Courtney Edward Spencer

June 21, 1952April 8, 2019

Courtney Edward Spencer was born on June 21, 1952 and passed away on April 8, 2019.


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Courtney Edward Spencer

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Ann Seiler O’Brien

April 18, 2019

Courtney was a good man with a good heart. His support of his favorite teams was enthusiastic and complete... and made us want to root for them too.
He will be missed by a lot of us.

Tom Griffin

April 17, 2019

Courtney My Friend,
I'll see you on the other side. You were always a good friend and buddy. When we were 8-10 years old I would show up at your house right after dinner, almost every night. Your parents would make us both a chocolate ice-cream cone, we would walk up our cul-de-sac (Venado Street) together. We were both convinced that we were bringing up the moon, and that it was following us. We played all the neighborhood games together, ring-o-leveo, hide and seek, kick the can, and the list goes on. Every Christmas we shared Santa coming down in front of your house in a sleigh and giving all us children gifts, and tree burns. Mr. Burns your next door neighbor would set up a projector and screen and we would all watch movies at the end of the block in front of your house. We rode bikes together, often to the 299 train, or sometimes as far as the LaBoca ferry and go back and forth across the canal. Later in your high school years I remember sharing quite a few empanadas and cokes at the bowling alley snack bar. You were always a kind and faithful friend and a very special person in my life. Court R.I.P. See Ya Soon Buddy !!!

Mark Darden

April 17, 2019

These comments were sent to me on a public forum during the days after Courtney passed.

Laurie McBride Hazelip: I doubt there was ever anyone who met Courtney that didn’t instantly become friends. This world will be a little less bright without his light.

Tom Frensley: Definitely one of God's children, good hearted and never anything negative to say of anyone.

Sheila McCauley Marshall: Courtney rests peacefully in Heaven, I am certain. Prayers for all his friends and family.

Robert Warner: R.i.p.,,my friend,,you were our neighbor. Remember well.

Mike Chavez: A unique person, a real character, he was someone who couldn't help but love. I loved to chat with him so smart.

Susan Engelke: Remember him well, such a kind soul. He impacted us all. RIP Courtney.

Sheila Farrell: He always had a could not help but like him...He is with our Lord now.."YOU GOT THAT RIGHT".

Michelle McKenna Fealey: Jim remembers him well... Will see him in heaven someday... Our hearts go out to Charles and his family... Our prayers are with them....

Suzanne Fuqua: His was an irrepressible spirit, always shining through his smile. Love the photo of him!

Rafael Dugas: RIP Courtney. See you for the big reunion in the sky someday. Will recognize your smile.

Leslie Gray: I am saddened by the news of the loss of our dear friend Courtney.... ever the optimist dealing with trials that would have cowed most.

Neita Wiese: Such a sweet young man.

Julie LeBrun: He truly was one in a million.. Rest In Peace, Courtney

Bernhard Everson: RIP, Courtney. He was a wonderful guy indeed!

Bob Medinger: From one La Boca boy to another, rest in Peace Courtney. You always had a kind and gentle soul.

Lila Hampton: It means that our father needed him more than us on Earth.

Angel Castillo: My buddy was beautiful people!!!

Adele Adams: Don't know anyone who didn't know Courtney - always had a smile for everyone. Don't think he ever met anyone he didn't like.

Jan Spencer lacapra

April 16, 2019

My dear cousin Courtney,

My earliest memory of you is when we all lived in the CZ and you would just “drop” by our house on Empire St. This became a regular bike stop once you learned that my grandmother was an excellent baker and she often made chocolate chip cookies as well as cake and pies!

When your family joined us in Tallahassee I got to know you as a caring adult. When we moved I always made a date with you for lunch when visiting Tallahassee .... boy could we eat!... loved the fried shrimp and beer at that restaurant. I remembered to send you birthday cards as you and my sister share the same birthday date but not the same year.

