it. You were always happy and joking. I’ll never forget my nickname you gave me, giggles, because I was always laughing at your jokes. I can’t sort out my memories because there are just so many. I remember waking up early Sunday mornings after spending the night and going to church with your family. Driving Nikki and I to JAMS club and dealing with my terrible singing. The thousands of meals you and Deni fed me. The trips to Six Flags. Letting Nikki borrow your car to drive us all over town. I am so thankful that I got to spend my childhood with such a loving and caring family. You always treated me as family. I am most thankful I got to spend time with you just last month after not seeing you for 5+ years. You were just like your old self. Joking and laughing even though you weren’t feeling your best. Thank you for all you ever did for me! Much love to you all, Deni, Nikki, and Bobby.