Rest In Peace with Nanny at your side and tell your folks hello for me! Love you! Jan

Margie Engelke

April 16, 2019

May God bless you, Courtney, with all His love and grace, as Heaven is surely blessed receiving a beautiful angel as you. I remember you especially living in La Boca. You always had a smile, and an exuberance of life that is the epitome of a beautiful soul. It's impressive how wide your path went as I read the loving tributes from all who knew you. ❤

Cheryl Williams

April 15, 2019

Courtney you will not be forgotten but you will be dearly missed. You always remembered my husbands birthday, and you were always so kind and sweet to my sister Paula who had Down syndrome. You sent them both letters which meant so much to them. Rest In Peace dear one, Rest In Peace.❤️❤️❤️

Maureen Husum

April 15, 2019

Courtney always called me Husum. I told him one day I had first name. He told me there were too many Husums to remember our names. That was pretty smart reasoning as far as I was concerned. I always laughed when he called me Husum after that.

Lorrain Smoot

April 15, 2019

My last visit to see Courtney was late September. It was always a special time when we were able to share time & memories. We enjoyed several rides - one to Monticello to see Tom & Julie, then to Anne's house, one to the Lake Ella where we fed the ducks, something Court enjoyed as he told me species of each, to Steak and Shake for a #4, to FSU where we went to the football field & he told me about Tecumseh & we remembered when Anne had given us the tour the fall before when John had joined us. & to the cemetery to take his mom & dad & Grandma Spencer some flowers as well as Uncle Pat & Aunt Bess, past Aunt Bess's house & a visit with Maureen & lastly to Forsythe Way where we critiqued the changes to the house & admired the tree he helped plant. We cranked up the oldies station & sang along - Court knew every word! .... & while sitting in the sunshine we remembered & talked about many good times .... like when my three grandchildren, Court & I went to Panama City Beach for the week the summer after Aunt Jim & Uncle Tommy died. PBC was a favorite of Courts & he took us to all the places they used to go - even to Hooters!! & our earlier trips to Imogene's beach & eating seafood at a tiny hole in the wall where Court saw someone he knew - of course! & of our trip "home" to KY on the plane where in the Memphis airport a fellow named Freddy who Court had worked with at Tom Brown Park came over to talk to us.! and when Court drove the tractor. We both missed Aunt Bess.... she loved Court & was so good to him & to me & my family. Our four days together were busy & happy . We never ended a visit with goodbye but with "I wish I/you didn't have to go." Our Aunt Fant taught us poetry as kids so as Mr. Tennyson said so long ago , ""Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away & going away means forgetting." I will never , my family will never , forget " Uncle" Courtney. His life was a testament to love. and we loved him. You got that right!

Beth McElvain

April 14, 2019

My brother, Courtney Spencer, will never be forgotten. Not a brother through blood but through the many years of spending endless hours together. He taught me to accept people no matter how different they may be. He also knew there could be bad people in this world. He was no dummy. In fact, he had incredible perception of people. There were times when Courtney protected me and there were times when I protected him.

I remember endless hours that Courtney and I spent on the beach walking miles chit-chatting and exploring in the rocks. Our families went up to Gorgona and Coronado several times a year. Courtney was a good swimmer too, and I always felt safe swimming with him. Then there were crazy parties that we went to as teenagers. Courtney would often be my dance partner. He loved to have fun just like the rest of us.

As time passed on, we would talk but I did most of the filling in of events. Courtney knew he was different but his heart was big. He had very deep feelings. I knew he loved me. And I know without a doubt, he knew I loved him unconditionally. And that, will be how I remember him.

Harry Stinson

April 14, 2019

Courtney used to throw bundles of newspapers from the Miami Herald truck as I drove around the Pacific side delivering papers to the newsboys, he was a great help and cut my route time by 25% !
As a Thankyou for helping me, I thought it would be cool 😎 to let him drive the panel truck, so we left the main road and drove down a parallel dirt road leading down to the canal . He did great until we came to a sharp curve and was not able to make the turn successfully. We left the road and were headed for the canal through 6 foot elephant grass when a concrete pump house materialized a few feet in front of us ! No seat belts , so both of us hit the windshield and were quite a mess, he was apologizing for the accident and I told him we must never tell anyone he was driving and I’m pretty sure he never did ! We made our way back up to the highway but most of the cars would not stop and finally a CZ Policeman picked us up and took us to Gorgas Hospital and when we saw ourselves, we realized why no one wanted us in their car 🚗.......we were a mess to say the least !!
I will always remember Courtney’s forever cheerful personality and great big smile 😃 !!
Harry Stinson
BHS 1968